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Advanced Chemical Engineering CHEMMAT713 Course
Advanced Design for Reduction Technology CHEMMAT731 Course
Advanced Design Project CHEMMAT732A Course
Advanced Design Project CHEMMAT732B Course
Advanced Design Project CHEMMAT732 Course
Advanced Food Process Engineer CHEMMAT772 Course
Advanced Food Process Technolo CHEMMAT771 Course
Advanced High Temperature Processing CHEMMAT716 Course
Advanced Materials CHEMMAT721 Course
Advanced Mats Characterisation CHEMMAT724 Course
Advanced Polymer Materials CHEMMAT740 Course
Advanced Process Engineering CHEMMAT313 Course
Advanced Process Engineering CHEMMAT302 Course
AdvMicrobialTechBioprocessEng CHEMMAT760 Course
Aluminium Reduction Process CHEMMAT718 Course
Applied Chemistry CHEMMAT242 Course
Applied Chemistry CHEMMAT206 Course
BiologicalMaterials&Biomats CHEMMAT753 Course
Chemical Reactor Engineering CHEMMAT303 Course
Chemical Reactor Engineering CHEMMAT315 Course
Dairy Process Engineering CHEMMAT778 Course
Design Project CHEMMAT750B Course
Design Project CHEMMAT750A Course
Directed Study in Chemical Eng CHEMMAT712 Course
Directed Study in Materials CHEMMAT722 Course
Dissertation in FoodProcessEng CHEMMAT775X Course
Dissertation in FoodProcessEng CHEMMAT775V Course
Dissertation in FoodProcessEng CHEMMAT774A Course
Dissertation in FoodProcessEng CHEMMAT774B Course
Dissertation in FoodProcessEng CHEMMAT774X Course
Dissertation in FoodProcessEng CHEMMAT775A Course
Dissertation in FoodProcessEng CHEMMAT775B Course
Electrochemical Engineering CHEMMAT717 Course
Energy and Processing CHEMMAT212 Course
Engineering Biotechnology CHEMMAT757 Course
Food Engineering Resch Project CHEMMAT779A Course
Food Engineering Resch Project CHEMMAT779B Course
Food Process Eng Rsrch Portfol CHEMMAT777Y Course
Food Process Eng Rsrch Portfol CHEMMAT777A Course
Food Process Eng Rsrch Portfol CHEMMAT777X Course
Food Process Eng Rsrch Portfol CHEMMAT776A Course
Food Process Eng Rsrch Portfol CHEMMAT776B Course
Food Process Eng Rsrch Portfol CHEMMAT777B Course
Food Process Engineering CHEMMAT756 Course
Food Process Systems Engineeri CHEMMAT773 Course
Industry 4.0 for Chemical Eng CHEMMAT759 Course
Interfacial Science and Coatings Technology POLYMER711 Course
Introduction to Process Engineering CHEMMAT211 Course
Managing a Business ENGGEN403 Course
Masters Thesis CHEMMAT796Y Course
Masters Thesis CHEMMAT796X Course
Materials CHEMMAT221 Course
Materials CHEMMAT204 Course
Materials for Energy and Envir CHEMMAT755 Course
Materials of the Modern World CHEMMAT100 Course
Materials of the Modern World CHEMMAT100G Course
Materials Performance CHEMMAT727 Course
Materials Performance Enhance CHEMMAT754 Course
Materials Processing and Perf CHEMMAT305 Course
Materials Processing and Performance CHEMMAT322 Course
Materials Science CHEMMAT121 Course
ME Thesis (Chem and Mats) CHEMMAT796A Course
ME Thesis (Chem and Mats) CHEMMAT796B Course
ME Thesis (Chemicals and Mats) CHEMMAT799 Course
MPhil Thesis Chem & Materials CHEMMAT850A Course
MPhil Thesis Chem & Materials CHEMMAT850B Course
MPhil Thesis Chem & Materials CHEMMAT850 Course
New Developments in Process Engineering CHEMMAT317 Course
PhD Thesis Chem and Mats Eng CHEMMAT898 Course
Plastics Materials Design CHEMMAT742 Course
Polymer Science POLYMER701 Course
Process Design 1 CHEMMAT205 Course
Process Design 1 CHEMMAT232 Course
Process Design 2 CHEMMAT306 Course
Process Design 2 CHEMMAT331 Course
Process Dynamics and Control CHEMMAT752 Course
Process Eng 2:Energy and Proc CHEMMAT202 Course
Process Eng 3:Transf Processes CHEMMAT203 Course
Process Engineering 1: Intro CHEMMAT201 Course
Processing of Plastics CHEMMAT741 Course
Project X CHEMMAT787 Course
Project Y CHEMMAT788X Course
Project Y CHEMMAT788A Course
Project Y CHEMMAT788B Course
Project Z CHEMMAT789X Course
Project Z CHEMMAT789Y Course
Project Z CHEMMAT789 Course
Res Proj in Sustain Resr Recov CHEMMAT780B Course
Res Proj in Sustain Resr Recov CHEMMAT780 Course
Res Proj in Sustain Resr Recov CHEMMAT780A Course
Research Project CHEMMAT751A Course
Research Project CHEMMAT751B Course
Research Project (CHEMMAT) CHEMMAT795B Course
Research Project (CHEMMAT) CHEMMAT795A Course
Research Project (CHEMMAT) CHEMMAT795 Course
Resource Recovery Technologies CHEMMAT758 Course
Selected Topics in Plastics Processing CHEMMAT743 Course
Special Topic CHEMMAT761 Course
Special Topic CHEMMAT762 Course
Synthetic Resin Technology POLYMER702 Course
The Future of Energy CHEMMAT304 Course
The Light Metals Industry CHEMMAT726 Course
Thesis part-time CHEMMAT799B Course
Thesis part-time CHEMMAT799A Course
Transfer Processes 1 CHEMMAT213 Course
Transfer Processes 2 CHEMMAT312 Course
Transfer Processes 2 CHEMMAT301 Course
WasteReduction&RecyclingTech CHEMMAT763 Course

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