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Adv Agile and Lean Softwr Devl SOFTENG761 Course
Adv Human Computer Interaction SOFTENG702 Course
Advancd Digital Systems Design COMPSYS701 Course
Advanced Control Systems ELECTENG704 Course
Advanced Digital Communication ELECTENG741 Course
Advanced Embedded Systems COMPSYS704 Course
Advanced Intelligent Systems COMPSYS703 Course
Advanced Microcomputer Architecture COMPSYS707 Course
Advanced Power Systems ELECTENG703 Course
Advanced Radio Engineering ELECTENG737 Course
Advanced Software Engineering SOFTENG701 Course
Advanced Software Reqmts Eng SOFTENG754 Course
AI and Machine Learning COMPSYS306 Course
Analog, Digital Filter Synth ELECTENG736 Course
Analogue and Digital Design ELECTENG209 Course
Applied Electromagnetics ELECTENG702 Course
Applied Electronics ELECTENG305 Course
Bayesian Machine Learning SOFTENG753 Course
Capstone Project ELECTENG770 Course
Capstone Project SOFTENG770 Course
Capstone Project COMPSYS770 Course
Circuits and Systems ELECTENG202 Course
Communication Systems ELECTENG732 Course
Computer Architecture COMPSYS304 Course
Computer Engineering COMPSYS201 Course
Computer Systems Design COMPSYS209 Course
Computer Systems Engineering 4 COMPSYS713 Course
Computer Systems Engineering 5 COMPSYS714 Course
Computer Systems Engineering 6 COMPSYS715 Course
Control Systems ELECTENG332 Course
Data Structures and Algorithms SOFTENG284 Course
Design: Hardware Software COMPSYS301 Course
Design: Software Practice COMPSYS302 Course
Digital Communications ELECTENG726 Course
Digital Signal Processing ELECTENG733 Course
Digital Systems Design COMPSYS305 Course
Distributed Cyber-Physical Sys COMPSYS725 Course
Electric and Electronic Eng 1 ELECTENG711 Course
Electric and Electronic Eng 2 ELECTENG712 Course
Electric and Electronic Eng 3 ELECTENG713 Course
Electric and Electronic Eng 4 ELECTENG714 Course
Electric and Electronic Eng 5 ELECTENG715 Course
Electric and Electronic Eng 6 ELECTENG716 Course
Electric Circuit Analysis ELECTENG208 Course
Electric Engineering Design 1 ELECTENG310 Course
Electric Engineering Design 2 ELECTENG311 Course
Electrical and Digital Systems ELECTENG101 Course
Electronics ELECTENG292 Course
Electronics 1 ELECTENG210 Course
Embedded Systems Design COMPSYS723 Course
Engineering Electromagnetics ELECTENG204 Course
Fields and Waves ELECTENG307 Course
Formal Specification & Design SOFTENG752 Course
FormalMethodsforSafetyCritSoft COMPSYS705 Course
Fundamentals of Database Sys SOFTENG351 Course
Fundamentals of Electrical Eng ELECTENG291 Course
Green Energy Technologies ELECTENG735 Course
Heavy Current Electronics ELECTENG705 Course
High Performance Computing SOFTENG751 Course
Human Computer Interaction SOFTENG350 Course
Human-Robot Interaction COMPSYS731 Course
Image Processing and Computer Vision ELECTENG709 Course
Intro to Data Structures SOFTENG250 Course
Masters Thesis ELECTENG796Y Course
Masters Thesis COMPSYS796X Course
Masters Thesis ELECTENG796X Course
Masters Thesis COMPSYS796Y Course
Masters Thesis SOFTENG796Y Course
Masters Thesis SOFTENG796X Course
ME Thesis (Computer Systems) COMPSYS796A Course
ME Thesis (Computer Systems) COMPSYS796B Course
ME Thesis (Elec and Elec) ELECTENG796A Course
ME Thesis (Elec and Elec) ELECTENG796B Course
ME Thesis (Software Engineerin SOFTENG796B Course
ME Thesis (Software Engineerin SOFTENG796A Course
ME Thesis part-time ELECTENG799 Course
Microcomputers COMPSYS303 Course
Microwave Engineering ELECTENG720 Course
Mobile Autonomous Robotics COMPSYS732 Course
Mobile Wireless Engineering ELECTENG701 Course
Model-based Embedded Systems D COMPSYS727 Course
Modern Control Systems ELECTENG722 Course
MPhil Thesis Elect & Electronc ELECTENG850 Course
Networks and Security SOFTENG364 Course
Object Oriented Design COMPSYS202 Course
Object Oriented Software Const SOFTENG251 Course
Object-Oriented Programming SOFTENG281 Course
Operating Systems SOFTENG370 Course
PhD Computer Systems Eng COMPSYS898 Course
PhD E&E Engineering ELECTENG898 Course
PhD Software Engineering SOFTENG898 Course
Power Apparatus and Systems ELECTENG309 Course
Power Electronics ELECTENG734 Course
Power Systems ELECTENG731 Course
Project X ELECTENG787X Course
Project X ELECTENG787 Course
Project X COMPSYS787X Course
Project X SOFTENG787 Course
Project X COMPSYS787Y Course
Project X COMPSYS787 Course
Project Y ELECTENG788A Course
Project Y COMPSYS788A Course
Project Y COMPSYS788B Course
Project Y SOFTENG788B Course
Project Y ELECTENG788B Course
Project Y COMPSYS788X Course
Project Y SOFTENG788X Course
Project Y ELECTENG788X Course
Project Y SOFTENG788A Course
Project Y COMPSYS788Y Course
Project Z ELECTENG789Y Course
Project Z ELECTENG789X Course
Project Z COMPSYS789Y Course
Project Z ELECTENG789 Course
Project Z SOFTENG789Y Course
Project Z COMPSYS789X Course
Project Z COMPSYS789 Course
Project Z SOFTENG789X Course
Project Z ELECTENG789U Course
Project Z SOFTENG789 Course
Project Z SOFTENG789U Course
Quality Assurance SOFTENG254 Course
Radio Engineering ELECTENG721 Course
Real-time Systems COMPSYS724 Course
Research Project ELECTENG700B Course
Research Project ELECTENG700A Course
Research Project SOFTENG795X Course
Research Project COMPSYS700B Course
Research Project SOFTENG700A Course
Research Project SOFTENG700B Course
Research Project COMPSYS700A Course
Research Project (ComputerSys) COMPSYS795B Course
Research Project (ComputerSys) COMPSYS795A Course
Research Project (ComputerSys) COMPSYS795 Course
Research Project (ELECTENG) ELECTENG795A Course
Research Project (ELECTENG) ELECTENG795 Course
Research Project (ELECTENG) ELECTENG795B Course
Research Project (SOFTENG) SOFTENG795V Course
Research Project (SOFTENG) SOFTENG795A Course
Research Project (SOFTENG) SOFTENG795 Course
Research Project (SOFTENG) SOFTENG795B Course
Research Project Extension ELECTENG795X Course
Research Project Robot&Automat COMPSYS792B Course
Research Project Robot&Automat COMPSYS792 Course
Research Project Robot&Automat COMPSYS792A Course
Robotics & Intelligent Systems COMPSYS726 Course
Robotics and Society COMPSYS730 Course
Robotics Process Automation SOFTENG762 Course
Selected Topics in Advanced Po ELECTENG738 Course
Sensor Networks ELECTENG728 Course
Signals and Systems ELECTENG331 Course
Software Architecture SOFTENG325 Course
Software Dvlpmt Methodologies SOFTENG750 Course
Software Engineering Design 1 SOFTENG206 Course
Software Engineering Design 2 SOFTENG306 Course
Software Engineering Theory SOFTENG211 Course
Software Engineering Theory SOFTENG282 Course
Software Evol & Maintenance SOFTENG310 Course
Software Quality Assurance SOFTENG283 Course
Software,Data&IntelligentAutom ENGGEN101 Course
Special Topic SOFTENG715 Course
Special Topic COMPSYS721 Course
Special Topic COMPSYS722 Course
Special Topic ELECTENG739 Course
Special Topic COMPSYS728 Course
Special Topic COMPSYS729 Course
Special Topic SOFTENG755 Course
Special Topic ELECTENG724 Course
Special Topic ELECTENG740 Course
Speech and Language Processing COMPSYS706 Course
Studies in Computer Sys Eng 1 COMPSYS710 Course
Studies in Computer Sys Eng 2 COMPSYS711 Course
Studies in Computer Systems Engineering 3 COMPSYS712 Course
Studies in Software Engineer 1 SOFTENG710 Course
Studies in Software Engineer 2 SOFTENG711 Course
Systems and Control ELECTENG303 Course
Thesis part-time SOFTENG799 Course
Thesis part-time COMPSYS799B Course
Thesis part-time SOFTENG799B Course
Thesis part-time SOFTENG799A Course
Thesis part-time COMPSYS799 Course
Thesis part-time COMPSYS799A Course
Thesis part-time ELECTENG799B Course
Thesis part-time ELECTENG799A Course
Topics in Digital Signal Proce ELECTENG706 Course

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