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Adapt Enterprise Systms INFOSYS737 Course
Advanced Information Security INFOSYS727 Course
Advanced Operations Systems OPSMGT760 Course
Big Data and Machine Learning BUSAN302 Course
Business Analysis and Applications INFOMGMT291 Course
Business Analytics BUSAN200 Course
Business Analytics INFOMGMT290 Course
Business Analytics Capstone BUSAN304 Course
Business Analytics Capstone INFOMGMT394 Course
Business Logistics OPSMGT371 Course
Business Process Design OPSMGT258 Course
Business Project INFOSYS310B Course
Business Project INFOSYS310A Course
Business Project INFOSYS345A Course
Business Project INFOSYS345B Course
Business Systems Analysis INFOSYS220 Course
Business Systems Construction INFOSYS280 Course
Capstone: Info Mgmt INFOMGMT399 Course
Capstone: Information Systems INFOSYS399 Course
Cloud Computing Architecture INFOSYS735 Course
Contemporary Issues in Information Systems INFOSYS338 Course
Customer Relationship Management INFOSYS344 Course
Data Communications and the Internet INFOSYS322 Course
Data Management INFOMGMT292 Course
Data Management BUSAN201 Course
Data Mining and Big Data INFOSYS722 Course
Data Mining and Decision Support INFOMGMT393 Course
Data Visualisation BUSAN301 Course
Data Visualisation INFOMGMT392 Course
Data Wrangling BUSAN300 Course
Database Systems INFOSYS222 Course
Databases and Business Intelligence INFOSYS330 Course
Digital Business and Innovatio INFOSYS306 Course
Digital Information Literacy BUSAN100G Course
Digital Information Literacy BUSAN100 Course
Digital Innovation INFOSYS700 Course
Digital Systems INFOSYS110 Course
Directed Study INFOSYS301 Course
Directed Study OPSMGT300 Course
Directed Study BUSAN306 Course
Dissertation INFOSYS791V Course
Dissertation INFOSYS791X Course
Dissertation OPSMGT791A Course
Dissertation OPSMGT791B Course
Dissertation OPSMGT791 Course
Dissertation INFOSYS791 Course
Dissertation OPSMGT791X Course
Dissertation INFOSYS791B Course
Dissertation OPSMGT791V Course
Dissertation INFOSYS791A Course
Enterprise Systems INFOSYS321 Course
Fundamentals of Supply Chain C OPSMGT766 Course
Global IT Strategy INFOSYS305 Course
Global Outsourcing INFOSYS701 Course
Information Security in Busine INFOSYS341 Course
Information Systems Design INFOSYS320 Course
Information Systems for Business INFOMGMT296 Course
Information Systems Management INFOMGMT391 Course
Information Systems Research INFOSYS720 Course
Information Tools for Business INFOMGMT192 Course
Intro Operts & Suply Chain Mgt OPSMGT255 Course
IT Infrastructure INFOSYS304 Course
LANS, WANs, and Wireless Infrastructure INFOSYS339 Course
Management of Information Systems INFOSYS323 Course
Masters Thesis INFOSYS796Y Course
Masters Thesis INFOSYS796X Course
Masters Thesis OPSRES796X Course
Masters Thesis OPSMGT796X Course
Masters Thesis OPSMGT796Y Course
Masters Thesis OPSRES796Y Course
MCom Thesis in INFOSYS INFOSYS796A Course
MCom Thesis in INFOSYS INFOSYS796B Course
New Perspect Organs & Info Sys INFOSYS725 Course
Ops and Supply Chain Strategy OPSMGT370 Course
PhD Information Systems INFOSYS898 Course
PhD Operats & Supply Chain Mgt OPSMGT898 Course
Programming for Business INFOSYS221 Course
Project Management OPSMGT357 Course
Project Management OPSMGT757 Course
Quality Management OPSMGT372 Course
Quality Management OPSMGT762 Course
Readings in IS INFOSYS732 Course
Readings in Operations Mgmt OPSMGT732 Course
Research Essay INFOSYS788X Course
Research Essay OPSMGT788 Course
Research Essay OPSMGT788X Course
Research Essay INFOSYS788U Course
Research Essay INFOSYS788 Course
Research Essay OPSMGT788U Course
Research Methods - Modelling OPSMGT752 Course
Research Methods - Qualitative INFOSYS751 Course
Research Methods -Quantitative INFOSYS750 Course
Simulation Modelling BUSAN305 Course
Simulation Modelling OPSRES385 Course
Solutions Architecture INFOSYS303 Course
Special Topic INFOSYS302 Course
Special Topic BUSAN303 Course
Special Topic OPSMGT384 Course
Special Topic OPSMGT700 Course
Special Topic INFOSYS704 Course
Special Topic OPSMGT385 Course
Special Topic in Information Management INFOMGMT390 Course
Special Topic: Block Chain INFOSYS702 Course
ST: Artificial Intelligence INFOSYS703 Course
ST: Robotics Process Automatio INFOSYS300 Course
Strategic Procurement OPSMGT376 Course
Sustainable Transformation OPSMGT780 Course
System Dynamics& Complex Model INFOSYS740 Course
Telecommunications Management INFOSYS730 Course
Thesis OPSMGT794B Course
Thesis INFOSYS794A Course
Thesis INFOSYS794B Course
Thesis OPSMGT794A Course
Thesis OPSMGT796A Course
Thesis OPSMGT796B Course
Thesis in Operations Research part-time OPSRES799 Course
Thesis in Operations Research part-time OPSRES799B Course
Thesis in Operations Research part-time OPSRES799A Course
Thesis part-time OPSMGT799B Course
Thesis part-time INFOSYS799 Course
Thesis part-time OPSMGT799 Course
Thesis part-time INFOSYS799B Course
Thesis part-time OPSMGT799A Course
Thesis part-time INFOSYS799A Course

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