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Accelerated Mathematics MATHS153 Course
Adv Modelling & Computation MATHS363 Course
Adv Partial Differential Equa MATHS763 Course
Adv Research in Mathematics Ed MATHS797B Course
Adv Research in Mathematics Ed MATHS797A Course
Advanced Numerical Analysis MATHS770 Course
Advancing in Mathematics MATHS199 Course
Advancing Mathematics 1 MATHS150 Course
Algebra MATHS120 Course
Algebra and Applications MATHS328 Course
Algebra and Calculus 2 MATHS250 Course
Algebra and Calculus 3 MATHS253 Course
Algebraic Geometry MATHS734 Course
Algebraic Geometry MATHS334 Course
Algebraic Structures MATHS320 Course
Analysis in Higher Dimensions MATHS333 Course
Analysis on Manifolds&Dif Geom MATHS735 Course
Calculus MATHS130 Course
Capstone: Mathematics MATHS399 Course
Chaos, Fractals and Bifurcation MATHS745 Course
Combinatorics MATHS326 Course
Complex Analysis MATHS341 Course
Complex Analysis MATHS740 Course
Computational Mathematics MATHS162 Course
Contemporary Issues in Math Ed MATHS705 Course
Differential Equations MATHS260 Course
Directed Study MATHS386A Course
Directed Study MATHS386B Course
Directed Study MATHS386 Course
Directed Study MATHS387 Course
Directed Study MATHS382B Course
Directed Study MATHS381 Course
Directed Study MATHS382 Course
Directed Study MATHS382A Course
Directed Study in Maths Ed MATHS711B Course
Directed Study in Maths Ed MATHS710 Course
Directed Study in Maths Ed MATHS711 Course
Directed Study in Maths Ed MATHS711A Course
Dissertation in Math Edu MATHS785B Course
Dissertation in Math Edu MATHS785A Course
Dissertation in Mathematics Ed MATHS785 Course
Dissertation in Statistics Edu MATHS792B Course
Dissertation in Statistics Edu MATHS792A Course
Dynamical Systems MATHS761 Course
Foundation Mathematics 1 MATHS91F Course
Foundation Mathematics 1 TFCMATHS91F Course
Foundation Mathematics 2 MATHS92F Course
Foundation Mathematics 2 TFCMATHS92F Course
Foundation Mathematics 3 MATHS93F Course
Foundation Mathematics 3 TFCMATHS93F Course
Foundation Mathematics 4 TFCMATHS94F Course
Foundation Mathematics 4 MATHS94F Course
Functional Analysis MATHS731 Course
Functioning in Mathematics MATHS102 Course
Fundamtl Concepts of Maths MATHS254 Course
General Mathematics 1 MATHS108 Course
General Mathematics 2 MATHS208 Course
Geometry and Topology MATHS353 Course
Graph Theory and Combinatorics MATHS715 Course
Great Ideas Shaping our World MATHS190G Course
Great Ideas Shaping our World MATHS190 Course
Group Theory MATHS720 Course
History of Mathematics MATHS310 Course
Honours Dissertation in Mathem MATHS776X Course
Honours Dissertation in Mathematics or Applied Mat MATHS791 Course
Honours Research Project MATHS776A Course
Honours Research Project MATHS776B Course
Honours Research Project MATHS776U Course
Honours Research Project MATHS776 Course
Intro Research Maths Educ MATHS701 Course
Inverse Problems MATHS766 Course
Learning Maths through Teachin MATHS202 Course
Lie Groups and Lie Algebras MATHS725 Course
Logic and Set Theory MATHS713 Course
Masters Thesis MATHS796X Course
Masters Thesis MATHS796Y Course
Masters Thesis Mathematics MATHS796A Course
Masters Thesis Mathematics MATHS796B Course
Mathematical Biology MATHS764 Course
Mathematical Logic MATHS315 Course
Mathematical Modelling MATHS765 Course
Mathematics for Arts TFCMATHS89F Course
Mathematics in Society MATHS101G Course
Mathematics in Society MATHS101 Course
Mathematics of Money MATHS269 Course
Maths for Natural Sciences MATHS110 Course
Maths Processes in Curriculum MATHS702 Course
Measure Theory and Integration MATHS730 Course
Methods in Applied Maths MATHS362 Course
MSc Thesis in Applied Maths MATHS795Y Course
MSc Thesis in Applied Maths MATHS795X Course
MSc Thesis in Applied Maths MATHS795A Course
MSc Thesis in Applied Maths MATHS795B Course
Nonlinear Partial Differential MATHS762 Course
Number Theory MATHS714 Course
Numerical Computation MATHS270 Course
Partial Differential Equations MATHS361 Course
Perspectives in Maths Educatio MATHS302 Course
PhD Mathematics MATHS898 Course
PhD Thesis in Maths Education MATHSED898 Course
Preparatory Mathematics 1 MATHS91P Course
Preparatory Mathematics 3 MATHS93P Course
Principles of Mathematics MATHS255 Course
Project in Mathematics 1 MATHS777 Course
Project in Mathematics 2 MATHS793 Course
Project in Mathematics 3 MATHS794 Course
Real Analysis MATHS332 Course
Real and Complex Calculus MATHS340 Course
Reps & Struct of Algebras Grp MATHS721 Course
Research in Mathematics Ed MATHS792 Course
Research Portfolio in Maths MATHS798A Course
Research Portfolio in Maths MATHS798X Course
Research Portfolio in Maths MATHS798B Course
Research Portfolio in Maths Ed MATHS790A Course
Research Portfolio in Maths Ed MATHS790Y Course
Research Portfolio in Maths Ed MATHS790B Course
Special Topic MATHS784 Course
Special Topic MATHS388 Course
Special Topic MATHS389 Course
Special Topic MATHS707 Course
Special Topic MATHS781 Course
Special Topic MATHS384 Course
Special Topic MATHS383 Course
Special Topic MATHS709 Course
Special Topic MATHS308 Course
Special Topic MATHS307 Course
Special Topic MATHS789 Course
Special Topic MATHS782 Course
Special Topic MATHS783 Course
Special Topic MATHS787 Course
Special Topic MATHS786 Course
Special Topic MATHS788 Course
Special Topic MATHS708 Course
Special Topic MATHS200 Course
Stoch Differential Diff Equati MATHS769 Course
Teaching & Learning in Algebra MATHS712 Course
Technology and Maths Education MATHS706 Course
Thesis part-time MATHS799 Course
Thesis part-time MATHS799A Course
Thesis part-time MATHS799B Course
Topology MATHS750 Course
Topology MATHS350 Course
What Can Be More Practical Tha MATHS703 Course

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