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Administrative Law LAWPUBL701 Course
Administrative Law LAWPUBL401 Course
Adv Evidence Law Crim Cases LAWPUBL773 Course
Advancd Crim Proced: St Topics LAWPUBL771 Course
Advancd Topics in Criminal Law LAWPUBL463 Course
Advanced Company Law LAWCOMM436 Course
Advanced Contract LAWCOMM434 Course
Advanced Criminal Law LAWPUBL406 Course
Advanced Criminal Law LAWPUBL420 Course
Advanced Employment Law LAWPUBL457 Course
Advanced Family Law LAWGENRL430 Course
Advanced International Law LAWPUBL421 Course
Advanced Legal Research, Writing and Communication LAW498 Course
Advanced Public Law LAWPUBL431 Course
Advanced Tax Law LAWCOMM420 Course
Advanced Topics in Agency Law LAWCOMM776 Course
Advanced Tort LAWCOMM429 Course
Advocacy LAWGENRL420 Course
Agency and Partnership LAWCOMM438 Course
Air and Space Law LAWGENRL436 Course
Animals and the Law LAWGENRL442 Course
Anti-corruption Law and Democr LAWPUBL467 Course
Appellate Advocacy LAWGENRL452 Course
Aspects of Adv Intl Law LAWPUBL459 Course
Aspects of Insurance Law LAWCOMM453 Course
Avoidance Provisions LAWCOMM783 Course
Banking Law LAWCOMM431 Course
Biotechnology and the Law LAWENVIR722 Course
Biotechnology Law LAWENVIR701 Course
Building and Construction Law LAWCOMM701 Course
Civil Procedure LAWGENRL421 Course
Climate Change Law LAWENVIR723 Course
Commercial and Consumer Law LAWCOMM452 Course
Commercial Arbitration LAWCOMM421 Course
Commercial Crime LAWCOMM703 Course
Commercial Equity LAWCOMM711 Course
Commercial Indemnity Insurance LAWCOMM751 Course
Commercial Law LAWCOMM401 Course
Commercial Law LAWCOMM704 Course
Commercial Leases LAWCOMM705 Course
Common Law Theory and Practice LAWPUBL702 Course
Communications and Information Technology Law LAWCOMM752 Course
Community Law Internship LAWGENRL405 Course
Community Law Project LAWGENRL447 Course
Company Finance LAWCOMM439 Course
Company Law LAWCOMM402 Course
Company Law LAWCOMM464 Course
Company Liquidations LAWCOMM423 Course
Company Reconstructions and Receiverships LAWCOMM753 Course
Comparative Constitutional Law LAWPUBL704 Course
Comparative Constitutional Law LAWPUBL460 Course
Comparative Corporate Governan LAWCOMM774 Course
Comparative Criminal Procedure LAWPUBL772 Course
Comparative Environmental Law LAWENVIR702 Course
Comparative Human Rights Law LAWPUBL731 Course
Comparative Indig Rights Law LAWPUBL732 Course
Comparative Indigenous Law Top LAWPUBL458 Course
Comparative Law LAWGENRL431 Course
Comparative Law LAWGENRL722 Course
Comparative Law LAW418 Course
Comparative Law LAWPUBL703 Course
ComparativeFreeTradeAgreements LAWCOMM734 Course
Competition Law LAWCOMM422 Course
Competition Law and Policy LAWCOMM706 Course
Concepts in Law and Security LAWHONS746B Course
Concepts in Law and Security LAWHONS746A Course
Conceptual Foundations of the Law LAWGENRL701 Course
Conflict of Laws LAWCOMM413 Course
Conflict of Laws LAWCOMM707 Course
Conflict of Laws LAWCOMM407 Course
Conservation and Heritage Law LAWENVIR703 Course
Construction Law LAWCOMM451 Course
Consumer Law LAWCOMM457 Course
Consumer Law LAWCOMM447 Course
Consumer Law LAWHONS704B Course
Consumer Law LAWHONS704A Course
Consumer Protection Law LAWCOMM708 Course
Contemp Issues in Disarmnt Law LAWPUBL466 Course
Contemp Issues in Land Law LAWGENRL444 Course
Contemp Tiriti/Treaty Issues LAWPUBL422 Course
Contemporary Commercial and Private Law Litigation LAWCOMM400 Course
Copyright and Design LAWCOMM795 Course
Copyright and Design LAWCOMM433 Course
Copyright Law LAWCOMM754 Course
Corporate Environmt Governance LAWENVIR725 Course
Corporate Finance LAWCOMM755 Course
Corporate Governance LAWHONS745 Course
Corporate Governance LAWCOMM709 Course
Corporate Governance in NZ LAWCOMM773 Course
Corporate Insolvency LAWCOMM461 Course
Corporate Transactions LAWCOMM432 Course
Corporation and Investor Taxat LAWCOMM780 Course
Corporation Finance LAWHONS705B Course
Corporation Finance LAWHONS705A Course
Corruption and Democracy LAWHONS735A Course
Corruption and Democracy LAWHONS735B Course
Counterterror Law and Policy LAWPUBL451 Course
Creditors' Remedies LAWCOMM441 Course
Criminal Law LAW201B Course
Criminal Law LAW201A Course
Criminal Law and Policy LAWHONS706A Course
Criminal Law and Policy LAWHONS706B Course
Criminal Law and Policy LAWPUBL705 Course
Criminal Procedure LAWPUBL430 Course
Criminal Procedure LAWHONS707B Course
Criminal Procedure LAWHONS707A Course
Criminology LAWPUBL706 Course
Criminology LAWPUBL423 Course
Cross-Border Commercial Litiga LAWCOMM771 Course
Crown and State Liability LAWPUBL756 Course
Data Privacy and the Law LAWCOMM746 Course
Directed Study LAW760 Course
Dispute Resolution LAWCOMM710 Course
Dissertation LAWHONS789X Course
Dissertation LAWHONS789U Course
Dissertation LAW792 Course
Dissertation LAW790A Course
Dissertation LAW789 Course
Dissertation LAW790B Course
Dissertation LAW790X Course
Dissertation LAW790Y Course
Dissertation LAWHONS789 Course
Dissertation LAWHONS789Y Course
Dissertation LAWENVIR790 Course
Dissertation LAW790 Course
Dissertation in Taxation Law LAWCOMM792 Course
Dissertation in Taxation Law COMLAW790 Course
Dissertation in Taxation Law LAWCOMM790 Course
Earth Governance LAWENVIR423 Course
Economic Analysis of Public an LAWGENRL455 Course
Economic Instruments and Environmental Law LAWENVIR704 Course
Economic Regulation LAWHONS708B Course
Economic Regulation LAWHONS708A Course
Electronic Trade and Finance LAWCOMM756 Course
Employment Law LAWPUBL425 Course
Employment Law LAWPUBL707 Course
Energy and Nat Resources Law LAWENVIR421 Course
Entertainment Law LAWCOMM757 Course
Environmental Constitutionalis LAWENVIR430 Course
Environmental Dispute Resolution LAWENVIR705 Course
Environmental Ethics LAWENVIR706 Course
Environmental Law LAWHONS709B Course
Environmental Law LAWHONS709A Course
Environmental Law and Policy LAWENVIR707 Course
Environmental Law Concepts LAWENVIR708 Course
Environmental Law for Non-lawyers LAWENVIR422 Course
Equality and Anti-discrimination Law LAWHONS710B Course
Equality and Anti-discrimination Law LAWHONS710A Course
Equality and Anti-discrimination Law LAWPUBL733 Course
Equitable Remedies LAWGENRL427 Course
Equity LAW306B Course
Equity LAW306A Course
European Commercial Litigation LAWCOMM435 Course
European Public Law LAWPUBL438 Course
European Union Law LAWPUBL445 Course
Evidence LAWGENRL401 Course
Family Law LAWGENRL433 Course
Family Law LAWPUBL708 Course
Financial Markets Law LAWCOMM444 Course
Foundations of Human Rights LAWGENRL702 Course
Franchising Law LAWCOMM758 Course
Fundmntl Prncpls of Criminal L LAWPUBL742 Course
Global Environmental Governanc LAWENVIR770 Course
Global Environmental Law LAWENVIR420 Course
Global Legal Issues LAWPUBL709 Course
Goods and Services Tax COMLAW747 Course
Group and Indigenous Rights LAWPUBL734 Course
Guarantees and Indemnities LAWCOMM440 Course
Hazardous Substances Law LAWENVIR709 Course
Healthcare and Patients' Rights LAWPUBL710 Course
Healthcare Law LAWGENRL432 Course
History of Law of Obligations LAWHONS740B Course
History of Law of Obligations LAWHONS740A Course
History of Legal Theory LAWGENRL703 Course
Honours Dissertation LAW789X Course
Housing Law and Policy LAWGENRL438 Course
Human Agency and Criminal Liability LAWGENRL704 Course
Human Rights LAWHONS702B Course
Human Rights LAWPUBL774 Course
Human Rights LAWHONS702A Course
Human Rights Litigation LAWPUBL736 Course
Human Rights Mental Health Law LAWPUBL777 Course
Human Rights Remedies LAWPUBL775 Course
Human Rights: Selected Topics LAWPUBL776 Course
Ideas of Land LAWGENRL770 Course
Immigration and Refugee Law LAWPUBL711 Course
Immigration and Refugee Law LAWPUBL424 Course
Immigration Law LAWPUBL444 Course
Indig Peopl Rights in Int Law LAWPUBL761 Course
Indigenous Peoples and the Law LAWHONS741A Course
Indigenous Peoples and the Law LAWHONS741B Course
Indigenous Peoples in IntLaw LAWPUBL446 Course
Indigenous Rights Legal Clinic LAWPUBL461 Course
Indigenous Sovereignty and Self-determination LAWPUBL735 Course
Indign Ppls’ Rights in Nat Law LAWPUBL730 Course
Insolvency Law LAWCOMM712 Course
Insurance Law LAWCOMM424 Course
Intellectual Property LAWCOMM713 Course
Intellectual Property LAWCOMM404 Course
Intellectual Property LAWCOMM458 Course
Intellectual Property & Pract LAWCOMM772 Course
International and Comparative Health Law LAWPUBL753 Course
International Arbitration LAWCOMM702 Course
International Company and Capital Markets Law LAWCOMM743 Course
International Criminal Law LAWPUBL434 Course
International Criminal Law LAWPUBL743 Course
International Econ Regulation LAWPUBL432 Course
International Economic Organizations and Agreement LAWPUBL712 Course
International Environmental La LAWENVIR710 Course
International Family Law LAWPUBL713 Course
International Human Rights LAWPUBL436 Course
International Insolvency Law LAWCOMM759 Course
International Law LAWPUBL402 Course
International Sales LAWCOMM715 Course
International Sales & Finance LAWCOMM406 Course
International Tax Law LAWCOMM450 Course
International Taxation COMLAW741A Course
International Taxation LAWCOMM775B Course
International Taxation COMLAW741B Course
International Taxation LAWCOMM775A Course
International Trade LAWCOMM425 Course
Internationalisation of Domestic Law LAWPUBL714 Course
Intl Disputes Settlement LAWPUBL454 Course
Intl Litigation & Arbitration LAWCOMM714 Course
Introduction to Common Law LAWGENRL443 Course
Introduction to Criminology LAWPUBL456 Course
Islamic Law LAWGENRL441 Course
Iss in Search and Surveillance LAWPUBL778 Course
Issues in Insurance Law LAWHONS734B Course
Issues in Insurance Law LAWHONS734A Course
Iwi Corporate Governance LAWCOMM437 Course
Judicial Review LAWPUBL426 Course
Jurisprudence LAW316 Course
Jurisprudence LAWGENRL705 Course
Land Law LAW301B Course
Land Law LAW301A Course
Law and Computers LAWHONS711A Course
Law and Computers LAWHONS711B Course
Law and Economic Regulation LAWPUBL715 Course
Law and Economics LAWCOMM716 Course
Law and Gender LAWPUBL737 Course
Law and Information Technology LAWCOMM426 Course
Law and Policy LAWPUBL716 Course
Law and Policy LAWPUBL429 Course
Law and Society LAWHONS712B Course
Law and Society LAWGENRL706 Course
Law and Society LAW121G Course
Law and Society LAW121 Course
Law and Society LAWHONS712A Course
Law of Agency LAWCOMM717 Course
Law of Agency LAWHONS737B Course
Law of Agency LAWHONS737A Course
Law of Armed Conflict LAWPUBL452 Course
Law of Banking LAWCOMM718 Course
Law of Capital Markets LAWCOMM430 Course
Law of Contract LAW241B Course
Law of Contract LAW241A Course
Law of Contract LAWCOMM719 Course
Law of Evidence LAWPUBL717 Course
Law of Evidence LAWGENRL720 Course
Law of Family Property LAWGENRL429 Course
Law of Insurance Contracts LAWCOMM720 Course
Law of International Business Transactions LAWHONS713A Course
Law of International Business Transactions LAWHONS713B Course
Law of Personal Property LAWCOMM442 Course
Law of Restitution LAWHONS747B Course
Law of Restitution LAWHONS747A Course
Law of Secured Credit LAWHONS715B Course
Law of Secured Credit LAWHONS715A Course
Law of the Sea LAWENVIR711 Course
Law of the Sea LAWPUBL462 Course
Law of the Sea and Antarctica LAWPUBL435 Course
Law of Torts LAW231A Course
Law of Torts LAW231B Course
Law of Torts LAWCOMM722 Course
Legal Ethics LAW458 Course
Legal Ethics LAWGENRL707 Course
Legal Foundations LAW141 Course
Legal Foundations of Capitalism LAWGENRL451 Course
Legal History LAWHONS716B Course
Legal History LAWHONS716A Course
Legal History LAWGENRL423 Course
Legal Issues in Relation to Children LAWPUBL738 Course
Legal Method LAW131 Course
Legal Practice LAW499 Course
Legal Problems of the European Union LAWHONS717B Course
Legal Problems of the European Union LAWHONS717A Course
Legal Problems of the European Union LAWPUBL718 Course
Legal Research 1 LAW299 Course
Legal Research 2 LAW399 Course
Legal Research 3 LAW400 Course
Legal Research and Writing 1A LAW221B Course
Legal Research and Writing 1A LAW221A Course
Legal Research and Writing 1B LAW251B Course
Legal Research and Writing 1B LAW251A Course
Legal Research Methodology LAW788 Course
Legal Research Methodology and Advanced Writing LAW700 Course
Legal Research, Writing and Co LAW298A Course
Legal Research, Writing and Co LAW298B Course
Legislation and Statutory Interpretation LAWPUBL719 Course
LLM Thesis 2 part-time LAW799 Course
LLM Thesis 2 part-time LAW799B Course
LLM Thesis 2 part-time LAW799A Course
Local Government Law LAWPUBL720 Course
Maori and the Law - Contemporary Developments LAWPUBL739 Course
Maori Land Law LAWHONS719B Course
Maori Land Law LAWHONS719A Course
Maori Land Law LAWPUBL721 Course
Maritime Law LAWCOMM428 Course
Maritime Law LAWHONS720A Course
Maritime Law LAWCOMM723 Course
Maritime Law LAWHONS720B Course
Masters Thesis LAW796X Course
Masters Thesis LAW796Y Course
Masters Thesis LAW797X Course
Masters Thesis LAW797Y Course
Media Law LAWHONS721A Course
Media Law LAWHONS721B Course
Media Law LAWPUBL722 Course
Mediation LAWGENRL721 Course
Mediation Advocacy LAWGENRL772 Course
Mediation Theory and Practice LAWGENRL771 Course
Medico-legal Problems LAWHONS722A Course
Medico-legal Problems LAWHONS722B Course
Mergers and Acquisitions LAWCOMM448 Course
Mergers and Acquisitions LAWCOMM724 Course
Mining and Energy Law LAWENVIR712 Course
Mining and Energy Law LAWENVIR771 Course
Mining, Energy and Nat Res Law LAWENVIR713 Course
Māori Land Law LAWPUBL427 Course
Natural Resources Law LAWENVIR714 Course
Negotiat, Mediat and Disp Resl LAWGENRL424 Course
New Zealand Bill of Rights LAWPUBL723 Course
New Zealand Legal History LAWGENRL708 Course
Nga Tikanga Māori LAWPUBL441 Course
Pacific Legal Studies LAWPUBL724 Course
Pacific People in Aotearoa: Le LAWGENRL446 Course
Partnership LAWCOMM725 Course
Pasifika Peoples and the Law LAWGENRL458 Course
Patent Drafting LAWCOMM721 Course
Patent Drafting LAWCOMM791 Course
Patent Interpretation LAWCOMM797 Course
Patent Practice LAWCOMM785 Course
Patents and Allied Rights LAWCOMM760 Course
Patents and Related Rights LAWCOMM793 Course
Patents and Related Rights LAWCOMM462 Course
PhD Law LAW898 Course
Pollution and Waste Management Law LAWENVIR715 Course
Practice Therapeutic Jurisprud LAWGENRL774 Course
Privacy at Common Law LAWPUBL759 Course
Privacy Law LAWPUBL725 Course
Privacy Law LAWPUBL453 Course
Private International Law LAWCOMM770 Course
Problems in Legal Philosophy LAWHONS724B Course
Problems in Legal Philosophy LAWHONS724A Course
Professional Liability LAWCOMM761 Course
Psychiatry and the Law LAWGENRL425 Course
Public Authority Liability LAWHONS742A Course
Public Authority Liability LAWPUBL450 Course
Public Authority Liability LAWGENRL450 Course
Public Authority Liability LAWHONS742B Course
Public International Law LAWPUBL726 Course
Public Law LAW211A Course
Public Law LAW211B Course
Public Law in Commrcl Contexts LAWCOMM745 Course
Public Utilities LAWPUBL727 Course
Refugee and Immigration Law LAWHONS743A Course
Refugee and Immigration Law LAWHONS743B Course
Refugee Law LAWPUBL443 Course
Regulation of Healthcare LAWPUBL750 Course
Regulation of International Trade LAWCOMM762 Course
Remedies LAWGENRL437 Course
Remedies Law LAWCOMM742 Course
Resch Indis Rgts Thry,Law&Prac LAWPUBL442 Course
Research Essay in Taxation Law COMLAW789 Course
Research Essay in Taxation Law LAWCOMM789 Course
Research Portfolio 1 LAW794B Course
Research Portfolio 1 LAW793A Course
Research Portfolio 1 LAW794A Course
Research Portfolio 1 part-time LAW793 Course
Research Portfolio 1 part-time LAW793B Course
Research Portfolio 2 LAW798B Course
Research Portfolio 2 LAW792A Course
Research Portfolio 2 LAW792B Course
Research Portfolio 2 LAW798A Course
Resource Management Law LAWENVIR716 Course
Resource Management Law LAWENVIR401 Course
Resource Management Law LAWENVIR433 Course
Restitution LAWCOMM412 Course
Restitution LAWCOMM405 Course
Restitution in Commer Contexts LAWCOMM726 Course
Rights and Freedoms LAWPUBL428 Course
Roman Law LAWGENRL709 Course
Roman Law LAWGENRL426 Course
Secured Credit LAWCOMM456 Course
Secured Transactions LAWCOMM741 Course
Selected Aspects of Intellectual Property Law LAWCOMM449 Course
Selected Iss in Publ Intl Law LAWPUBL760 Course
Selected Issues in Propty Law LAWCOMM727 Course
Selected Topics in Commercial Property LAWCOMM775 Course
Selected Topics in Comparative Law LAWHONS727B Course
Selected Topics in Comparative Law LAWHONS727A Course
Selected Topics in Health Care LAWGENRL448 Course
Selected Topics in Media Law LAWGENRL449 Course
Selected Topics in Taxation LAWCOMM744 Course
Social and Economic Regulation LAWPUBL728 Course
South Pacific Legal Studies LAWGENRL428 Course
SP: Foundations of Tax Law LAWCOMM700 Course
Special Topic LAWPUBL464 Course
Special Topic LAWCOMM731 Course
Special Topic LAWGENRL717 Course
Special Topic LAWENVIR432 Course
Special Topic LAWPUBL779 Course
Special Topic LAWGENRL460 Course
Special Topic LAWCOMM777 Course
Special Topic LAWCOMM459 Course
Special Topic LAWGENRL461 Course
Special Topic LAWPUBL469 Course
Special Topic LAWCOMM466 Course
Special Topic LAWCOMM467 Course
Special Topic LAWHONS748B Course
Special Topic LAWHONS749B Course
Special Topic LAWHONS748A Course
Special Topic LAWPUBL471 Course
Special Topic LAWCOMM460 Course
Special Topic LAWCOMM408 Course
Special Topic LAWENVIR773 Course
Special Topic LAWENVIR778 Course
Special Topic LAWENVIR775 Course
Special Topic LAWCOMM409 Course
Special Topic LAWENVIR772 Course
Special Topic LAWENVIR425 Course
Special Topic LAWENVIR424 Course
Special Topic LAWENVIR403 Course
Special Topic LAWENVIR402 Course
Special Topic LAWENVIR776 Course
Special Topic LAWCOMM777A Course
Special Topic LAWGENRL731 Course
Special Topic LAWGENRL729 Course
Special Topic LAWGENRL730 Course
Special Topic LAWGENRL728 Course
Special Topic LAWCOMM777B Course
Special Topic LAWGENRL732 Course
Special Topic LAWENVIR777 Course
Special Topic LAWENVIR730 Course
Special Topic LAWENVIR779 Course
Special Topic LAWENVIR426 Course
Special Topic LAWENVIR427 Course
Special Topic LAWENVIR738 Course
Special Topic LAWGENRL404 Course
Special Topic LAWGENRL403 Course
Special Topic LAWENVIR774 Course
Special Topic LAWENVIR742 Course
Special Topic LAWENVIR741 Course
Special Topic LAWENVIR739 Course
Special Topic LAWPUBL404 Course
Special Topic LAWGENRL726 Course
Special Topic COMLAW758 Course
Special Topic LAWENVIR727 Course
Special Topic LAWENVIR726 Course
Special Topic LAWENVIR720 Course
Special Topic LAWENVIR431 Course
Special Topic LAWHONS749A Course
Special Topic LAWENVIR728 Course
Special Topic in Taxation Law COMLAW755 Course
Special Topic in Taxation Law COMLAW757 Course
Special Topic in Taxation Law COMLAW754 Course
Special Topic in Taxation Law COMLAW755A Course
Special Topic in Taxation Law COMLAW755B Course
Special Topic: Advanced Employment Law LAWPUBL407 Course
Special Topic: International Law LAWPUBL410 Course
Special Topic: International Organisations LAWPUBL408 Course
Special Topic: Privacy Law LAWHONS744B Course
Special Topic: Privacy Law LAWHONS744A Course
Special Topic: Privacy Law LAWHONS744 Course
Special Topic:Transfer Pricing LAWCOMM767 Course
Sports Law LAWCOMM763 Course
ST: Advanced Torts LAWCOMM748 Course
ST: AI: Law & Policy LAWCOMM735 Course
ST: Comparative Company Law LAWCOMM736 Course
ST: Comparative Corporate Gov LAWCOMM733 Course
ST: Comparative Envir Law LAWENVIR729 Course
ST: Comparative Health Law and Policy LAWPUBL746 Course
ST: Comparative Human Rights L LAWPUBL754 Course
ST: Comparative Water & NatRes LAWENVIR735 Course
ST: Comparative Water Law Pol LAWENVIR736 Course
ST: Complex Litigation LAWGENRL457 Course
ST: Conflict of Laws LAWCOMM747 Course
ST: Corporate Governance LAWCOMM740 Course
ST: Economic Regulation: Princ LAWCOMM769 Course
ST: Employment Law: Personal G LAWGENRL718 Course
ST: Environmental Hazards: Leg LAWENVIR740 Course
ST: European Union Environment LAWENVIR718 Course
ST: Food Law LAWENVIR719 Course
ST: Global Environmental Law LAWENVIR737 Course
ST: Health Law LAWGENRL727 Course
ST: Human Rights and Tech LAWPUBL744 Course
ST: Intl Peace and Security LAWPUBL741 Course
ST: Iwi Governance LAWGENRL719 Course
ST: Law and Social Justice LAWPUBL405 Course
ST: Law of Not-for-Profits LAWGENRL715 Course
ST: Litigating Human Rights LAWPUBL751 Course
ST: Local Government Law LAWPUBL740 Course
ST: Mergers and Acquisitions LAWCOMM739 Course
ST: Miscarriage of Justice LAWGENRL724 Course
ST: Ocean Governance Law LAWENVIR721 Course
ST: OECD and Tax LAWCOMM788 Course
ST: Patients' Rights LAWPUBL747 Course
ST: Privacy Law LAWGENRL453 Course
ST: Regulation of International Trade LAWCOMM730 Course
ST: Restorative Justice LAWGENRL714 Course
ST: Secured Transactions: Prac LAWGENRL716 Course
ST: Securities Regulation LAWCOMM732 Course
ST: Select Issu in Enviro and LAWENVIR732 Course
ST: Selected Issues in Family LAWGENRL713 Course
ST: Social Welfare Law, Policy LAWPUBL470 Course
ST: Social Welfare Law, Policy LAWPUBL470A Course
ST: Social Welfare Law, Policy LAWPUBL470B Course
ST: Twenty-first Century Trade LAWCOMM738 Course
ST: Uncensored Histy of Inter LAWPUBL758 Course
ST:Advanced International Law LAWPUBL403 Course
ST:Aspects of Iwi Corp Governa LAWCOMM446 Course
ST:Comparative Criminology LAWPUBL755 Course
ST:Constitution&CustominSthPac LAWPUBL745 Course
ST:Contemp Issues in Intl Law LAWPUBL752 Course
ST:Corruption: Comparative and LAWGENRL711 Course
ST:Economic Analysis of theLaw LAWCOMM768 Course
ST:Future Directions of theWTO LAWCOMM737 Course
ST:Human Rights in their Comme LAWGENRL725 Course
ST:IndigenousPersons:Law&Polic LAWPUBL749 Course
ST:International Fisheries Law LAWENVIR733 Course
ST:International Law in Aotear LAWPUBL465 Course
ST:International Litigation LAWCOMM749 Course
ST:International Organisations LAWPUBL757 Course
ST:Law & Governance for Sustai LAWENVIR734 Course
ST:Law of Evidence&Crim Proced LAWGENRL723 Course
ST:Life&Liberty in CompConstLa LAWPUBL748 Course
ST:Mātauranga Māori & Taonga LAWPUBL468 Course
ST:Race and the Law LAWGENRL459 Course
ST:Regulation of Int Trade LAWCOMM779 Course
ST:Selected Topics in Tort Law LAWCOMM778 Course
Statute Law LAWPUBL433 Course
Statutory Interprt:Thry & Prac LAWPUBL447 Course
Std in Compy Law & Contrac Law LAWHONS738B Course
Std in Compy Law & Contrac Law LAWHONS738A Course
Studies in Contract Law LAWHONS733B Course
Studies in Contract Law LAWHONS733A Course
Studies in Public Law LAWHONS728B Course
Studies in Public Law LAWHONS728A Course
Studies in Real Property Law LAWHONS725A Course
Studies in Real Property Law LAWHONS725B Course
Studies in Torts LAWHONS729A Course
Studies in Torts LAWHONS729B Course
Supervised Research LAW456 Course
Takeovers LAWCOMM445 Course
Tax Administration COMLAW753 Course
Tax Administration and Dispute LAWCOMM786 Course
Tax Avoidance COMLAW749 Course
Tax Disputes COMLAW748 Course
Tax Law LAWCOMM403 Course
Tax Policy COMLAW750 Course
Taxation of Corporate Finance COMLAW752 Course
Taxation of Corporates COMLAW746 Course
Taxation of Property Transacti LAWCOMM784 Course
Taxation of Property Transactions COMLAW751 Course
Taxation of Trusts and Non-cor LAWCOMM787 Course
Taxation of Trusts and Non-corporate Entities COMLAW756 Course
The Geopolitics of International Law LAWPUBL439 Course
The Hist of the Law of Obligat LAWGENRL445 Course
The International Legal System LAWPUBL700 Course
The Law of Disarmament LAWPUBL455 Course
The Law Relating to Damages LAWHONS730B Course
The Law Relating to Damages LAWHONS730A Course
The Legal Regulation of Business Activity LAWHONS731A Course
The Legal Regulation of Business Activity LAWHONS731B Course
The Legal System: Sources, Str LAW701 Course
The Politics of Intellectual Property LAWPUBL440 Course
The Tax Base COMLAW740B Course
The Tax Base COMLAW740A Course
Theor & Hist Crim Law Policy LAWPUBL770 Course
Theor Iss in Therap Jurisprud LAWGENRL773 Course
Theories of Contract Law LAWCOMM455 Course
Theories of Contract Law LAWCOMM465 Course
Theories of Obligations LAWCOMM728 Course
Theories of Private Law LAWGENRL435 Course
Therapeutic Jurisprudence LAWGENRL712 Course
Thertical Fndation of Prite Lw LAWHONS739B Course
Thertical Fndation of Prite Lw LAWHONS739A Course
Thesis 1 LAW796B Course
Thesis 1 LAW796A Course
Thesis 1 part-time LAW795A Course
Thesis 1 part-time LAW795B Course
Thesis 1 part-time LAW795 Course
Thesis 2 LAW797B Course
Thesis 2 LAW797A Course
Thesis in Taxation Law LAWCOMM794B Course
Thesis in Taxation Law LAWCOMM794A Course
Thesis in Taxation Law COMLAW794A Course
Thesis in Taxation Law COMLAW794B Course
Thesis part-time COMLAW799B Course
Thesis part-time COMLAW799A Course
Thesis part-time COMLAW795B Course
Thesis part-time COMLAW799 Course
Thesis part-time COMLAW795A Course
Thesis part-time COMLAW795 Course
Topics in International Law LAWHONS736B Course
Topics in International Law LAWHONS736A Course
Trade Mark Law LAWCOMM454 Course
Trade Mark Practice LAWCOMM782 Course
Trade Marks and Related Rights LAWCOMM796 Course
Trade Marks and Related Rights LAWCOMM463 Course
Trade Secrets and Valuable Information LAWCOMM764 Course
Trademarks and Unfair Competition LAWCOMM766 Course
Transnational Civil and Commercial Litigation LAWCOMM729 Course
Transport and Shipping Law LAWCOMM765 Course
Trial Advocacy LAWGENRL434 Course
United Nations Law and Problems of World Order LAWHONS732B Course
United Nations Law and Problems of World Order LAWHONS732A Course
Vendor and Purchaser LAWCOMM427 Course
Water Law LAWENVIR724 Course
Water Law LAWENVIR717 Course
Welfare Law LAWPUBL729 Course
Women and the Law LAWGENRL422 Course
Youth Justice LAWGENRL440 Course
Youth Justice LAWGENRL454 Course
“Justice” in Sentencing LAWGENRL456 Course

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