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Addictions and Youth YOUTHWRK253 Course
Adv Apprch in Prof Supervision PROFSUPV701 Course
Adv Prac Cult Responsiveness HUMSERV307 Course
Advanced Counselling Practicum PROFCOUN730 Course
Advanced Counselling Practicum PROFCOUN730B Course
Advanced Counselling Practicum PROFCOUN730A Course
Advanced Folio of Casework EDPROFST794 Course
Advanced Folio of Casework EDPROFST794B Course
Advanced Folio of Casework EDPROFST794A Course
Aotearoa Society in Context SOCWORK11F Course
Aotearoa Society in Context TFCSOCW17F Course
Appl Research Social Services SOCWORK718B Course
Appl Research Social Services SOCWORK718A Course
Appl Research Social Services SOCWORK718 Course
Applied Professional Practice HUMSERV302 Course
Applied Soc Wrk Research Meth SOCWORK724 Course
Applied Social Research SOCWORK312 Course
Assessment, Planning & Coordtn HUMSERV211 Course
Bicultural Social Work Practic SOCWORK212 Course
Child and Adolescent Mental He SOCCHFAM731 Course
Child and Family Law and Social Work SOCCHFAM232 Course
Child Protection Practice SOCCHFAM314 Course
Child, Adolescent Mental Hlth SOCCHFAM431 Course
Children's Stress and Coping PROFCOUN704 Course
Clinical Social Work SOCWORK700 Course
Communication and the Communit HUMSERV303 Course
Community Development SOCWORK356 Course
Contemporary Disability Theory DISABLTY313 Course
Counselling Dissertation EDPROFST792 Course
Counselling Dissertation EDPROFST792A Course
Counselling Dissertation EDPROFST792B Course
Counselling in Social Practice SOCWORK353 Course
Counselling In Youth Mentoring PROFCOUN700 Course
Counselling Laboratory PROFCOUN701 Course
Counselling Laboratory PROFCOUN701B Course
Counselling Laboratory PROFCOUN701A Course
Counselling Supervision: PROFSUPV704 Course
Couple Counselling EDPROFST742 Course
Critical Approaches in Reflect PROFSUPV712 Course
Critical Issues in Couns Supv PROFSUPV713 Course
Cultural Issues in Counselling PROFCOUN706 Course
Culturally Responsive Practice SOCWORK201A Course
Culturally Responsive Practice SOCWORK201B Course
Culturally Responsive Practice SOCWORK201 Course
Culture and Diversity SOCWORK113 Course
Develpng Soc Wrk Prof Identity SOCWORK722 Course
Disability and Support DISABLTY111 Course
Disability Frameworks DISABLTY200 Course
Disability Research in HumServ DISABLTY311 Course
Domestic Violence: Challenges SOCCHFAM700 Course
Effct SocWrk Hlth&Disability SOCHLTH334 Course
Enhancing Pasifika Development YOUTHWRK353 Course
Ethics and Social Justice HUMSERV203 Course
Family Counselling EDPROFST743 Course
Field Work in Human Services 1 HUMSERV305 Course
Field Work in Human Services 2 HUMSERV306 Course
Group Counselling EDPROFST745 Course
Hauora and Social Work Practic SOCHLTH231 Course
He Tangata: People in Context SOCWORK102A Course
He Tangata: People in Context SOCWORK102B Course
He Tangata: People in Context SOCWORK102 Course
Health, Social Justice & Prac SOCHLTH736 Course
Hlth, Social Justice & Soc Wrk SOCHLTH700 Course
Innovation, Design, Evaluation SOCCLEAD706 Course
Integration Portfolio SOCWORK739 Course
Intimate Partner Violence SOCCHFAM735 Course
Intro to Counselling in the EDUC341 Course
Introduction to Human Services HUMSERV104 Course
Iss in Child Welfare & Protect SOCCHFAM734 Course
Ko Wai Au, Ko Wai Koe, Ko Wai Tātou? SOCWORK100 Course
Ko Wai Au, Ko Wai Koe, Ko Wai Tātou? SOCWORK100B Course
Ko Wai Au, Ko Wai Koe, Ko Wai Tātou? SOCWORK100A Course
Law and the State in Social Wk SOCWORK216 Course
Law, Policy and Social Action SOCWORK202 Course
Leadership in Human Services HUMSERV201 Course
Leadership, Ethics, Systems SOCCLEAD703 Course
Leadership: Ethics and Actions SOCCLEAD700 Course
Leading Social Innovation SOCCLEAD701 Course
Lifespan Dvlpmnt for Human Svc HUMSERV102 Course
Managing and Developing People PROFSUPV714 Course
Mental Health in Social Prac SOCHLTH313 Course
Mgmt Process Disabilty Support DISABLTY315 Course
Needs Assessmt & Service Coord HUMSERV304 Course
Organisations and Management SOCWORK315 Course
Pastoral Care Counsellg School EDPROFST744 Course
PhD Social Work SOCWORK898 Course
Policy Appraisal & Innovation SOCWORK757 Course
Practice Case Studies SOCWORK716 Course
Practice of Prof Supervision PROFSUPV700 Course
Practice Teaching and Learning PROFSUPV715 Course
Practice Theories and Skills SOCWORK221 Course
Practice with Communities SOCWORK726 Course
Practice with Communities SOCWORK426 Course
Prof Soc Wrk Research in Pract SOCWORK734B Course
Prof Soc Wrk Research in Pract SOCWORK734A Course
Professional Communication Ski SOCWORK111 Course
Professional Issues in Counsel PROFCOUN708 Course
Professional Practice Portfolio SOCWORK316 Course
Professional Practice Portfolio SOCWORK316B Course
Professional Practice Portfolio SOCWORK316A Course
Professional Practice Project SOCWORK416 Course
Psychology for Human Services HUMSERV101 Course
Quality Assurance Human Srvces HUMSERV301 Course
Quality of Life DISABLTY312 Course
Rangatahi: Taonga Tuku Iho YOUTHWRK354 Course
Reflective Prac in Human Servc HUMSERV202 Course
Research and Counselling PROFCOUN709 Course
Research and Evaluation in Soc SOCWORK414 Course
Research Portfolio PROFCOUN797B Course
Research Portfolio SOCWORK797A Course
Research Portfolio SOCWORK797B Course
Research Portfolio PROFCOUN797A Course
Research Portfolio SOCWORK797X Course
Research Portfolio SOCWORK797Y Course
Research Portfolio PROFCOUN797X Course
Research Portfolio PROFCOUN797Y Course
Research Portfolio part-time PROFCOUN798A Course
Research Portfolio part-time PROFCOUN798B Course
Research Portfolio Part-time SOCWORK795B Course
Research Portfolio Part-time SOCWORK795 Course
Research Portfolio part-time PROFCOUN798 Course
Research Portfolio Part-time SOCWORK795A Course
Research Project SOCWORK780A Course
Research Project SOCWORK780B Course
Research Project SOCWORK780 Course
Sex Therapy PROFCOUN710A Course
Sex Therapy PROFCOUN710 Course
Sex Therapy PROFCOUN710B Course
Soc Work Intrvnt for Best Prac SOCWORK411 Course
Social Policy Development SOCWORK211 Course
Social Psych for Practitioners HUMSERV212 Course
Social Services in Aotearoa New Zealand SOCWORK10F Course
Social Work Honours Research Project SOCWORK714B Course
Social Work Honours Research Project SOCWORK714A Course
Social Work in Statutory Setti SOCWORK712 Course
Social Work in the NZ Context SOCWORK723 Course
Social Work Practice Skills SOCWORK213 Course
Social Work Practice Theories SOCWORK214 Course
Social Work Process & Practice SOCWORK311 Course
Social Work with Older People SOCWORK702 Course
Sociology for Human Services SOCWORK112 Course
SocWork Intervtns Bst Prac SOCWORK711 Course
Special Study SOCWORK719 Course
Special Study PROFSUPV717 Course
Special Study PROFCOUN703 Course
Special Study SOCWORK280 Course
Special Study SOCCLEAD704 Course
Special Study SOCHLTH757 Course
Special Topic SOCYOUTH483 Course
Special Topic SOCYOUTH736 Course
Special Topic SOCCLEAD702 Course
Special Topic SOCHLTH756A Course
Special Topic SOCHLTH756B Course
Special Topic DISABLTY281 Course
Special Topic YOUTHWRK381 Course
Special Topic EDUC769 Course
Special Topic SOCHLTH481 Course
Special Topic HUMSERV381 Course
Special Topic YOUTHWRK281 Course
Special Topic SOCCHFAM382 Course
Special Topic DISABLTY381 Course
Special Topic SOCWORK383 Course
Special Topic PROFCOUN702 Course
Special Topic SOCHLTH381 Course
Special Topic SOCHLTH756 Course
Special Topic SOCWORK759 Course
Special Topic SOCCHFAM710 Course
Special Topic SOCCHFAM736 Course
Special Topic SOCWORK484 Course
Special Topic SOCCHFAM482 Course
Special Topic SOCWORK310 Course
Special Topic PROFSUPV718 Course
Special Topic SOCWORK758 Course
Special Topic:Group Supervisio PROFSUPV716 Course
Specialist Couns Skills & App PROFCOUN707 Course
Statutory Social Work SOCWORK701 Course
Statutory Social Work SOCWORK401 Course
Stress and Trauma in Health an PROFSUPV710 Course
Supervised Field Placement I SOCWORK725 Course
Supervised Field Placement II SOCWORK735 Course
Supervised Field Practice & PD SOCWORK715 Course
Supervised Field Practice and SOCWORK415 Course
Supervision Folio PROFSUPV707 Course
Supervision in Child Welfare Practice PROFSUPV711 Course
Supporting Active Participatio DISABLTY316 Course
Suprv Field Prac and Prof Dvp1 SOCWORK317 Course
The Counselling Process PROFCOUN705B Course
The Counselling Process PROFCOUN705A Course
The Legal Context of Disabilty DISABLTY314 Course
The Social Work Discourse SOCWORK413 Course
The Social Work Discourse SOCWORK713 Course
The Social Work Environment SOCWORK115 Course
Theories & Skills in Sol Wrk P SOCWORK721B Course
Theories & Skills in Sol Wrk P SOCWORK721A Course
Therapeutic Youth Mentoring SOCYOUTH300 Course
Thesis SOCWORK796X Course
Thesis SOCWORK796A Course
Thesis SOCCLEAD794A Course
Thesis SOCWORK796B Course
Thesis SOCCLEAD794B Course
Thesis SOCCLEAD794X Course
Thesis SOCCLEAD794Y Course
Thesis SOCWORK796Y Course
Thesis part-time SOCCLEAD793A Course
Thesis part-time SOCCLEAD793 Course
Thesis Part-time SOCWORK798B Course
Thesis Part-time SOCWORK798 Course
Thesis Part-time SOCWORK798A Course
Thesis part-time SOCCLEAD793B Course
Treaty of Waitangi in Human Services SOCWORK114 Course
Understanding New Zealand Yout YOUTHWRK152 Course
Understandng New Zealand Youth YOUTHWRK152G Course
Whānau-Family-Aiga Community SOCCHFAM215 Course
Working with Challenging Behaviours SOCYOUTH333 Course
Working with Challenging Behaviours SOCYOUTH200 Course
Working with Children and Whan SOCCHFAM332 Course
Working with Grief and Loss SOCHLTH432 Course
Working with Grief and Loss SOCHLTH732 Course
Working with Young People SOCYOUTH233 Course
Wrkg with Pasifika Communities SOCWORK351 Course
Youth Justice Issues and Strategies SOCYOUTH733 Course
Youth Justice Issues and Strategies SOCYOUTH433 Course

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