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Adv Topics Project Management CIVIL704 Course
Advanced Mechanics of Materials CIVIL755 Course
Advanced Structural Concrete CIVIL715 Course
Advanced Structural Dynamics CIVIL710 Course
Advanced Structural Timber CIVIL717 Course
Advanced Sustainability Engine ENVENG750 Course
Advanced Water Resources CIVIL780 Course
Advanced Water Treatment and R ENVENG707 Course
Agile and Lean Project Mgmt ENGGEN731 Course
Bridge Design CIVIL742 Course
Capstone Project CIVIL756 Course
Civil Eng Materials and Design CIVIL250 Course
Civil Engin Materials & Dsgn STRCTENG201 Course
Civil Engineering Admin CIVIL790 Course
Climate Adaptation Design CIVIL304 Course
Coastal Engineering Design CIVIL732 Course
Coastal Engineering Dynamics CIVIL733 Course
Coastal Modelling CIVIL737 Course
Computational Geotechnical Engineering CIVIL752 Course
Concrete Structures Design STRCTENG303 Course
Construction Informatics CIVIL305 Course
Construction Management CIVIL791 Course
Construction Supply Chain Mgt CIVIL707 Course
Construction Tech & Innovation CIVIL738 Course
Cost Engineering CIVIL709 Course
Crash Reduction and Prevention CIVIL768 Course
Design Earthq ResistantFoundat CIVIL702 Course
Design Project ENVENG719 Course
Disaster Mgmnt and Resilience DISMGT703 Course
Disaster Risk Management DISMGT701 Course
Discrete-event Simulation in C CIVIL792 Course
Dsgn Loads & Dyn Rsp of Struc STRCTENG300 Course
Dynamics of Structs in Earthqu CIVIL727 Course
Earthquake Engineering CIVIL720 Course
Eng Decision Making Aotearoa ENVENG702 Course
Engineering Contracts for Proj ENGGEN734 Course
Engineering Geology CIVIL726 Course
Engineering Hydrology ENVENG333 Course
Engineering Risk Management CIVIL716 Course
Environmental Eng Design ENVENG342 Course
Environmental Engin Procss Lab ENVENG744 Course
Environmental Engineering 1 ENVENG244 Course
Environmental Engineering 2 ENVENG341 Course
Environmental Engineering 3 ENVENG343 Course
Experimental Geotechnical Engineering CIVIL751 Course
Fluid Mechanics 1 CIVIL230 Course
Fluid Mechanics 2 CIVIL332 Course
Fluid Mechanics and Pipe Flow CIVIL202 Course
Fluid Mechanics Seminar CIVIL730 Course
Fnd of Envrmtl Engineering ENVENG200 Course
Foundation Engineering CIVIL721 Course
Foundation Engineering CIVIL301 Course
Geomechanics 1 CIVIL221 Course
Geomechanics 2 CIVIL322 Course
Geomechanics 3 CIVIL324 Course
Geotechnical Analysis CIVIL700 Course
Geotechnical Earthquake Eng CIVIL725 Course
Geotechnical Engineering CIVIL300 Course
Geotechnical Engineering in Pr CIVIL728 Course
Geotechnical Modelling CIVIL754 Course
Global Issues, Sustainable Fut GLOBAL101G Course
Global Issues, Sustainable Fut GLOBAL101 Course
Global Issues, Sustainable Futures GENED101G Course
Ground Improve Geosyn Eng CIVIL741 Course
Hazardous Substance Management ENVENG741 Course
Highway and Pavement Engineer CIVIL661 Course
Highway and Transport Design CIVIL759 Course
Highway Geometric Design CIVIL769 Course
Highway Safety and Operations CIVIL764 Course
Humanitarian Engineering CIVIL729 Course
Hydraulic Engineering CIVIL331 Course
Hydrology & Open Channel Flow CIVIL302 Course
Infrastructure Asset Managemnt CIVIL765 Course
Integrated Solid Waste Management ENVENG743 Course
Intro Engineering Geology CIVIL220 Course
Intro Structural Mechanics STRCTENG200 Course
Intro to Geotechnical Engineer CIVIL200 Course
Introduction to Structures CIVIL210 Course
Land Information Systems CIVIL201 Course
Light Gauge Steel CIVIL718 Course
Low Rise Structures Design STRCTENG710 Course
Low Rise Structures Design STRCTENG700 Course
Masters Thesis CIVIL796X Course
Masters Thesis ENVENG796X Course
Masters Thesis ENVENG796Y Course
Masters Thesis CIVIL796Y Course
Matrix Structural Analysis CIVIL719 Course
ME Thesis (Civil) CIVIL796B Course
ME Thesis (Civil) CIVIL796A Course
ME Thesis (Civil) part-time CIVIL799A Course
ME Thesis (Civil) part-time CIVIL799B Course
ME Thesis (Civil) part-time CIVIL799 Course
ME Thesis (Environmental) ENVENG796A Course
ME Thesis (Environmental) ENVENG796B Course
ME Thesis part-time ENVENG799 Course
Mgmt Skills for Project Profes ENGGEN730 Course
Modelling of Groundwater Flow and Pollutant Transp ENVENG745 Course
Multistorey Building Design CIVIL714 Course
Multistorey Structures Design STRCTENG701 Course
Multistorey Structures Design STRCTENG711 Course
Natural and Blt Enviro Process ENVENG300 Course
Nonlinear Structural Analysis CIVIL746 Course
Organisational Strategic Mgmt ENGGEN733 Course
Pavement Analysis and Design CIVIL767 Course
PhD Civil Engineering CIVIL898 Course
PhD Environmental Engineering ENVENG898 Course
Planng & Dsgn of Transpt Faclt CIVIL761 Course
Planng and Managing Transport CIVIL771 Course
Project Management ENGGEN742 Course
Project Management CIVIL703 Course
Project Management Case Studie ENGGEN735 Course
Project Mgmt Bodies of Knwledg ENGGEN740 Course
Project X ENVENG787 Course
Project X CIVIL787 Course
Project X CIVIL787X Course
Project X ENVENG787X Course
Project Y CIVIL788Y Course
Project Y CIVIL788B Course
Project Y ENVENG788U Course
Project Y CIVIL788U Course
Project Y ENVENG788X Course
Project Y ENVENG788B Course
Project Y ENVENG788A Course
Project Y CIVIL788A Course
Project Y CIVIL788X Course
Project Z CIVIL789Y Course
Project Z CIVIL789U Course
Project Z ENVENG789X Course
Project Z CIVIL789X Course
Project Z CIVIL789 Course
Project Z ENVENG789U Course
Project Z ENVENG789Y Course
Project Z ENVENG789 Course
Project, Prog & Portfolio Mgmt ENGGEN741 Course
Public Transport: Planng & Ops CIVIL772 Course
Research Implementation & Diss ENGGEN736 Course
Research Project ENGGEN794U Course
Research Project DISMGT704V Course
Research Project DISMGT704X Course
Research Project CIVIL705A Course
Research Project ENGGEN794 Course
Research Project ENGGEN792U Course
Research Project DISMGT704Y Course
Research Project ENGGEN794A Course
Research Project DISMGT704 Course
Research Project ENGGEN794B Course
Research Project DISMGT704B Course
Research Project ENGGEN792B Course
Research Project DISMGT704A Course
Research Project CIVIL705B Course
Research Project ENGGEN792 Course
Research Project ENGGEN792A Course
Research Project (Civil) CIVIL795A Course
Research Project (Civil) CIVIL795 Course
Research Project (Civil) CIVIL795X Course
Research Project (Civil) CIVIL795B Course
Research Project (Civil) CIVIL795V Course
Research Project (ENVENG) ENVENG795B Course
Research Project (ENVENG) ENVENG795A Course
Research Project (ENVENG) ENVENG795V Course
Research Project (ENVENG) ENVENG795X Course
Research Project (ENVENG) ENVENG795 Course
Research Project in Eng Mgmt ENGGEN766V Course
Research Project in Transporta CIVIL779V Course
Research Project in Transporta CIVIL779B Course
Research Project in Transporta CIVIL779A Course
Research Project in Transporta CIVIL779X Course
Risk, LCA and Sustainability ENVENG752 Course
River Engineering CIVIL734 Course
Road Asset Management CIVIL766 Course
Rock Mechanics and Excavation CIVIL723 Course
Seismic Assess of Existing Bld CIVIL745 Course
Slope Engineering CIVIL722 Course
Soil Behaviour CIVIL724 Course
Soil-Contaminant Fate Processe ENVENG747 Course
Spec Top Environmental Engin 1 ENVENG705 Course
Spec Top Environmental Engin 2 ENVENG706 Course
Special Topic DISMGT705 Course
Special Topic DISMGT706 Course
Special Topic ENVENG400 Course
SS in Earthquake Engineering CIVIL744 Course
SS in Engineering Management 1 ENGGEN722 Course
SS in Engineering Management 2 ENGGEN723 Course
SS in Technology Management 1 ENGGEN724 Course
SS in Technology Management 2 ENGGEN725 Course
ST: Water-sensitive Cities CIVIL706 Course
ST:Building Info Modelling CIVIL743 Course
Steel Structures Design STRCTENG302 Course
Structural Analysis CIVIL712 Course
Structural Dsgn for Civil Eng STRCTENG304 Course
Structural Dynamics CIVIL314 Course
Structures and Design 1 CIVIL211 Course
Structures and Design 2 CIVIL312 Course
Structures and Design 3 CIVIL313 Course
Structures and Design 4 CIVIL713 Course
Structures Seminar CIVIL711 Course
Studies in Civil Engineering 1 CIVIL701 Course
Studies in Civil Engineering 3 CIVIL740 Course
Studies in Environmental Eng 3 ENVENG703 Course
Studies in Transportation 1 CIVIL774 Course
Studies in Transportation 2 CIVIL775 Course
Surface Water Quality Modellin ENVENG746 Course
Sustainability Engineering Seminar ENVENG754 Course
Sustainable Engineering Design ENVENG753 Course
Sustainable Resource Management ENVENG704 Course
Sustainable Technologies and Processes ENVENG751 Course
Sustnbl Transpt: Planng & Dsgn CIVIL773 Course
Systems Thinking & Project Bus ENGGEN732 Course
Thesis (Earthquake Engineering CIVIL793A Course
Thesis (Earthquake Engineering CIVIL794A Course
Thesis (Earthquake Engineering CIVIL793B Course
Thesis (Earthquake Engineering CIVIL794B Course
Thesis (Earthquake Engineering CIVIL794X Course
Thesis part-time ENVENG799B Course
Thesis part-time ENVENG799A Course
Timber Engineering CIVIL750 Course
Timber Structures Design STRCTENG301 Course
Traffic Engineering and Planng CIVIL660 Course
Traffic Operations and Management CIVIL760 Course
Traffic Systems Design CIVIL758 Course
Transport Design and Geomatics CIVIL203 Course
Transport Modelling and Design CIVIL735 Course
Transport Ops and Pavements CIVIL303 Course
Transport Safety and Mobility CIVIL736 Course
Transport Systems Economics CIVIL770 Course
Transportation Engineering 1 CIVIL360 Course
Transportation Engineering 2 CIVIL361 Course
Transportation Planning CIVIL762 Course
Transportatn & Networks Analys CIVIL763 Course
Urban Stormwater Management ENVENG701 Course
Water and Wastewater Eng ENVENG740 Course
Water Resources Engineering CIVIL782 Course
Water Resources Modelling CIVIL731 Course
Work Based Learning CIVIL708 Course

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