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20th Century German Literature GERMAN320 Course
20th Century German Literature GERMAN210 Course
A Course-linked Research Topic ASIAN752 Course
Academic English for Business ACADENG104 Course
Academic English Listening and Reading ACADENG102 Course
Academic English Writing ACADENG101 Course
Academic Presentations ACADENG103 Course
Acquisition of Chinese CHINESE741 Course
Advanced Academic Seminar Discussion and Argumenta ACADENG211 Course
Advanced Academic Written English ACADENG201 Course
Advanced Chinese Reading and W CHINESE302 Course
Advanced French Language 1 FRENCH304 Course
Advanced French Language 2 FRENCH305 Course
Advanced French Linguistics FRENCH717 Course
Advanced French Linguistics FRENCH717B Course
Advanced French Linguistics FRENCH717A Course
Advanced French Translation FRENCH720B Course
Advanced French Translation FRENCH720 Course
Advanced French Translation FRENCH720A Course
Advanced German Linguistics GERMAN761 Course
Advanced German Linguistics GERMAN760 Course
Advanced Interpreting Practice – Chinese TRANSLAT705 Course
Advanced Interpreting Practice – Japanese TRANSLAT708 Course
Advanced Italian Language ITALIAN300 Course
Advanced Italian Translation ITALIAN702A Course
Advanced Italian Translation ITALIAN702 Course
Advanced Italian Translation ITALIAN702B Course
Advanced Japanese JAPANESE328 Course
Advanced Japanese Language 1 JAPANESE706 Course
Advanced Japanese Language 2 JAPANESE707 Course
Advanced Korean 1 KOREAN300 Course
Advanced Korean 2 KOREAN301 Course
Advanced Language FRENCH705 Course
Advanced Language Acquisition 1 JAPANESE704A Course
Advanced Language Acquisition 1 JAPANESE704B Course
Advanced Modern Chinese 1 CHINESE300 Course
Advanced Modern Chinese 2 CHINESE301 Course
Advanced Phonology LINGUIST301 Course
Advanced Russian 1 RUSSIAN300 Course
Advanced Russian 2 RUSSIAN301 Course
Advanced Russian Translation RUSSIAN732 Course
Advanced Spanish 1 SPANISH319 Course
Advanced Spanish 2 SPANISH321 Course
Advanced Spanish Translation SPANISH723 Course
Advanced Syntax LINGUIST300 Course
Analysis of Japanese Language JAPANESE222 Course
Applied English Grammar LINGUIST203 Course
Approaches to Research in Asia ASIAN702 Course
Approved Topic(s) in Culture JAPANESE731A Course
Approved Topic(s) in Culture JAPANESE731B Course
Asian Diasporas ASIAN204 Course
Asian Diasporas ASIAN302 Course
Asian Identities ASIAN200 Course
Asian Identities ASIAN303 Course
Audiovisual Translation TRANSLAT715 Course
Beginners' Russian 1 RUSSIAN100G Course
Beginners' Russian 1 RUSSIAN100 Course
Beginners' Russian 2 RUSSIAN101 Course
Beginners' Spanish 1 SPANISH104G Course
Beginners' Spanish 1 SPANISH104 Course
Beginners' Spanish 2 SPANISH105 Course
Beginning Modern Chinese 1 CHINESE100 Course
Beginning Modern Chinese 1 CHINESE100G Course
Beginning Modern Chinese 2 CHINESE101 Course
Boccaccio and Petrarca ITALIAN710 Course
Child Language Acquisition LINGUIST305 Course
China on Screen CHINESE203 Course
China on Screen CHINESE303 Course
Chinese Film and Pop Culture CHINESE724 Course
Chinese for Heritage Speakers CHINESE202 Course
Chinese New Zealanders CHINESE727 Course
Chinese Pedagogical Grammar 1 CHINESE709 Course
Chinese Pedagogical Grammar 2 CHINESE710 Course
Chinese Phonology and Dialects CHINESE736 Course
Chinese Specialised Translatio TRANSLAT716 Course
Chinese Study Abroad 1 CHINESE178 Course
Chinese Study Abroad 2A CHINESE277 Course
Chinese Study Abroad 2B CHINESE278 Course
Chinese Study Abroad 3A CHINESE377 Course
Chinese Study Abroad 3B CHINESE378 Course
Chinese Study Abroad I CHINESE777 Course
Chinese Study Abroad II CHINESE778 Course
Chinese Teaching Pedagogy CHINESE740 Course
Chinese Translation CHINESE306 Course
Classical Chinese 1 CHINESE304 Course
Classical Language and Culture JAPANESE307 Course
Classicism, Romantic, Realism GERMAN310 Course
Classroom Management & School LANGTCHG102 Course
Community Translat & Interpret TRANSLAT713 Course
Competency in the Mother Tongu LANGTCHG103 Course
Computer Assisted Lang Learn LANGTCHG752 Course
Computer-aided Translation TRANSLAT712 Course
Conducting Research in Applied LANGTCHG757 Course
Contemporary German Literature GERMAN303 Course
Contemporary German Literature GERMAN211 Course
Contemporary Issues in Global Studies GLOBAL701 Course
Contemporary Italian Fiction ITALIAN739 Course
Contemporary Italian Fiction ITALIAN339 Course
Contemporary Italian Theatre ITALIAN712 Course
Conversation Analysis LINGUIST303 Course
Corpus Studies in Applied Ling LANGTCHG751 Course
Creativity: Research and Pract LANGTCHG764 Course
Curriculum Design LANGTCHG760 Course
Dante ITALIAN711 Course
Developing Academic Literacy LANGTCHG715 Course
Developing Literacy LANGTCHG205 Course
Digital Translation TRANSLAT700 Course
Directed Reading and Research COMPLIT306 Course
Directed Reading and Research LATINAM350 Course
Directed Reading and Research SPANISH350 Course
Directed Reading and Research GERMAN312 Course
Directed Study JAPANESE745B Course
Directed Study ASIAN755 Course
Directed Study JAPANESE745A Course
Directed Study JAPANESE745 Course
Directed Study LINGUIST700 Course
Directed Study JAPANESE747B Course
Directed Study CHINESE730 Course
Directed Study CHINESE730A Course
Directed Study CHINESE732 Course
Directed Study COMPLIT750 Course
Directed Study LINGUIST739 Course
Directed Study COMPLIT751 Course
Directed Study ASIAN756 Course
Directed Study LANGTCHG739 Course
Directed Study ITALIAN355 Course
Directed Study JAPANESE747 Course
Directed Study JAPANESE747A Course
Directed Study ITALIAN356 Course
Directed Study CHINESE730B Course
Directed Study in Comp Lit COMPLIT208 Course
Discourse Analysis LANGTCHG763 Course
Discourse and Grammar LINGUIST730 Course
Discover Germany Through Film GERMAN106 Course
Dissertation ASIAN792A Course
Dissertation FRENCH785 Course
Dissertation ASIAN792B Course
Dissertation LANGLIT794A Course
Dissertation CHINESE792A Course
Dissertation CHINESE792B Course
Dissertation COMPLIT790B Course
Dissertation LANGLIT794B Course
Dissertation COMPLIT792B Course
Dissertation GERMAN792 Course
Dissertation FRENCH792 Course
Dissertation LINGUIST792X Course
Dissertation LINGUIST792B Course
Dissertation FRENCH792A Course
Dissertation SPANISH792B Course
Dissertation LINGUIST792A Course
Dissertation FRENCH785A Course
Dissertation JAPANESE792A Course
Dissertation JAPANESE792B Course
Dissertation GERMAN792A Course
Dissertation GERMAN792B Course
Dissertation LANGLIT794 Course
Dissertation TRANSLAT791X Course
Dissertation TRANSLAT791B Course
Dissertation ITALIAN792 Course
Dissertation LINGUIST792 Course
Dissertation FRENCH785B Course
Dissertation FRENCH792B Course
Dissertation TRANSLAT791A Course
Dissertation TRANSLAT791 Course
Dissertation COMPLIT792 Course
Dissertation CHINESE792 Course
Dissertation TRANSLAT792A Course
Dissertation ITALIAN792X Course
Dissertation TRANSLAT792 Course
Dissertation SPANISH792A Course
Dissertation COMPLIT792A Course
Dissertation TRANSLAT792B Course
Dissertation COMPLIT790A Course
Dissertation LANGLIT792A Course
Dissertation ITALIAN792A Course
Dissertation COMPLIT790 Course
Dissertation TRANSLAT790 Course
Dissertation ITALIAN792B Course
Dissertation LANGLIT792B Course
Dissertation LANGLIT792 Course
Dissertation on Translation ASIAN712 Course
Documentary and Social Change COMMS312 Course
East Asia: Civilisation, Tradition and Globalisati ASIAN701B Course
East Asia: Civilisation, Tradition and Globalisati ASIAN701A Course
East Asia: Civilisation, Tradition and Globalisati ASIAN701 Course
Educa Linguistics in Chinese CHINESE739 Course
Engendered Voices ITALIAN335 Course
Engendered Voices (Txts Engl) ITALIAN203 Course
Engendered Voices (Txts in It) ITALIAN202 Course
Engendering Nations SPANISH738 Course
Engendering Nations SPANISH313 Course
English for Specific Purposes LANGTCHG754 Course
English Language to 1900 LINGUIST207 Course
English Writing for Academic ENGWRIT101 Course
Ethics and Civilisation LANGTCHG104 Course
Europe and the World EUROPEAN100 Course
Europe and the World EUROPEAN100G Course
European Drama: Greatest Hits EUROPEAN207 Course
European Drama: Greatest Hits EUROPEAN307 Course
European Integration EUROPEAN302 Course
European Integration EUROPEAN206 Course
European Study Abroad 2A EUROPEAN277 Course
European Study Abroad 2B EUROPEAN278 Course
European Study Abroad 3A EUROPEAN377 Course
European Study Abroad 3B EUROPEAN378 Course
Exploring Japan JAPANESE150 Course
Field Methods: Morpho-syntax LINGUIST706 Course
Field Mth: Phonetics & Phonlgy LINGUIST705 Course
First Nations in Latin America LATINAM325 Course
First Nations in Latin America SPANISH735 Course
Formal Syntax LINGUIST721 Course
Forms in Academic English ACADENG100 Course
Found of European Liter (Engl) ITALIAN304 Course
Found of Europen Lit (Italian) ITALIAN305 Course
Foundation Academic English ACADENG93F Course
Foundation Academic English ENGWRIT94F Course
Foundation Academic English TFCACENG93F Course
Foundation English Writing TFCEWRIT94F Course
France on Screen FRENCH339 Course
France on Screen: From Lumière FRENCH239 Course
French Cinema Since New Wave FRENCH749 Course
French Cinema Since the New Wa FRENCH349 Course
French for Business FRENCH230 Course
French Lang & Cultre Film Lit FRENCH269 Course
French Linguistics FRENCH314 Course
French Linguistics FRENCH214 Course
French Study Abroad 2A FRENCH277 Course
French Study Abroad 2B FRENCH278 Course
French Study Abroad 3A FRENCH377 Course
French Study Abroad 3B FRENCH378 Course
French Translation Practice FRENCH320 Course
Functional-typological Syntax LINGUIST720 Course
Geisha and Samurai Edo Lit JAPANESE343 Course
Geisha and Samurai: Edo Lit JAPANESE243 Course
Gender and Culture FRENCH729 Course
Gender Perspct on Hispanic Lit SPANISH722 Course
Gender Perspectives on Hisp Lt SPANISH310 Course
Ger Cnma Murnau to Riefenstahl GERMAN230 Course
German Cin Murnau-Riefenstahl GERMAN331 Course
German Cultures and Identities GERMAN105 Course
German in Business GERMAN203 Course
German Language Advanced 1 GERMAN301 Course
German Language Advanced 2 GERMAN302 Course
German Language C1 GERMAN707 Course
German Language C1.1 GERMAN703 Course
German Language Intermediate 1 GERMAN200 Course
German Language Intermediate 2 GERMAN201 Course
German Language Introductory 1 GERMAN101G Course
German Language Introductory 1 GERMAN101 Course
German Language Introductory 2 GERMAN102 Course
German Specialised Translation TRANSLAT717 Course
German Study Abroad 2A GERMAN277 Course
German Study Abroad 2B GERMAN278 Course
German Study Abroad 3A GERMAN377 Course
German Study Abroad 3B GERMAN378 Course
German Study Abroad I GERMAN178 Course
German Translation Project GERMAN741A Course
German Translation Project GERMAN741 Course
German Translation Project GERMAN741B Course
Global Challenges GLOBAL200 Course
Global Studies Research Design GLOBAL702 Course
Grammaticalisation LINGUIST741 Course
Hispanic Cultures in Cinema SPANISH317 Course
Hispanic Cultures in Cinema SPANISH718 Course
Hist & Cultr of War & Violence EUROPEAN312 Course
Hist & Cultr of War & Violence EUROPEAN212 Course
Historical Linguistics LINGUIST731 Course
History of the French Language FRENCH308 Course
History of the French Language FRENCH218 Course
Iberian and Latin American Civ SPANISH203 Course
Iberian Cultures and Lit SPANISH202 Course
Iberian Cultures and Literatur SPANISH302 Course
Images of Asia ASIAN100 Course
Images of Men in Europe, 18th- EUROPEAN208 Course
Images of Men in Europe, 18th- EUROPEAN304 Course
Individ Learner Differences LANGTCHG747 Course
Instructed Language Learning LANGTCHG207 Course
Interactional Sociolinguistics LINGUIST729 Course
Intercultural Communication GLOBAL100 Course
Intercultural Literary Studies COMPLIT304 Course
Interdisciplinary Essay RUSSIAN390 Course
Intermediate French Language 1 FRENCH203 Course
Intermediate French Language 2 FRENCH204 Course
Intermediate Italian Lang 1 ITALIAN200 Course
Intermediate Italian Lang 2 ITALIAN201 Course
Intermediate Korean 1 KOREAN200 Course
Intermediate Korean 2 KOREAN201 Course
Intermediate Modern Chinese 1 CHINESE200 Course
Intermediate Modern Chinese 2 CHINESE201 Course
Intermediate Russian 1 RUSSIAN200 Course
Intermediate Russian 2 RUSSIAN201 Course
Intermediate Spanish 1 SPANISH200 Course
Intermediate Spanish 2 SPANISH201 Course
Interpreting Folktales COMPLIT303 Course
Interpreting Folktales COMPLIT202 Course
Intro Engl Lang Analy for Tchr LANGTCHG202 Course
Intro Portuguese Language LATINAM101 Course
Intro to Chinese Linguistics CHINESE735 Course
Intro to German Linguistics GERMAN213 Course
Intro to German Linguistics GERMAN313 Course
Introduction to Global Studies GLOBAL102 Course
Introduction to Japanese Linguistics JAPANESE726 Course
Introduction to Language Teach LANGTCHG101 Course
Introduction to Linguistics LINGUIST100 Course
Introductory French Language 1 FRENCH101G Course
Introductory French Language 1 FRENCH101 Course
Introductory French Language 2 FRENCH102 Course
Introductory Italian Language ITALIAN100G Course
Introductory Italian Language ITALIAN100 Course
Issues in Advanced Morphology LINGUIST736 Course
Issues in German Linguistics GERMAN734 Course
Issues in Grm Lit & Cltr Std GERMAN713 Course
Italian Fiction and Cinema ITALIAN336 Course
Italian Fiction and Cinema ITALIAN204 Course
Italian Fictn and Cinema (Eng) ITALIAN232 Course
Italian Language Beginners 1 ITALIAN106 Course
Italian Language Beginners 1 ITALIAN106G Course
Italian Language Beginners 2 ITALIAN107 Course
Italian Popular Culture ITALIAN713 Course
Italian Popular Culture ITALIAN333 Course
Italian Renaissance Culture ITALIAN309 Course
Italian Study Abroad 2A ITALIAN277 Course
Italian Study Abroad 2B ITALIAN278 Course
Italian Study Abroad 3A ITALIAN377 Course
Italian Study Abroad 3B ITALIAN378 Course
Italian Translation Practice ITALIAN301 Course
Italy on Screen(Txt in English ITALIAN212 Course
Italy on Screen(Txt in Italian ITALIAN211 Course
Japanese Culture and Society JAPANESE702 Course
Japanese Culture and Tradition JAPANESE270 Course
Japanese Culture and Tradition JAPANESE370 Course
Japanese Language & Linguistic JAPANESE703 Course
Japanese Language 1A JAPANESE130G Course
Japanese Language 1A JAPANESE130 Course
Japanese Language 1B JAPANESE131 Course
Japanese Language 2A JAPANESE231 Course
Japanese Language 2B JAPANESE232 Course
Japanese Language 3A JAPANESE331 Course
Japanese Language 3B JAPANESE332 Course
Japanese Phonology and Morphology JAPANESE725 Course
Japanese Phonology and Morphology JAPANESE725B Course
Japanese Phonology and Morphology JAPANESE725A Course
Japanese Pop Cult since 1945 JAPANESE241 Course
Japanese Pop Cult since 1945 JAPANESE341 Course
Japanese Specialised Translati TRANSLAT718 Course
Japanese Study Abroad 1 JAPANESE178 Course
Japanese Study Abroad 2A JAPANESE277 Course
Japanese Study Abroad 2B JAPANESE278 Course
Japanese Study Abroad 3A JAPANESE377 Course
Japanese Study Abroad 3B JAPANESE378 Course
Korea through TV Drama & Film KOREAN305 Course
Korea through TV Drama & Film KOREAN205 Course
Korean for Beginners 1 KOREAN110 Course
Korean for Beginners 1 KOREAN110G Course
Korean for Beginners 2 KOREAN111 Course
Korean for Heritage Speakers KOREAN250 Course
Korean Society and Culture KOREAN120 Course
Korean Study Abroad 2A KOREAN277 Course
Korean Study Abroad 2B KOREAN278 Course
Korean Study Abroad 3A KOREAN377 Course
Korean Study Abroad 3B KOREAN378 Course
Lang Acquisit: Oral and Writt ITALIAN700A Course
Lang Acquisit: Oral and Writt ITALIAN700B Course
Lang Acquisit: Oral and Writt ITALIAN700 Course
Language Acquisition (C2) GERMAN702 Course
Language Acquisition C1 GERMAN306 Course
Language Acquisition I FRENCH702 Course
Language Acquisition II FRENCH703 Course
Language Analysis for Teachers LANGTCHG740 Course
Language and Technology LANGTCHG311 Course
Language Assessment LANGTCHG742 Course
Language Assessment in Schools LANGTCHG401 Course
Language C1: Oral and Aural GERMAN704 Course
Language Change LINGUIST308 Course
Language Curriculum Studies LANGTCHG400 Course
Language Origin and Evolution LINGUIST312 Course
Language Testing and Assessmen LANGTCHG765 Course
Language, Mind and Society LINGUIST101 Course
Language, Mind and Society LINGUIST101G Course
Lat Am Hist and Cult Thru Film LATINAM201 Course
Lat Am. Icons: Pol Eco Otherns SPANISH729 Course
Latin Am Hist & Cult thru Film LATINAM303 Course
Latin American Icons LATINAM306 Course
Latin American Knowledges LATINAM320 Course
Latin American Knowledges SPANISH720 Course
Learner Language LANGTCHG722 Course
Linguistic Research LINGUIST709 Course
Linguistic Study Abroad FRENCH322 Course
Linguistics Essays Course LINGUIST310 Course
Linguistics for the Language Teacher LANGTCHG100 Course
Linking Theory and Practice LANGTCHG402 Course
Lit in Second Language Learn LANGTCHG700 Course
Literature and Film GERMAN716 Course
Literature in Second Language LANGTCHG310 Course
Localisation TRANSLAT724 Course
Major Themes in Italian (Engl) ITALIAN210 Course
Major Themes in Italian (Ital) ITALIAN209 Course
Making Modern Spain 1840-1939 SPANISH218 Course
Making Modern Spain 1840-1939 SPANISH318 Course
Making Modern Spain 1840-1939 SPANISH725 Course
Masters Thesis LINGUIST796Y Course
Masters Thesis LINGUIST796X Course
Masters Thesis GERMAN796Y Course
Masters Thesis FRENCH796X Course
Masters Thesis ITALIAN796X Course
Masters Thesis CHINESE796Y Course
Masters Thesis CHINESE796X Course
Masters Thesis GERMAN796X Course
Masters Thesis LANGTCHG796Y Course
Masters Thesis JAPANESE796X Course
Masters Thesis SPANISH796X Course
Masters Thesis COMPLIT796Y Course
Masters Thesis ITALIAN796Y Course
Masters Thesis ASIAN796X Course
Masters Thesis FRENCH796Y Course
Masters Thesis COMPLIT796X Course
Masters Thesis LANGLIT796Y Course
Masters Thesis JAPANESE796Y Course
Masters Thesis LANGTCHG796X Course
Masters Thesis ASIAN796Y Course
Masters Thesis SPANISH796Y Course
Materials Devlp and Evaluation LANGTCHG746 Course
Medieval French Language FRENCH306 Course
Medieval French Lit and Cult FRENCH706 Course
Middle English: Lang Chang LINGUIST322 Course
MLitt Asian Studies ASIAN798B Course
MLitt China Studies CHINESE798A Course
MLitt China Studies CHINESE798B Course
MLitt Comparative Lit COMPLIT798A Course
MLitt Comparative Lit COMPLIT798B Course
MLitt French FRENCH798A Course
MLitt French FRENCH798B Course
MLitt German GERMAN798A Course
MLitt German GERMAN798B Course
MLitt Italian ITALIAN798A Course
MLitt Italian ITALIAN798B Course
MLitt Japan Studies JAPANESE798B Course
MLitt Korean KOREAN798A Course
MLitt Korean KOREAN798B Course
MLitt Language Teaching LANGTCHG798B Course
MLitt Language Teaching LANGTCHG798A Course
MLitt Languages and Literature LANGLIT798A Course
MLitt Languages and Literature LANGLIT798B Course
MLitt Latin American Studies LATINAM798A Course
MLitt Latin American Studies LATINAM798B Course
MLitt Linguistics LINGUIST798A Course
MLitt Linguistics LINGUIST798B Course
MLitt Russian RUSSIAN798B Course
MLitt Spanish SPANISH798A Course
MLitt Spanish SPANISH798B Course
MLitt Thesis in Asian Studies ASIAN798A Course
MLitt Thesis in Japan Studies JAPANESE798A Course
MLitt Thesis Russian RUSSIAN798A Course
MLitt Thesis Translation Studi TRANSLAT798B Course
MLitt Thesis Translation Studi TRANSLAT798X Course
MLitt Thesis Translation Studi TRANSLAT798A Course
Mod France: History & Culture FRENCH344 Course
Mod France: History & Culture FRENCH244 Course
Mod Korea: Resil, Innov, Trans KOREAN341 Course
Mod Korea: Resil, Innov, Trans KOREAN241 Course
Modern German Classics GERMAN705 Course
Modern German Classics GERMAN706 Course
Modern German Classics GERMAN311 Course
Modern Germany on Screen GERMAN231 Course
Modern Italian Fiction and Dra ITALIAN330 Course
Morphology LINGUIST324 Course
Multilingual Lives LANGTCHG701 Course
Music,Politics & Social Change LATINAM301 Course
Music,Politics & Social Change LATINAM216 Course
New Zealand and Asia ASIAN140G Course
New Zealand and Asia ASIAN140 Course
Old French: Medieval Romance FRENCH701 Course
Panorama of the French Novel FRENCH741 Course
Panorama of the French Novel FRENCH341 Course
Peripheric Cultures & Literatu SPANISH745 Course
Peripheric Cultures and Lit SPANISH345 Course
PhD Applied Linguistics APLINGST898 Course
PhD Chinese CHINESE898 Course
PhD Comparative Literature COMPLIT898 Course
PhD European Studies EUROPEAN898 Course
PhD French FRENCH898 Course
PhD German GERMAN898 Course
PhD Indonesian INDO898 Course
PhD Italian ITALIAN898 Course
PhD Japanese JAPANESE898 Course
PhD Korean KOREAN898 Course
PhD Language Teaching LANGTCHG898 Course
PhD Linguistics LINGUIST898 Course
PhD Russian RUSSIAN898 Course
PhD Spanish SPANISH898 Course
PhD Thesis in Asian Studies ASIAN898 Course
PhD Translation Studies TRANSLAT898 Course
Phonetics and Phonology LINGUIST201 Course
Phonology LINGUIST722 Course
Post-War German Prose GERMAN714 Course
Practical Language Teaching LANGTCHG302 Course
Problems in Japanese Syntax JAPANESE723B Course
Problems in Japanese Syntax JAPANESE723A Course
Problems in Japanese Syntax JAPANESE723 Course
Profes Lrning for Chin Tchers CHINESE742 Course
Qualitative and Narrative Inquiry in Language Educ LANGTCHG717 Course
Reading Across Cultures COMPLIT709 Course
Reading Across Cultures COMPLIT705 Course
Reading French Literature FRENCH241 Course
Religion in Modern Japanese So ASIAN708 Course
Religion in Modern Japanese So JAPANESE308 Course
Research Essay ITALIAN782 Course
Research Essay JAPANESE746B Course
Research Essay ASIAN758B Course
Research Essay ASIAN758A Course
Research Essay JAPANESE748 Course
Research Essay JAPANESE782A Course
Research Essay JAPANESE782B Course
Research Essay JAPANESE782 Course
Research Essay CHINESE737 Course
Research Essay CHINESE731 Course
Research Essay LANGTCHG753B Course
Research Essay LANGTCHG753 Course
Research Essay ASIAN759A Course
Research Essay CHINESE782 Course
Research Essay JAPANESE746A Course
Research Essay ASIAN759B Course
Research Essay ASIAN759 Course
Research Essay LANGTCHG753A Course
Research Essay ASIAN757 Course
Research Essay ASIAN758 Course
Research Essay TRANSLAT725 Course
Research Essays SPANISH728A Course
Research Essays SPANISH728B Course
Research Essays SPANISH728 Course
Research Methods ASIAN700 Course
Research Methods in Translation Studies TRANSLAT714 Course
Research Portfolio COMPLIT797X Course
Research Portfolio JAPANESE797B Course
Research Portfolio GERMAN797A Course
Research Portfolio LANGTCHG797A Course
Research Portfolio COMPLIT797Y Course
Research Portfolio LANGTCHG797B Course
Research Portfolio JAPANESE797A Course
Research Portfolio ITALIAN797A Course
Research Portfolio FRENCH797B Course
Research Portfolio SPANISH797A Course
Research Portfolio ITALIAN797B Course
Research Portfolio CHINESE797A Course
Research Portfolio CHINESE797B Course
Research Portfolio GERMAN797B Course
Research Portfolio CHINESE797Y Course
Research Portfolio ASIAN797A Course
Research Portfolio ASIAN797X Course
Research Portfolio LANGLIT797B Course
Research Portfolio SPANISH797B Course
Research Portfolio FRENCH797A Course
Research Portfolio ASIAN797B Course
Research Portfolio COMPLIT797A Course
Research Portfolio COMPLIT797B Course
Research Portfolio LANGLIT797A Course
Research Portfolio Part-time COMPLIT795 Course
Research Portfolio Part-time COMPLIT795A Course
Research Portfolio Part-time COMPLIT795B Course
Research Projct in Translation ASIAN711 Course
Research Project LANGTCHG790U Course
Research Project GERMAN780A Course
Research Project FRENCH790 Course
Research Project GLOBAL300 Course
Research Project JAPANESE780 Course
Research Project ASIAN780B Course
Research Project JAPANESE780U Course
Research Project LANGTCHG790B Course
Research Project CHINESE780 Course
Research Project JAPANESE780B Course
Research Project LANGTCHG790A Course
Research Project LANGTCHG790X Course
Research Project ASIAN780A Course
Research Project ASIAN780 Course
Research Project GERMAN780X Course
Research Project LINGUIST790X Course
Research Project SPANISH782 Course
Research Project ITALIAN780 Course
Research Project LINGUIST790A Course
Research Project LANGTCHG790 Course
Research Project ITALIAN780B Course
Research Project SPANISH782A Course
Research Project SPANISH782B Course
Research Project ASIAN780X Course
Research Project ITALIAN780A Course
Research Project FRENCH790A Course
Research Project COMPLIT780 Course
Research Project FRENCH790B Course
Research Project GERMAN780B Course
Research Project COMPLIT780X Course
Research Project LINGUIST790 Course
Research Project COMPLIT780A Course
Research Project CHINESE780B Course
Research Project LINGUIST790B Course
Research Project CHINESE780A Course
Research Project FRENCH790X Course
Research Project COMPLIT780B Course
Research Project JAPANESE780A Course
Research Project GERMAN780 Course
Research Writing for Academic Purposes ENGWRIT201 Course
Rethinking Autobiography COMPLIT702 Course
Rethinking China CHINESE130 Course
Rethinking Literary Trans COMPLIT703A Course
Rethinking Literary Trans COMPLIT711 Course
Rethinking Literary Trans COMPLIT703 Course
Rethinking Literary Translatio COMPLIT703B Course
Russian Study Abroad 2A RUSSIAN277 Course
Russian Study Abroad 2B RUSSIAN278 Course
Russian Study Abroad 3A RUSSIAN377 Course
Russian Study Abroad 3B RUSSIAN378 Course
Screening Europe EUROPEAN200 Course
Screening Europe EUROPEAN300 Course
Second Language Acquisition LANGTCHG762 Course
Second/Foreign Language Teachi LANGTCHG309 Course
Second/Foreign Language Teachi LANGTCHG733 Course
Semantics and Pragmatics LINGUIST724 Course
Semantics and Pragmatics LINGUIST206 Course
Sociolinguistics LANGTCHG761 Course
SP:Asian Cities: Growth&Transi GLOBAL252 Course
SP:AsianCities: Growth&Transit GLOBAL352 Course
SP:Migration in the Americas GLOBAL351 Course
SP:Panorama of the Frch Novel FRENCH279 Course
Spanish Language: Theory and Practice SPANISH700A Course
Spanish Language: Theory and Practice SPANISH700 Course
Spanish Language: Theory and Practice SPANISH700B Course
Spanish Myths and Global Icons SPANISH206 Course
Spanish Myths and Global Icons SPANISH306 Course
Spanish Sound Structure SPANISH741 Course
Spanish Sound Structure SPANISH341 Course
Spanish Study Abroad 1B SPANISH178 Course
Spanish Study Abroad 2A SPANISH277 Course
Spanish Study Abroad 2B SPANISH278 Course
Spanish Study Abroad 3A SPANISH377 Course
Spanish Study Abroad 3B SPANISH378 Course
Spanish Translation Practice SPANISH323 Course
Spanish Word Formation SPANISH342 Course
Spanish Word Formation SPANISH742 Course
Special Study FRENCH750A Course
Special Study FRENCH752B Course
Special Study SPANISH750 Course
Special Study FRENCH753B Course
Special Study FRENCH750B Course
Special Study FRENCH751B Course
Special Study FRENCH751A Course
Special Study FRENCH753A Course
Special Study ASIAN300 Course
Special Study SPANISH750A Course
Special Study FRENCH753 Course
Special Study GERMAN750 Course
Special Study SPANISH750B Course
Special Study GERMAN751 Course
Special Study FRENCH750 Course
Special Study FRENCH752 Course
Special Study FRENCH752A Course
Special Study FRENCH751 Course
Special Study in French FRENCH331 Course
Special Study in German GERMAN212 Course
Special Topic FRENCH710 Course
Special Topic FRENCH725 Course
Special Topic ITALIAN337 Course
Special Topic FRENCH727 Course
Special Topic COMPLIT708 Course
Special Topic FRENCH715 Course
Special Topic LANGTCHG312 Course
Special Topic LANGTCHG305 Course
Special Topic LINGUIST209 Course
Special Topic FRENCH710B Course
Special Topic FRENCH710A Course
Special Topic LINGUIST208 Course
Special Topic LANGTCHG206 Course
Special Topic GERMAN202 Course
Special Topic LANGTCHG307 Course
Special Topic FRENCH725A Course
Special Topic FRENCH725B Course
Special Topic SPANISH736 Course
Special Topic ITALIAN732 Course
Special Topic ITALIAN721 Course
Special Topic LINGUIST701 Course
Special Topic JAPANESE300 Course
Special Topic LINGUIST704 Course
Special Topic FRENCH302 Course
Special Topic ITALIAN236 Course
Special Topic LINGUIST315 Course
Special Topic LINGUIST314 Course
Special Topic ITALIAN338 Course
Special Topic LANGTCHG308 Course
Special Topic ITALIAN313 Course
Special Topic ITALIAN701 Course
Special Topic ITALIAN704 Course
Special Topic KOREAN306 Course
Special Topic ITALIAN709 Course
Special Topic GLOBAL302 Course
Special Topic LINGUIST743 Course
Special Topic LANGTCHG756 Course
Special Topic SPANISH737 Course
Special Topic SPANISH719 Course
Special Topic GERMAN392 Course
Special Topic CHINESE729A Course
Special Topic GLOBAL202 Course
Special Topic CHINESE729B Course
Special Topic SPANISH316 Course
Special Topic SPANISH315 Course
Special Topic ITALIAN235 Course
Special Topic LATINAM302 Course
Special Topic ITALIAN206 Course
Special Topic SPANISH215 Course
Special Topic LINGUIST311 Course
Special Topic SPANISH223 Course
Special Topic GLOBAL301 Course
Special Topic FRENCH728 Course
Special Topic FRENCH704 Course
Special Topic EUROPEAN204 Course
Special Topic COMPLIT207 Course
Special Topic COMPLIT305 Course
Special Topic FRENCH727B Course
Special Topic EUROPEAN305 Course
Special Topic CHINESE313 Course
Special Topic KOREAN203 Course
Special Topic KOREAN303 Course
Special Topic ACADENG212 Course
Special Topic CHINESE213 Course
Special Topic GLOBAL250 Course
Special Topic FRENCH727A Course
Special Topic GLOBAL201 Course
Special Topic ASIAN304 Course
Special Topic ASIAN754 Course
Special Topic TRANSLAT728 Course
Special Topic TRANSLAT729 Course
Special Topic ASIAN203 Course
Special Topic ASIAN202 Course
Special Topic COMPLIT704 Course
Special Topic COMPLIT707 Course
Special Topic COMPLIT710 Course
Special Topic GLOBAL350 Course
Special Topic JAPANESE392 Course
Special Topic COMPLIT203 Course
Special Topic GERMAN730 Course
Special Topic GERMAN731 Course
Special Topic GERMAN728 Course
Special Topic GERMAN393 Course
Special Topic GERMAN290 Course
Special Topic GERMAN732 Course
Special Topic GERMAN394 Course
Special Topic in 20th Cent Lit ITALIAN730 Course
Special Topic in German Ling GERMAN735 Course
Special Topic in Germanic Stud GERMAN721 Course
Special Topic in Germanic Stud GERMAN729 Course
Special Topic in Renaissance ITALIAN720 Course
Special Topic: Freaks": Exhibiting Monstrosities " EUROPEAN308 Course
Special Topic: Freaks": Exhibiting Monstrosities " EUROPEAN209 Course
Special Topic: Topics in Japanese Religion and Soc JAPANESE744A Course
Special Topic: Topics in Japanese Religion and Soc JAPANESE744 Course
Special Topic: Topics in Japanese Religion and Soc JAPANESE744B Course
Special Topic: Transnational North-East Asia: Chal ASIAN753A Course
Special Topic: Transnational North-East Asia: Chal ASIAN753 Course
Special Topic: Transnational North-East Asia: Chal ASIAN753B Course
Specialised French Translat 2 FRENCH708 Course
Specialised French Translation FRENCH707 Course
ST: Brazil in Glob Cultrl Hist LATINAM200 Course
ST: Italy on Screen ITALIAN312 Course
ST: Migration in the Americas GLOBAL251 Course
ST: Reading French Literature FRENCH379 Course
ST:Experimenta Approach to SLA LANGTCHG708 Course
ST:Identity Lang Teachg&Learng LANGTCHG734 Course
ST:Relig in Modern Japn Societ JAPANESE292 Course
ST:Topics in Gen in Fraf World FRENCH714 Course
Study Abroad GERMAN778 Course
Study Abroad SPANISH777 Course
Study Abroad ITALIAN778 Course
Study Abroad COMPLIT778 Course
Study Abroad SPANISH778 Course
Study Abroad TRANSLAT778 Course
Study Abroad ITALIAN777 Course
Study Abroad FRENCH778 Course
Study Abroad FRENCH777 Course
Study Abroad TRANSLAT777 Course
Study Abroad COMPLIT777 Course
Study Abroad GERMAN777 Course
Study Abroad (Latin America) LATINAM202 Course
Study Abroad (Latin America) LATINAM304 Course
Study Abroad 1 ITALIAN177 Course
Study Abroad 2A GLOBAL277 Course
Study Abroad 2B GLOBAL278 Course
Study Abroad 2C GLOBAL279 Course
Study Abroad 2D GLOBAL280 Course
Study Abroad 3A GLOBAL377 Course
Study Abroad 3B GLOBAL378 Course
Study Abroad 3C GLOBAL379 Course
Study Abroad 3D GLOBAL380 Course
Study Abroad – Internship ITALIAN779 Course
Study Abroad – Internship ITALIAN379 Course
Syntax LINGUIST200 Course
Task-based Language Teaching LANGTCHG710 Course
Tchng German as a foreign lang GERMAN214 Course
Tchng German as a Foreign Lang GERMAN314 Course
Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language 1 CHINESE707 Course
Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language 2 CHINESE708 Course
Teaching Practice LANGTCHG403 Course
Telling and Retelling COMPLIT701 Course
The Age of Goethe GERMAN711 Course
The Contemporary Novel GERMAN724 Course
The French-speaking World FRENCH329 Course
The French-speaking World FRENCH229 Course
The German Connection with NZ GERMAN391 Course
The German Connection with NZ GERMAN291 Course
The Holocaust in Literat & Fil GERMAN350 Course
The Holocaust in Literat &Film GERMAN250 Course
The Second Language Curriculum LANGTCHG301 Course
Themes in Global Studies GLOBAL700 Course
Theories of Language Learning LANGTCHG723 Course
Theory and Practice of Languag LANGTCHG300 Course
Theory and Text FRENCH711 Course
Thesis LANGTCHG796B Course
Thesis SPANISH796B Course
Thesis SPANISH793B Course
Thesis LANGTCHG796A Course
Thesis LINGUIST796A Course
Thesis JAPANESE793A Course
Thesis FRENCH793B Course
Thesis LANGLIT796X Course
Thesis FRENCH796B Course
Thesis LINGUIST796B Course
Thesis FRENCH793A Course
Thesis SPANISH799 Course
Thesis SPANISH793A Course
Thesis ITALIAN793Y Course
Thesis SPANISH799B Course
Thesis LINGUIST793A Course
Thesis SPANISH799A Course
Thesis SPANISH796A Course
Thesis FRENCH796A Course
Thesis GERMAN796A Course
Thesis GERMAN796B Course
Thesis ITALIAN793X Course
Thesis GERMAN793B Course
Thesis JAPANESE793B Course
Thesis JAPANESE796B Course
Thesis JAPANESE796A Course
Thesis GERMAN793A Course
Thesis LINGUIST793B Course
Thesis CHINESE793B Course
Thesis CHINESE796A Course
Thesis CHINESE796B Course
Thesis COMPLIT793A Course
Thesis ITALIAN796B Course
Thesis CHINESE793A Course
Thesis ITALIAN793A Course
Thesis LANGLIT796B Course
Thesis ITALIAN796A Course
Thesis ITALIAN793B Course
Thesis COMPLIT793B Course
Thesis LANGLIT796A Course
Thesis ASIAN796A Course
Thesis ASIAN793B Course
Thesis ASIAN793A Course
Thesis ASIAN796B Course
Thesis in Latin American Stud LATINAM898 Course
Thesis part-time CHINESE799 Course
Thesis part-time ASIAN799 Course
Thesis part-time LINGUIST794B Course
Thesis part-time CHINESE795 Course
Thesis part-time LANGTCHG799B Course
Thesis part-time ITALIAN799A Course
Thesis part-time ITALIAN799B Course
Thesis part-time RUSSIAN799B Course
Thesis part-time ITALIAN799 Course
Thesis part-time GERMAN799B Course
Thesis part-time GERMAN799 Course
Thesis part-time GERMAN799A Course
Thesis part-time RUSSIAN799A Course
Thesis part-time LANGTCHG795A Course
Thesis part-time LANGLIT799B Course
Thesis part-time LANGTCHG799 Course
Thesis part-time LANGLIT799A Course
Thesis part-time LANGLIT799 Course
Thesis part-time RUSSIAN799 Course
Thesis part-time LANGTCHG795B Course
Thesis part-time LANGTCHG799A Course
Thesis part-time LINGUIST794A Course
Thesis part-time CHINESE795B Course
Thesis part-time FRENCH799 Course
Thesis part-time ASIAN799B Course
Thesis part-time CHINESE795A Course
Thesis part-time FRENCH799A Course
Thesis part-time FRENCH799B Course
Thesis part-time LINGUIST799A Course
Thesis part-time LANGTCHG795 Course
Thesis part-time CHINESE799A Course
Thesis part-time ASIAN799A Course
Thesis part-time LINGUIST799B Course
Thesis part-time CHINESE799B Course
Thesis part-time LINGUIST799 Course
Thesis part-time LINGUIST794 Course
Topics in German Linguistics GERMAN360 Course
Topics in German Linguistics GERMAN260 Course
Topics in Grm Lgst & Appl Lgst GERMAN733 Course
Topics in Grm Lit & Cltr Std GERMAN710 Course
Topics in Jap Culture and Soc JAPANESE385 Course
Topics in Japanese Linguistics JAPANESE324 Course
Topics in Japanese Linguistics 1 JAPANESE727 Course
Topics in Japanese Linguistics 2 JAPANESE728 Course
Topics in Pragmatics LINGUIST320 Course
Topics in Sociolinguistics LINGUIST728 Course
Translation GERMAN305 Course
Translation for Global Citizen TRANSLAT100G Course
Translation for Global Citizen TRANSLAT100 Course
Translation Portfolio TRANSLAT720 Course
Translation Project TRANSLAT727 Course
Translation Project ASIAN710 Course
Translation Project TRANSLAT726B Course
Translation Project TRANSLAT726X Course
Translation Project TRANSLAT727B Course
Translation Project TRANSLAT726A Course
Translation Project TRANSLAT727A Course
Translation Project TRANSLAT726 Course
Translation Theories and Parad TRANSLAT719 Course
Transnational Asia:Chall&Possi ASIAN209 Course
Transnational Asia:Chall&Possi ASIAN309 Course
Transnational Movements in His SPANISH307 Course
Transnational Movements in His SPANISH207 Course
Unsp Credit Stage I LangTL LANGTCHG100LVL Course
Using Tasks in Language Teachi LANGTCHG209 Course
Villains & Heroes in Japanese JAPANESE340 Course
Villains and Heroes in Japanes JAPANESE240 Course
Visual Cultures and Industries LATINAM310 Course
Visual Cultures and Industries LATINAM210 Course
Vocabulary Learning & Teaching LANGTCHG716 Course
When East Meets West COMPLIT206 Course
When East Meets West COMPLIT302 Course
World Lit 2: Machines Modernts COMPLIT210 Course
World Lit I: Life, Death, War COMPLIT200 Course
Writing Research Reports ACADENG210 Course
Writing the Self: Autobiography from Montaigne to FRENCH724 Course
Young Second Language Learner LANGTCHG304 Course

Lists linked to Cultures, Languages and Linguistics

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