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Adaptive Reuse ARCHDES702 Course
Advanced Building Technologies ARCHTECH708 Course
Advanced Design 1 ARCHDES700 Course
Advanced Design 2 ARCHDES701 Course
Architectural Media 1 ARCHDRC103 Course
Architectural Media 2 ARCHDRC104 Course
Architectural Media 3 ARCHDRC203 Course
Architectural Media I ARCHDRC102 Course
Architectural Media II ARCHDRC202 Course
Architecture and Sustainability ARCHTECH106 Course
Arts, Culture and Heritage Planning URBPLAN732 Course
Building Materials & Technolog ARCHTECH706 Course
Case Study Report PLANNING770 Course
Comparative Planning PLANNING332 Course
Conservation of Materials ARCHGEN752 Course
Contemp Architectre & Urbanism ARCHHTC235 Course
Creative Communities: An Introduction to Planning PLANNING100G Course
Design 1 ARCHDES100 Course
Design 1 ARCHDES102 Course
Design 2 ARCHDES103 Course
Design 2 ARCHDES101 Course
Design 3 ARCHDES200 Course
Design 4 ARCHDES201 Course
Design 5 ARCHDES300 Course
Design 6 ARCHDES301 Course
Design as Research ARCHGEN300 Course
Design as Research ARCHGEN703 Course
Design Technology 1 ARCHTECH207 Course
Design Technology 2 ARCHTECH315 Course
Design Technology I ARCHTECH107 Course
Design Technology II ARCHTECH206 Course
Design Technology III ARCHTECH312 Course
Diagnosis and Adaptation ARCHGEN753 Course
Diagnosis and Adaptation HERCONS703 Course
Directed Study ARCHHTC376 Course
Directed Study ARCHDES302 Course
Directed Study ARCHGEN704 Course
Directed Study ARCHHTC374 Course
Directed Study ARCHTECH313 Course
Ecology and Resilience URBPLAN303 Course
Elective Study ARCHDRC373 Course
Elective Study ARCHDRC371 Course
Elective Study URBDES703 Course
Elective Study ARCHDRC370 Course
Elective Study ARCHHTC375 Course
Elective Study ARCHDRC372 Course
Environmental Design 1 ARCHTECH210 Course
Environmental Design 2 ARCHTECH314 Course
Environmental Design I ARCHTECH208 Course
Environmental Design II ARCHTECH307 Course
Environmental Planning Issues PLANNING204 Course
Environmental Planning Techniques URBPLAN731 Course
Freehand Drawing ARCHDRC303 Course
Gender and Equity in Planning PLANNING402 Course
Global Cntxts & Contemp Issues URBPLAN306 Course
Governance and Planning PLANNING305 Course
Heritage Assess&Conser Plannin ARCHGEN751 Course
Heritage Assessment and Conservation Planning HERCONS701 Course
Heritage Processes ARCHGEN750 Course
Heritage Processes HERCONS700 Course
Heritage/Cultural Issues URBPLAN302 Course
Heritage/Cultural Issues URBPLAN722 Course
History and Theory of Architecture and Urbanism ARCHHTC338 Course
History of Architecture and Urbanism ARCHHTC337 Course
History of Housing in Aotearoa New Zealand ARCHHTC702 Course
Housing PLANNING403 Course
Intro to Arch Photography ARCHDRC304 Course
Intro to Techn and Sustainabil ARCHTECH108 Course
Introd to Architectural Theory ARCHHTC236 Course
Introduction to Planning Legislation PLANNING201 Course
Introduction to Urban Planning URBPLAN101G Course
Introduction to Urban Planning URBPLAN101 Course
Introduction to Urban Planning Law and Governance URBPLAN104 Course
Introduction to Visual Literacy and Research Skill URBPLAN103 Course
IntrotoSociety,Civic&GovernIss URBPLAN122 Course
Life Drawing ARCHDRC300 Course
Lighting and Acoustic Design I ARCHTECH203 Course
Measured Drawing ARCHDRC301 Course
Modern Architecture & Urbanism ARCHHTC102G Course
Modern Architecture & Urbanism ARCHHTC102 Course
MPhil Thesis Planning PLANNING850B Course
MPhil Thesis Planning PLANNING850A Course
MPhil Thesis Planning PLANNING850 Course
MPlan Thesis part-time PLANNING799A Course
MPlan Thesis part-time PLANNING799B Course
MPlan Thesis part-time PLANNING799 Course
Māori and Resource Management PLANNING300 Course
Māori Planning Issues URBPLAN323 Course
Māori Planning Issues URBPLAN706 Course
Māori Urban Planning Issues URBPLAN305 Course
Oceanic Architectre & Urbanism ARCHHTC340 Course
People, Communities and Urban URBPLAN704 Course
PhD Acoustics ARCHGEN896 Course
PhD Architecture ARCHGEN898 Course
PhD Planning PLANNING898 Course
PhD Thesis in Urban Design URBDES898 Course
Plan-Making Studio URBPLAN756 Course
Planning and Resource Management Law PLANNING301 Course
Planning and Urban Design PLANNING405 Course
Planning Applications and Methods PLANNING434 Course
Planning for Community and Economic Development PLANNING330 Course
Planning Physical and Social Infrastructure PLANNING202 Course
Planning Studio 3 PLANNING221 Course
Planning Studio 4 PLANNING222 Course
Planning Studio 5 PLANNING322 Course
Planning Studio 6 PLANNING323 Course
Planning Studio 7 PLANNING420 Course
Planning Theories and Professional Practice PLANNING400 Course
Postmod. & Contemp. Arch. & Ur ARCHHTC237 Course
Practice Management ARCHPRM701 Course
Pre-Mod Architcture & Urbanism ARCHHTC339 Course
Professional Studies 1 ARCHPRM304 Course
Project Management ARCHPRM305 Course
Project Management ARCHPRM700 Course
Project Management for Urban P URBPLAN721 Course
Research Portfolio PLANNING781A Course
Research Portfolio PLANNING781B Course
Research Process ARCHGEN702 Course
Research Project ARCHGEN754U Course
Research Project PLANNING780 Course
Research Project ARCHGEN754 Course
Research Project URBPLAN757X Course
Research Project PLANNING410 Course
Research Project ARCHGEN790 Course
Research Project URBPLAN757 Course
Research Project PLANNING780B Course
Research Project PLANNING780A Course
Research Report ARCHGEN799B Course
Research Report ARCHGEN799A Course
Research Report ARCHGEN799 Course
ResourceConsents&Imple, Eval URBPLAN735 Course
Shelter URBPLAN713 Course
Shelter URBPLAN753 Course
Social Issues for Urban Planni URBPLAN221 Course
Special Topic PLANNING443 Course
Special Topic PLANNING331 Course
Special Topic PLANNING766 Course
Special Topic URBPLAN746 Course
Special Topic PLANNING435 Course
Special Topic URBPLAN743 Course
Special Topic URBPLAN742 Course
Special Topic PLANNING767 Course
Special Topic PLANNING442 Course
Special Topic PLANNING333 Course
Special Topic PLANNING440 Course
Special Topic PLANNING334 Course
Special Topic PLANNING768 Course
Special Topic PLANNING335 Course
Special Topic PLANNING769 Course
Special Topic PLANNING337 Course
Special Topic PLANNING338 Course
Special Topic PLANNING339 Course
Special Topic PLANNING340 Course
Special Topic PLANNING436 Course
Special Topic URBPLAN745 Course
Special Topic PLANNING761 Course
Special Topic PLANNING763 Course
Special Topic PLANNING437 Course
Special Topic PLANNING764 Course
Special Topic PLANNING444 Course
Special Topic PLANNING441 Course
Special Topic PLANNING760 Course
Special Topic PLANNING765 Course
Special Topic PLANNING762 Course
Special Topic: Architectural Drawing ARCHDRC702 Course
Special Topic: Planning Management PLANNING336 Course
ST URBPLAN741 Course
ST ARCHGEN711 Course
ST ARCHGEN744 Course
ST ARCHGEN712 Course
ST ARCHGEN713 Course
ST: ARCHGEN723 Course
ST: ARCHGEN722 Course
ST: ARCHGEN725 Course
ST: ARCHGEN731 Course
ST: ARCHGEN732 Course
ST: ARCHGEN734 Course
ST: ARCHGEN735 Course
ST: Adv Digital Fabrication ARCHGEN745 Course
ST: Architectural Project Mgmt ARCHGEN741 Course
ST: Housing, not Houses ARCHGEN716 Course
ST: Pacific Architecture ARCHGEN715 Course
ST: Public Urban Space in the ARCHGEN733 Course
ST: Timber Technology ARCHGEN742 Course
ST:Advanced Building Technolog ARCHGEN724 Course
ST:Arch & Political Philosophy ARCHGEN714 Course
ST:Designing with Resilience ARCHGEN721 Course
ST:Transnat Prof Practice ARCHGEN743 Course
Sustainable Development PLANNING404 Course
Sustainable Infrastructure Pla URBPLAN705 Course
Sustainable Urban Design Studi URBPLAN733 Course
Sustainable Urbanism URBPLAN712 Course
Sustainable Urbanism URBPLAN752 Course
Thermal and Services Design I ARCHTECH202 Course
Thesis PLANNING797B Course
Thesis ARCHGEN795Y Course
Thesis URBPLAN796Y Course
Thesis ARCHDES796A Course
Thesis ARCHDES796B Course
Thesis ARCHGEN793B Course
Thesis ARCHGEN795B Course
Thesis ARCHGEN793Y Course
Thesis URBPLAN796B Course
Thesis URBPLAN796A Course
Thesis URBPLAN794A Course
Thesis URBPLAN794B Course
Thesis PLANNING797A Course
Thesis ARCHGEN795X Course
Thesis ARCHDES797A Course
Thesis ARCHGEN793X Course
Thesis ARCHGEN795A Course
Thesis ARCHDES796Y Course
Thesis ARCHDES796X Course
Thesis ARCHDES797B Course
Thesis ARCHGEN793A Course
Thesis (Part Time) ARCHGEN787 Course
Thesis (Part-time) ARCHGEN787B Course
Thesis (Part-time) ARCHGEN787A Course
Thesis extension URBPLAN796X Course
Thesis part-time ARCHDES799A Course
Thesis part-time ARCHDES799B Course
Thesis part-time ARCHGEN794B Course
Thesis part-time ARCHGEN794 Course
Thesis part-time ARCHGEN794A Course
Thesis part-time ARCHDES799 Course
Thesis part-time URBPLAN799B Course
Thesis part-time URBPLAN799A Course
Thesis part-time URBPLAN799 Course
Transportation Planning URBPLAN205 Course
Urb Plan Implementation & Law URBPLAN202 Course
Urb Planning Soc Theory & Prac URBPLAN204 Course
Urban Design Research Project URBDES730 Course
Urban Design Site Analysis URBDES705 Course
Urban Design Studio URBPLAN708 Course
Urban Design Studio 1 URBDES710 Course
Urban Design Studio 2 URBDES720 Course
Urban Design Theory and Pract URBDES702 Course
Urban Development Processes URBDES704 Course
Urban Economic Development URBPLAN301 Course
Urban Economic Development URBPLAN707 Course
Urban Economics URBPLAN222 Course
Urban Environment Issues URBPLAN105 Course
Urban Environmental Issues URBPLAN124 Course
Urban Infrastructure URBPLAN203 Course
Urban Infrastructure URBPLAN322 Course
Urban Land Use Economics URBPLAN304 Course
Urban Planning and Governance URBPLAN755 Course
Urban Planning and Governance URBPLAN734 Course
Urban Planning and the Environ URBPLAN703 Course
Urban Planning Applications URBPLAN754 Course
Urban Planning Contexts URBPLAN701 Course
Urban Planning Economics URBPLAN123 Course
Urban Planning Economics URBPLAN102 Course
Urban Planning Law URBPLAN223 Course
Urban Planning Law URBPLAN702 Course
Urban Planning Methods and Pla URBPLAN714 Course
Urban Planning Research Diss URBPLAN715V Course
Urban Planning Research Diss URBPLAN715 Course
Urban Planning Research Diss URBPLAN715X Course
Urban Planning Studio 1 URBPLAN125 Course
Urban Planning Studio 2 URBPLAN126 Course
Urban Planning Studio 3 URBPLAN225 Course
Urban Planning Studio 4 URBPLAN226 Course
Urban Planning Studio 5 URBPLAN325 Course
Urban Planning Studio 6 URBPLAN326 Course
Urban Planning Studio Five URBPLAN310 Course
Urban Planning Studio Four URBPLAN211 Course
Urban Planning Studio One URBPLAN110 Course
Urban Planning Studio Six URBPLAN311 Course
Urban Planning Studio Three URBPLAN210 Course
Urban Planning Studio Two URBPLAN111 Course
Urban Planning Theory URBPLAN711 Course
Urban Planning Theory URBPLAN751 Course
Urban Policy Analysis URBPLAN201 Course
Urban Policy Analysis, Develop URBPLAN321 Course
Worlds of Architecture ARCHHTC341 Course

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