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Contemporary Practice 1 FINEARTS761 Course
Contemporary Practice 2 FINEARTS764 Course
Creative Careers: Making Exhib FINEARTS235 Course
Creative Careers: Pathways FINEARTS234 Course
Creative Prac Research Methods FINEARTS320 Course
Creative Practice Methodologie FINEARTS758 Course
Creative Technology 1 FINEARTS762 Course
Creative Technology 2 FINEARTS765 Course
Critical Practices FINEARTS305 Course
Critical Studies FINEARTS204 Course
DocFA Studio FINEARTS894 Course
DocFA Studio (Part-time) FINEARTS895 Course
Drawing and Related Practices FINEARTS103 Course
Embod,IdentityAgencArt&theSelf FINEARTS245 Course
Embodiment, Identity & Agency FINEARTS244 Course
Fields of Practice 2 FINEARTS206 Course
Fields of Practice 4 FINEARTS307 Course
Fine Arts Research Portfo PT FINEARTS792 Course
Fine Arts Research Portfo PT FINEARTS792A Course
Fine Arts Research Portfol pt FINEARTS792B Course
Fine Arts Research Portfolio FINEARTS798B Course
Fine Arts Research Portfolio FINEARTS798X Course
Fine Arts Research Portfolio FINEARTS798A Course
Fine Arts Research Portfolio FINEARTS798Y Course
Fine Arts Studio 1 FINEARTS111 Course
Fine Arts Studio 2 FINEARTS112 Course
Fine Arts Studio 3 FINEARTS321 Course
Fine Arts Studio 3 FINEARTS321A Course
Fine Arts Studio 3 FINEARTS321B Course
Fine Arts Thesis FINEARTS797B Course
Fine Arts Thesis FINEARTS797A Course
Fine Arts Thesis FINEARTS797Y Course
Fine Arts Thesis part-time FINEARTS793 Course
Fine Arts Thesis part-time FINEARTS793B Course
Fine Arts Thesis part-time FINEARTS793A Course
Ideas&Contexts for CreativPrac FINEARTS113 Course
Image, Object and Materiality: FINEARTS242 Course
Image, Object and Materiality: FINEARTS243 Course
Indigeneity&Culture:Ko wai au? FINEARTS240 Course
Indigeneity&Culture:Power&Plac FINEARTS241 Course
Intro to Critical Studies FINEARTS104 Course
Intro to Fine Arts Tech FINEARTS110 Course
Intro to Photographic Practice FINEARTS109 Course
Master Thesis FINEARTS796X Course
Masters Studio FINEARTS796A Course
Masters Studio FINEARTS796B Course
Masters Studio part-time FINEARTS799A Course
Masters Studio part-time FINEARTS799B Course
Masters Studio part-time FINEARTS799 Course
Masters Thesis FINEARTS796Y Course
Nga Toi Taketake: Objects FINEARTS221 Course
Nga Toi Taketake:Fibre&Textile FINEARTS220 Course
Painting: Materiality&Process FINEARTS228 Course
Painting: Painted Images FINEARTS229 Course
Performance: Action/Documentat FINEARTS233 Course
Performance: Communication, Id FINEARTS232 Course
PhD Fine Arts FINEARTS898 Course
Photography: Analogue Photogra FINEARTS227 Course
Photography: Digital Photograp FINEARTS226 Course
Printed Matter: Printmaking FINEARTS222 Course
Printed Matter: Publication FINEARTS223 Course
Research Essay FINEARTS782 Course
Research Essay: Making Sense o FINEARTS322 Course
Research Essay: Making Sense o FINEARTS322B Course
Research Essay: Making Sense o FINEARTS322A Course
Research Methodologies FINEARTS770 Course
Research Portfolio FINEARTS781B Course
Research Portfolio FINEARTS781A Course
Research Portfolio FINEARTS795A Course
Research Portfolio FINEARTS795B Course
Research Portfolio Part-time FINEARTS794A Course
Research Portfolio Part-time FINEARTS794B Course
Research Portfolio Part-time FINEARTS794 Course
Research Project FINEARTS756A Course
Research Project FINEARTS756B Course
Research Project FINEARTS790A Course
Research Project FINEARTS790B Course
Research Project FINEARTS790X Course
Research Project FINEARTS756X Course
Research Project FINEARTS790Y Course
Research Project part-time FINEARTS755A Course
Research Project part-time FINEARTS755B Course
Research Project part-time FINEARTS755 Course
Sculpture: Shaping and Casting FINEARTS231 Course
Sculpture:Constructing&Fabrica FINEARTS230 Course
Special Topic FINEARTS105 Course
Special Topic FINEARTS236 Course
Special Topic FINEARTS407 Course
Special Topic FINEARTS205 Course
Special Topic FINEARTS250 Course
Special Topic FINEARTS306 Course
Special Topic FINEARTS406 Course
Studio FINEARTS779B Course
Studio FINEARTS767 Course
Studio FINEARTS768 Course
Studio FINEARTS779A Course
Studio FINEARTS759 Course
Studio 1.1 FINEARTS101 Course
Studio 1.2 FINEARTS102 Course
Studio 2.1 FINEARTS201 Course
Studio 2.2 FINEARTS202 Course
Studio 2.3 FINEARTS203 Course
Studio 3.1 FINEARTS302 Course
Studio 3.2 FINEARTS303 Course
Studio 3.3 FINEARTS304 Course
Studio 4 A FINEARTS408 Course
Studio 4 B FINEARTS409 Course
Studio 4.1 FINEARTS402 Course
Studio 4.2 FINEARTS403 Course
Studio 4.3 FINEARTS404 Course
Studio 4.4 FINEARTS405 Course
Studio Practice 1 FINEARTS209 Course
Studio Practice 1 FINEARTS207 Course
Studio Practice 2 FINEARTS208 Course
Studio Practice 2 FINEARTS212 Course
Studio Practice 3 FINEARTS308 Course
Studio Practice 3 FINEARTS310 Course
Studio Practice 4 FINEARTS311 Course
Studio Practice 4 FINEARTS309 Course
Studio Practice Essay FINEARTS769 Course
Studio Research Essay FINEARTS780A Course
Studio Research Essay FINEARTS780B Course
Sys,Ecol,Envir:Embodied Nature FINEARTS247 Course
Sys,Ecol,EnvirArtintheAnthpoce FINEARTS246 Course
Tech&MatFutures:MixedRealities FINEARTS248 Course
Tech&MatFutures:World-making FINEARTS249 Course
Theories of Practice 1 FINEARTS763 Course
Theories of Practice 2 FINEARTS766 Course
Time-Based: Digital Film FINEARTS224 Course
Time-Based:AV Installation FINEARTS225 Course
Underst Contemp Fashion Design FINEARTS211 Course
Understanding Contemporary Fashion Design FINEARTS211G Course
Understanding Contemporary Visual Arts Practice FINEARTS210G Course
Undstd Contemp Visual Art Prac FINEARTS210 Course

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