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Adv Design and Analysis of Alg COMPSCI720 Course
Adv Internet: Global Data Comm COMPSCI742 Course
Adv Top in Comp Graphic Image COMPSCI771 Course
Adv Topics in Art Intel COMPSCI761 Course
Adv Topics in Database Systems COMPSCI751 Course
Adv Topics in Human Comp Inter COMPSCI705 Course
Advanced Computer Graphics COMPSCI715 Course
Advanced Machine Learning COMPSCI762 Course
Advanced Multimedia Imaging COMPSCI775 Course
Algorithms and Data Structures COMPSCI220 Course
Algorithms for Massive Data COMPSCI753 Course
Applied Algorithmics COMPSCI320 Course
Artificial Intelligence COMPSCI367 Course
Big Data Management COMPSCI752 Course
Capstone: Computer Science COMPSCI399 Course
Computational Biology COMPSCI369 Course
Computational Complexity COMPSCI750 Course
Computer Architecture COMPSCI313 Course
Computer Games Technology COMPSCI777 Course
Computer Graphics & Image Proc COMPSCI373 Course
Computer Organisation COMPSCI210 Course
Computer Science Fundamentals COMPSCI107 Course
Computing Education COMPSCI747 Course
Cryptographic Management COMPSCI727 Course
Cyber Forensics and Security COMPSCI1000MC Course
Cyber Security COMPSCI316 Course
Data Communications and Securi COMPSCI215 Course
Data Communications Technologi COMPSCI315 Course
Datamining and Mach Learning COMPSCI760 Course
Directed Study COMPSCI709 Course
Directed Study COMPSCI710 Course
Discrete Structures in Maths COMPSCI225 Course
Functional Prog & Distrib Serv COMPSCI335 Course
Fundamentals Database Systems COMPSCI351 Course
Fundamentals of Algorithmics COMPSCI717 Course
Graduate Diploma Research Proj COMPSCI690B Course
Graduate Diploma Research Proj COMPSCI690A Course
History of Computing and Computers COMPSCI790 Course
Honours Research Project COMPSCI789X Course
Honours Research Project COMPSCI789U Course
Honours Research Project COMPSCI789Y Course
Honours Research Project COMPSCI789 Course
Honours Research Project COMPSCI789A Course
Honours Research Project COMPSCI789B Course
Human-computer Interaction COMPSCI345 Course
Intelligent Software Agents COMPSCI767 Course
Intelligent Vision Systems COMPSCI773 Course
Interactive Cognitive Systems COMPSCI765 Course
Internship COMPSCI778 Course
Intro to Practical Computing COMPSCI111G Course
Intro to Practical Computing COMPSCI111 Course
Intro to Software Fundamentals COMPSCI130 Course
Introduction to Computer Syste COMPSCI110 Course
Introduction to Software Development COMPSCI280 Course
Large-Scale Software Developme COMPSCI331 Course
Machine Learning COMPSCI361 Course
Masters Thesis COMPSCI796Y Course
Masters Thesis COMPSCI796X Course
Mathematics for Computer Scien COMPSCI120 Course
Mathemtcl Foundtns of Comp Sci COMPSCI350 Course
Modern Data Communications COMPSCI314 Course
MPhil Thesis Computer Science COMPSCI850 Course
MPhil Thesis Computer Science COMPSCI850A Course
MPhil Thesis Computer Science COMPSCI850B Course
MSc Thesis in Computer Sci COMPSCI796B Course
MSc Thesis in Computer Science COMPSCI796A Course
Netwk Defence & Countermeasure COMPSCI726 Course
Object Oriented Software Devel COMPSCI230 Course
Operating Systems COMPSCI340 Course
Parallel and Distributed Comp COMPSCI711 Course
PG Project in Comp Sci COMPSCI780 Course
PG Project in Comp Sci 1 COMPSCI780B Course
PG Project in Comp Sci 1 COMPSCI780A Course
PhD Computer Science COMPSCI898 Course
Postgraduate Diploma Research COMPSCI691B Course
Postgraduate Diploma Research COMPSCI691X Course
Postgraduate Diploma Research COMPSCI691A Course
Principles of Computer Science COMPSCI105 Course
Principles of Programming COMPSCI101 Course
Programming for Industry COMPSCI718 Course
Programming with Web Tech COMPSCI719 Course
Project in Computer Science COMPSCI380A Course
Project in Computer Science COMPSCI380B Course
Project in Computer Science COMPSCI380 Course
Project in Information Technology BTECH451B Course
Project in Information Technology BTECH451A Course
Research Methods in Computer S COMPSCI389 Course
Research Project COMPSCI791X Course
Research Project COMPSCI791 Course
Research Project COMPSCI791A Course
Research Project COMPSCI791B Course
Research Project COMPSCI791U Course
Research Project COMPSCI791Y Course
Research Seminar in Computer S COMPSCI289 Course
Security for Smart-devices COMPSCI702 Course
Software Development Methodolo COMPSCI235 Course
Software Tools and Techniques COMPSCI732 Course
Special Topic COMPSCI601 Course
Special Topic COMPSCI706 Course
Special Topic COMPSCI704 Course
Special Topic COMPSCI392 Course
Special Topic COMPSCI393 Course
Special Topic COMPSCI707 Course
Special Topic COMPSCI602 Course
Special Topic COMPSCI290 Course
Special Topic COMPSCI391 Course
Special Topic COMPSCI390 Course
ST: Creating Maintainable Soft COMPSCI701 Course
ST: Generalising AI COMPSCI703 Course
System Security COMPSCI725 Course
Thesis part-time COMPSCI799 Course
Thesis part-time COMPSCI799A Course
Thesis part-time COMPSCI799B Course
Web, Mobile, Enterprise Comptg COMPSCI734 Course

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