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20th Century German Poetry GERMAN715 Course
20th Century Theatre FRENCH723B Course
20th Century Theatre FRENCH723A Course
20th Century Theatre FRENCH723 Course
20th Century Women Writers GERMAN717 Course
Advanced Interpreting Practice TRANSLAT709 Course
Advanced Spanish Translation SPANISH723A Course
Advanced Spanish Translation SPANISH723B Course
Advanced Translation Practice German GERMAN747 Course
Advanced Translation Practice Japanese TRANSLAT747 Course
Boccaccio and Petrarca ITALIAN303 Course
Collective Memory in Europe EUROPEAN211 Course
Collective Memory in Europe EUROPEAN310 Course
Contemporary Italian Theatre ITALIAN331 Course
Creating the Past EUROPEAN708 Course
Cultural Critics SPANISH708 Course
Cultural Critics SPANISH308 Course
Culture of the Baroque and the Golden Age SPANISH734 Course
Dante's Divina Commedia ITALIAN302 Course
Dissertation TRANSLAT790A Course
Dissertation TRANSLAT790B Course
Dissertation EUROPEAN782B Course
Dissertation EUROPEAN782 Course
Dissertation EUROPEAN782A Course
European Study Abroad EUROPEAN706 Course
European Study Abroad EUROPEAN705 Course
European Study Abroad EUROPEAN707 Course
Fontane GERMAN720 Course
Fontane: Effi Briest as Novel and Film GERMAN725 Course
Germany on Screen: Modern German Cultural History GERMAN130 Course
Goethe: Faust GERMAN722 Course
Iberian and Latin American Civilisations SPANISH103 Course
Iberian Conquests: Epic Stories SPANISH730 Course
Iberian Conquests: Epic Stories, Black Legends SPANISH301 Course
Iberian Cultures 1200-1600 SPANISH324 Course
Iberian Utopias and Dystopias 1200-1600 SPANISH703 Course
Imagining European Cities EUROPEAN704 Course
Intercultural Literary Studies COMPLIT209 Course
Issues in Translation TRANSLAT703 Course
Jewish Culture and Identity in Europe EUROPEAN203 Course
Jewish Culture and Identity in Europe EUROPEAN303 Course
Language Acquisition GERMAN701A Course
Language Acquisition GERMAN701B Course
Language Acquisition: Russian RUSSIAN710A Course
Language Acquisition: Russian RUSSIAN710B Course
Language Acquisition: Russian RUSSIAN710 Course
Latin American Cultures and Literatures SPANISH205 Course
Latin American Novel SPANISH712 Course
Latin American Poetry SPANISH713 Course
Latin American Theatre SPANISH714 Course
Literature and its Others SPANISH311 Course
Modern Hispanic Historical Fiction SPANISH731 Course
Modern Latin American Literary Texts SPANISH305 Course
Professional English Communication for Translators TRANSLAT711 Course
Reinterpreting European Identities: Past and Prese EUROPEAN703 Course
Research Portfolio EUROPEAN797A Course
Research Portfolio EUROPEAN797B Course
Spanish Novel SPANISH709 Course
Spanish Poetry SPANISH710 Course
Spanish Theatre SPANISH711 Course
Special Topic: A History of Fear EUROPEAN701 Course
Special Topic: Human Zoos: Mass Entertainment in E EUROPEAN702 Course
Specialised Translation Practice German GERMAN748 Course
Specialised Translation Practice Japanese TRANSLAT748 Course
Sprachpraktikum GERMAN390 Course
The Italian Detective Story ITALIAN707 Course
Theory and Methodology of Translation TRANSLAT702 Course
Thesis EUROPEAN796A Course
Thesis EUROPEAN794B Course
Thesis EUROPEAN796B Course
Thesis EUROPEAN794A Course
Thomas Mann: The Early Works GERMAN726 Course
Thomas Mann: The Later Works GERMAN727 Course
Tradition and Dissidence SPANISH326 Course
Urban Culture and Popular Media SPANISH327 Course

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