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Advanced Econometrics ECON321 Course
Advanced Int'l Finance ECON751 Course
Advanced Macroeconomics ECON311 Course
Advanced Microeconomics ECON301 Course
Applied Econometrics ECON322 Course
Behavioural Economics ECON271 Course
Business Economics ECON191 Course
Directed Study ECON300 Course
Dissertation ECON791X Course
Dissertation ECON791 Course
Dissertation ECON790Y Course
Dissertation ECON791V Course
Dissertation ECON790X Course
Dissertation ECON791A Course
Dissertation ECON791B Course
Dissertation ECON792B Course
Dissertation ECON792A Course
Dissertation (MCom/MA) ECON790B Course
Dissertation (MCom/MA) ECON790A Course
East Asian Growth and Trade ECON343 Course
Econometrics 1 ECON721 Course
Econometrics 2 ECON723 Course
Economic Policy ECON242 Course
Economic Policy in a Globalised World ECON342 Course
Economics of Development ECON771 Course
Economics of Global Developmen ECON232 Course
Economics of Labour Markets ECON302 Course
Economics of the Environment ECON775 Course
Energy and Environmental Econo ECON372 Course
Energy Economic ECON783 Course
Environmental Economics ECON373 Course
Experimental Economics ECON781 Course
Experimental Economics ECON776 Course
Financial Economics ECON351 Course
Firms and Markets ECON304 Course
Foundations of Econ Analysis ECON381 Course
Game Theory ECON212 Course
Health Economics ECON764 Course
Health Economics ECON375 Course
Industrial Organisation ECON702 Course
International Economic Policy ECON241 Course
International Finance ECON352 Course
International Trade ECON341 Course
Introduction to Econometrics ECON221 Course
Labour Economics and Human Resources ECON703 Course
Law and Economics ECON303 Course
Macroeconomic Theory and Polic ECON711 Course
Macroeconomics ECON111 Course
Macroeconomics ECON211 Course
Managerial Economics ECON202 Course
Masters Thesis ECON796Y Course
Masters Thesis ECON796X Course
Microeconometrics ECON726 Course
Microeconomic Theory ECON701 Course
Microeconomics ECON201 Course
Microeconomics ECON101 Course
MLitt Economics ECON798B Course
MLitt Economics ECON798A Course
Monetary Economics ECON713 Course
PhD Economics ECON898 Course
Principles of Economics ECON152 Course
Public Economics ECON361 Course
Public Economics and Policy ECON761 Course
Public Economics and Policy 2 ECON763 Course
Regulation and Competition Policy ECON782 Course
Research Essay ECON788B Course
Research Essay ECON788A Course
Research Essay ECON788 Course
Research Essay ECON788U Course
Research Essay ECON788X Course
Special Topic ECON200 Course
Special Topic ECON700 Course
Special Topic ECON784 Course
ST: Urban Economics ECON374 Course
The European Economies ECON747 Course
The History of Econ Thought ECON773 Course
Thesis ECON794Y Course
Thesis ECON794X Course
Thesis ECON796B Course
Thesis ECON794A Course
Thesis ECON794B Course
Thesis ECON796A Course
Thesis part-time ECON795B Course
Thesis part-time ECON799 Course
Thesis part-time ECON795 Course
Thesis part-time ECON799B Course
Thesis part-time ECON799A Course
Thesis part-time ECON795A Course
Topics in International Trade ECON741 Course
Topics in Money, Banking and F ECON712 Course
Trade and Development ECON772 Course
Trade Policy ECON742 Course
Understandg the Global Econ ECON151G Course
Understanding the Global Econo ECON151 Course

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