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Ad Ops Research and Analytics ENGSCI768 Course
Adv Simulatn & Stochastic Optm ENGSCI763 Course
Advanced Biomed Engin Des BIOMENG791 Course
Advanced Math Modelling ENGSCI711 Course
Advanced Mechanics and Mathematical Modelling ENGGEN150 Course
Advanced Mechanics in Research ENGSCI740 Course
Advanced Numerical Methods ENGSCI721 Course
Advanced Optimisation in OR ENGSCI765 Course
AdvModelling&SimCompMechanics ENGSCI746 Course
Algorithms for Optimisation ENGSCI760 Course
Applied Modelling in Sim & Opt ENGSCI355 Course
Bioinstrumentation and Design BIOMENG341 Course
Capstone Project ENGSCI773 Course
Comp Tech & Comp Sys ENGSCI233 Course
Computational Algorithms ENGSCI712 Course
Computational Techniques 2 ENGSCI331 Course
ComputTechinMechanicsBioengin ENGSCI753 Course
Continuum Modelling BIOMENG321 Course
Decision Making in Engineering ENGSCI755 Course
Energy Resources ENERGY721 Course
Energy Technology ENERGY722 Course
Engineering Science Design I ENGSCI263 Course
Engineering Science Design II ENGSCI363 Course
Geothermal and Reservoir Engin GEOTHERM785 Course
Geothermal Energy Technology GEOTHERM602 Course
Geothermal Engineering GEOTHERM620 Course
Geothermal Exploration GEOTHERM603 Course
Geothermal Project GEOTHERM689 Course
Geothm Resources and their Use GEOTHERM601 Course
Image and Digital Signal Proce ENGSCI309 Course
Instrumentation and Design BIOMENG241 Course
Intger & Multi-objctv Optimisa ENGSCI761 Course
Master of Operations Research Thesis ENGGEN798B Course
Master of Operations Research Thesis ENGGEN798A Course
Mathematical Modelling 1 ENGSCI111 Course
Mathematical Modelling 2 ENGSCI211 Course
Mathematical Modelling 2SE ENGSCI213 Course
Mathematical Modelling 3 ENGSCI311 Course
Mathematical Modelling 3ECE ENGSCI313 Course
Mathematical Modelling 3ES ENGSCI314 Course
MathematicalComputationalMod ENGSCI343 Course
Mech of Eng & Biol Materials BIOMENG221 Course
Modell & Simulat in Com Mechan ENGSCI344 Course
Modelling & Analytics in OR ENGSCI255 Course
MPhil Thesis Eng Sci ENGSCI850B Course
MPhil Thesis Eng Sci ENGSCI850A Course
Musculoskeletal & Orthopaedic BIOMENG771 Course
Optimisation in Ops Research ENGSCI391 Course
Petroleum Engineering ENGSCI745 Course
PhD Engineering Science ENGSCI898 Course
Project X ENGSCI787 Course
Project Y ENGSCI788X Course
Project Y ENGSCI788B Course
Project Y ENGSCI788A Course
Project Z ENGSCI789 Course
Project Z ENGSCI789Y Course
Project Z ENGSCI789X Course
Research Project ENGSCI795B Course
Research Project ENGSCI795 Course
Research Project ENGSCI700B Course
Research Project ENERGY786A Course
Research Project ENERGY785B Course
Research Project ENERGY786B Course
Research Project ENGSCI795A Course
Research Project ENERGY785X Course
Research Project ENGSCI700A Course
Research Project ENERGY785A Course
Research Project ENERGY785Y Course
Research Project ENERGY785V Course
Research Project ENERGY786V Course
Research Project ENERGY786X Course
Research Project ENERGY786Y Course
Research Thesis ENERGY787A Course
Research Thesis ENERGY787B Course
Research Topics in Operations Research 2 ENGSCI769 Course
Scheduling & Optimisation ENGSCI762 Course
Special Topic BIOMENG793 Course
Special Topic BIOMENG794 Course
Special Topic ENGSCI706 Course
Special Topic ENGSCI705 Course
Special Topic ENGSCI306 Course
Special Topic ENGSCI305 Course
Special Topic ENGSCI205 Course
Special Topic BIOMENG792 Course
Special Topic ENGSCI206 Course
Studies in Continuum Mechs ENGSCI742 Course
Studies in Engineering Science ENGSCI701 Course
Studies in Operations Research 2 ENGSCI766 Course
Thesis ENGSCI796X Course
Thesis ENERGY794B Course
Thesis ENERGY795A Course
Thesis ENERGY795B Course
Thesis ENGSCI796A Course
Thesis ENGSCI796B Course
Thesis ENGSCI796Y Course
Thesis ENERGY794A Course
Thesis (OR and Analytics) ENGSCI793A Course
Thesis (OR and Analytics) ENGSCI794B Course
Thesis (OR and Analytics) ENGSCI793B Course
Thesis (OR and Analytics) ENGSCI794A Course
Thesis part-time ENERGY799B Course
Thesis part-time ENERGY799 Course
Thesis part-time ENGSCI799 Course
Thesis part-time ENERGY799A Course
Thesis part-time ENGSCI799A Course
Thesis part-time ENGSCI799B Course
Tissue and Biomolecular Engine BIOMENG261 Course
Waves and Fracture ENGSCI741 Course
Whole Organ Modelling ENGSCI772 Course

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