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A Sustainable World SUSTAIN300 Course
Advanced Engineering Geology EARTHSCI771 Course
Advanced Field Earth Sciences EARTHSCI780 Course
Advanced Field Geological Skills and Methods EARTHSCI301 Course
Advanced Raster Data Analysis GEOG772 Course
Advanced Remote Sensing GISCI341 Course
Advanced Spatial Data Handling GEOG774 Course
Air Quality&Atmospheric Procss ENVSCI713 Course
Analytical Skills in Geology EARTHSCI315 Course
Applied Climate Science GEOG749 Course
Applied Coastal Geomorphology GEOG746 Course
Applied Earth Sciences EARTHSCI306 Course
Applied Estuarine Ecology ENVSCI702 Course
Applied Fluvial Geomorphology GEOG745 Course
Applied Freshwater Ecology ENVSCI716 Course
Applied Physical Geography GEOG335 Course
Applied Terrestrial Ecology ENVSCI737 Course
Assessing Environmental Effect ENVSCI711 Course
Astrobiology ASTRO200 Course
Astrobiology EARTHSCI206 Course
Astrobiology ASTRO200G Course
BAdvSci(Hons) Diss Envm Change ENVCHG789 Course
BAdvSci(Hons) Dissertation in EARTHSCI785 Course
Biodiversity Mgmt and Consrvtn ENVSCI733 Course
Capstone: Earth Sciences EARTHSCI399 Course
Capstone: Environmentl Science ENVSCI399 Course
Capstone: Geography GEOG399 Course
Capstone: GIScience GISCI399 Course
Cities and Urbanism GEOG104 Course
Cities and Urbanism GEOG104G Course
Cities, Regions & Communities GEOG202 Course
Climate and Environment GEOG332 Course
Climate and Ocean Processes EARTHSCI360 Course
Climate and Society GEOG261 Course
Climate and Society EARTHSCI261 Course
Climate Chg: Past, Present,Fut GEOG730 Course
Coastal and Marine Studies GEOG351 Course
Collaborative Environment Mgmt ENVMGT746 Course
Communicating in a Knowledge SCIGEN101G Course
Communicating in a Knowlgd Soc SCIGEN101 Course
Contemporary Issues Human Geog GEOG717 Course
Crit Perspc on Sustainable Dev GEOG324 Course
Cryptographic Management SCIGEN701 Course
Culture and Envirnmt in E Asia GEOG322 Course
Current Issues in Coastal Mgmt GEOG748 Course
Current Issues in Sustainablty ENVMGT747 Course
Development &New Regional Geog GEOG715 Course
Directed Study SCIGEN310 Course
Directed Study ENVMGT762 Course
Directed Study GISCI390 Course
Directed Study ENVMGT761 Course
Directed Study EARTHSCI390 Course
Directed Study GEOG390 Course
Directed Study ENVSCI390 Course
Directed Study Earth Sciences EARTHSCI704 Course
Directed Study in Enviro Scien ENVSCI707 Course
Directed Study in Geography GEOG760 Course
Dynamic Earth EARTHSCI103 Course
Dynamic Quaternary Environment EARTHSCI307 Course
Dynamics of Terrestrial Ecosys ENVSCI311 Course
Earth History EARTHSCI202 Course
Earth Structure EARTHSCI208 Course
Earth Structure EARTHSCI204 Course
Earth Surface Processes and La GEOG101 Course
Earthquake Geology EARTHSCI714 Course
Emerging Economic Spaces GEOG711 Course
Engaging in a Knowledge Societ SCIGEN301G Course
Engaging in a Knowledge Societ SCIGEN301 Course
Engineering Geological Mapping EARTHSCI770 Course
Engineering Geology EARTHSCI372 Course
Envirnmtl Science, Risk & Soc ENVSCI303 Course
Environment and Landscape GEOG750 Course
Environment and Society GEOG205 Course
Environment, Science and Mgmt ENVSCI101G Course
Environment, Science and Mgmt ENVSCI101 Course
Environmental Change GEOG334 Course
Environmental Hydrology GEOG362 Course
Environmental Policy ENVMGT743 Course
Environmental Pollution ENVSCI714 Course
Environmental Science in Pract ENVSCI301 Course
Environmental Sociotechnologies ENVMGT749 Course
Exploration Geophysics EARTHSCI361 Course
Field Focused Rsrch Earth Sys EARTHSCI388 Course
Field Skills and Methods in Earth Sciences EARTHSCI201 Course
Field Studies in Earth Surface Processes GEOG260 Course
Field Studies in Earth Surface Processes EARTHSCI260 Course
Field Studies in Environment and Community GEOG207 Course
Fluvial Geomorphology GEOG331 Course
Foundation for Earth Sciences EARTHSCI102 Course
Foundation Geography 1 TFCGEO91F Course
Foundation Geography 1 GEOG91F Course
Foundation Geography 2 TFCGEO92F Course
Foundation Geography 2 GEOG92F Course
Future Food and Bio Economies GEOG738 Course
Geo Info and Spatial Thinking GEOG140 Course
Geochemistry of our World EARTHSCI720 Course
Geographc Info & Spatial Think GISCI140 Course
Geographies of Housing & Urban GEOG719 Course
Geographies of Pacific Develop GEOG312 Course
Geographies of Public Policy GEOG737 Course
Geography of the Human Environ GEOG102 Course
Geogrphcal Resrch in Practice GEOG250 Course
Geohazards EARTHSCI705 Course
Geomorphology GEOG262 Course
Geomorphology EARTHSCI262 Course
Geopolitics and Indigenous Rights GEOG308 Course
GIS and Spatial Data Handling GEOG770 Course
GIS Principles and Practice GEOG318 Course
GIS Project GEOG319 Course
GIScience Programming & Develp GISCI343 Course
Graduate Diploma Research Proj GEOG690A Course
Graduate Diploma Research Proj GEOG690 Course
Graduate Diploma Research Proj GEOG690B Course
Handling Environmental Data ENVSCI705 Course
Honours Research Project GEOG789 Course
Honours Research Project EARTHSCI789X Course
Honours Research Project GEOG789A Course
Honours Research Project EARTHSCI789B Course
Honours Research Project GEOG789U Course
Honours Research Project EARTHSCI789A Course
Honours Research Project GEOG789X Course
Honours Research Project EARTHSCI789 Course
Honours Research Project GEOG789B Course
Human Dimension of Disasters GEOG325 Course
Human Environment Relations GEOG752 Course
Hydrogeology EARTHSCI772 Course
Hydrothermal Systems: Geotherm EARTHSCI703 Course
Innovating in a Knowledge Soc SCIGEN201 Course
Innovating in a Knowledge Soci SCIGEN201G Course
Integrated Basin Exploration EARTHSCI760 Course
Introduction to GIS and Spatial Thinking EARTHSCI210 Course
Introduction to GIS and Spatial Thinking GEOG210 Course
Land, Place and Culture GEOG712 Course
Landscape, Envir and Heritage GEOG352 Course
Mapping Our World GEOG103G Course
Mapping Our World GEOG103 Course
Marine Geosciences EARTHSCI764 Course
Master's Thesis Geography GEOG799 Course
Masters Thesis ENVMGT796Y Course
Masters Thesis ENVSCI796Y Course
Masters Thesis ENVSCI796X Course
Masters Thesis ENVMGT796X Course
Masters Thesis GEOLOGY796Y Course
Masters Thesis GEOG796X Course
Masters Thesis GEOLOGY796X Course
Masters Thesis GEOG796Y Course
Masters Thesis in Geography GEOG796A Course
Masters Thesis in Geography GEOG796B Course
MEnvSci Thesis ENVSCI794B Course
MEnvSci Thesis ENVSCI794A Course
MEnvSci Thesis ENVSCI794X Course
Mobilities and Wellbeing GEOG714 Course
Modelling Environ Systems ENVSCI310 Course
Modelling Environmental System ENVSCI203 Course
Modelling Environmtl Systems ENVSCI704 Course
MPhil in Environmental Science ENVSCI850B Course
MPhil in Environmental Science ENVSCI850A Course
MSc Thesis Geology part-time GEOLOGY799B Course
MSc Thesis in Earth Sciences EARTHSCI796B Course
MSc Thesis in Earth Sciences EARTHSCI796A Course
MSc Thesis in Earth Sciences EARTHSCI796X Course
MSc Thesis in Earth Sciences EARTHSCI796Y Course
MSc Thesis in Env Mgt ENVMGT796A Course
MSc Thesis in Env Mgt ENVMGT796B Course
MSc Thesis in Envt Sci ENVSCI796A Course
MSc Thesis in Envt Sci ENVSCI796B Course
MSc Thesis in Geology GEOLOGY796B Course
Natural and Human Environmenta ENVSCI201 Course
Natural Hazards in New Zealand EARTHSCI105 Course
Natural Hazards in New Zealand EARTHSCI105G Course
NZ: Half a Billion Yrs on Edge EARTHSCI205 Course
NZ: Half a Billion Yrs on Edge EARTHSCI205G Course
People, Participatn, Developmt GEOG725 Course
Petrology and Geochemistry of Igneous Systems EARTHSCI304 Course
PhD Geography GEOG898 Course
PhD Geology GEOLOGY898 Course
PhD Thesis in Environmentl Sci ENVSCI898 Course
Planet Earth EARTHSCI120 Course
Politics, Markets & Economies GEOG327 Course
Population, Health and Society GEOG305 Course
Practice in Earth Sciences 1 EARTHSCI220 Course
Practice in Earth Sciences 2 EARTHSCI320 Course
Preparatory Geography 1 GEOG91P Course
Preparatory Geography 2 GEOG92P Course
Principles of GIScience GISCI242 Course
Principles of Remote Sensing GISCI241 Course
Programming, GIS Customisation GEOG779 Course
Pure and Applied Sedimentology EARTHSCI754 Course
Reconstructg Environmtl Change EARTHSCI732 Course
Remote Sensing and GIS GEOG317 Course
Research Design and Methods in Human Geography GEOG315 Course
Research in Practice GEOG701 Course
Research Methods in Earth Sci EARTHSCI701 Course
Research Methods in Physical Geography GEOG330 Course
Research Methods in Physical Geography EARTHSCI330 Course
Research Practice in Environme ENVSCI701 Course
Research Project ENVSCI790 Course
Research Project ENVSCI790A Course
Research Project ENVSCI790B Course
Research Topic in Earth Scienc EARTHSCI708 Course
Research Topics in Environ Sci ENVSCI703 Course
Research Topics in Geography GEOG759 Course
Research Topics in Geography GEOG739 Course
Resource Management ENVMGT744 Course
Resources and Environmntl Mgmt GEOG320 Course
Restoration and Landscape Ecol ENVSCI734 Course
Rock and Minerals EARTHSCI203 Course
Rsrch Des Environmntl Chang ENVCHG300 Course
Sedimentary Systems EARTHSCI303 Course
Social Change for Sustainablty ENVMGT741 Course
Social Dimensns of Global Env ENVMGT742 Course
Space, Place, Economy GEOG302 Course
Spatial Analysis & Geocomputat GEOG771 Course
Special Topic GEOG328 Course
Special Topic EARTHSCI309 Course
Special Topic GISCI344 Course
Special Topic GEOG761 Course
Special Topic ENVMGT760 Course
Special Topic ENVSCI204 Course
Special Topic GEOG206 Course
Special Topic ENVSCI706 Course
Special Topic ENVSCI304 Course
Special Topic EARTHSCI706 Course
Special Topic EARTHSCI209 Course
Special Topic GISCI243 Course
Special Topic SCIGEN189 Course
Special Topic GEOG306 Course
Special Topics in Earth Sciences EARTHSCI707 Course
ST: GEOG333 Course
Sub-surface Geophysical Explor EARTHSCI763 Course
Sub-surface Geophysical Exploration EARTHSCI763A Course
Sub-surface Geophysical Exploration EARTHSCI763B Course
Sustainability and Us SUSTAIN100 Course
Sustainability and Us SUSTAIN100G Course
Tech, Power & Social Change GEOG342 Course
Tectonic and Magmatic Systems EARTHSCI308 Course
Tectonic Geomorphology EARTHSCI713 Course
Tectonics and Geodynamics EARTHSCI305 Course
The Sustainable Community SUSTAIN200 Course
Thesis in Earth Sci part-time EARTHSCI799B Course
Thesis in Earth Sci part-time EARTHSCI799 Course
Thesis in Earth Sci part-time EARTHSCI799A Course
Thesis in Engineering Geology EARTHSCI798A Course
Thesis in Engineering Geology EARTHSCI794X Course
Thesis in Engineering Geology EARTHSCI794A Course
Thesis in Engineering Geology EARTHSCI798 Course
Thesis in Engineering Geology EARTHSCI798B Course
Thesis in Engineering Geology EARTHSCI794Y Course
Thesis in Engineering Geology EARTHSCI794B Course
Thesis part-time ENVMGT799 Course
Thesis part-time ENVMGT799A Course
Thesis part-time ENVSCI799B Course
Thesis part-time ENVMGT799B Course
Thesis part-time GEOG799A Course
Thesis part-time GEOG799B Course
Thesis part-time ENVSCI799A Course
Thesis part-time ENVSCI799 Course
Tools and Techniques for the Earth Sciences EARTHSCI263 Course
Understanding Volcanic Systems EARTHSCI752 Course
Urban Geography GEOG307 Course
Urban Worlds GEOG718 Course
Visualisation and Cartography GEOG773 Course
Water and Society ENVSCI738 Course

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