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Acoustics for Engineers MECHENG726 Course
Adv Multivariable Control Syst MECHENG720 Course
Advanced Biomechatronic System MECHENG730 Course
Advanced CAD/CAM/CNC MECHENG751 Course
Advanced Engineering Vibration MECHENG719 Course
Advanced Industrial Automation MECHENG710 Course
Advanced Mats Manufacturing MECHENG742 Course
Advanced Mechanics of Materials MECHENG741 Course
Advanced MEMS and Microsystems MECHENG728 Course
Advanced Polymer Processing POLYMER704 Course
Advanced Thermal Systems MECHENG717 Course
Aerodynamics and Hydrodynamics MECHENG771 Course
Aerohydrodynamics MECHENG712 Course
Aerospace Structures&Mechanism AEROSPCE740 Course
Aerospace Systems Design AEROSPCE730 Course
Biomechatronic Systems MECHENG736 Course
Building Services MECHENG715 Course
Composite Materials MECHENG743 Course
Computational Fluid Dynamics MECHENG711 Course
Control Systems MECHENG322 Course
Design and Manufacture 1 MECHENG235 Course
Design and Manufacture 2 MECHENG236 Course
Design of Real-Time Software MECHENG313 Course
Digital Circuit Design MECHENG371 Course
Directed Study MECHENG702 Course
Directed Study MECHENG701 Course
Dissertation in MedicalDevices ENGGEN791V Course
Dynamics MECHENG222 Course
Dynamics of Fluids and Structu MECHENG325 Course
Electronics and Signal Process MECHENG370 Course
Energy Technology MECHENG713 Course
Engineering Design 3M MECHENG334 Course
Engineering Design 4M MECHENG731 Course
Engineering Vibrations MECHENG722 Course
Industrial Automation MECHENG709 Course
Internal Combustion Engines MECHENG716 Course
Introduction to Mechatronics MECHENG201 Course
Machine Learning and Fuzzy Systems MECHENG729 Course
Manufacturing and Industrial MECHENG747 Course
Manufacturing Info Systems MECHENG753 Course
Manufacturing Systems MECHENG352 Course
Masters Thesis MECHENG796X Course
Masters Thesis MECHENG796Y Course
Materials and Yacht Structures MECHENG772 Course
ME Thesis (Mechanical) MECHENG796A Course
ME Thesis (Mechanical) MECHENG796B Course
ME Thesis (Mechatronics) MECHTRON796B Course
ME Thesis (Mechatronics) MECHTRON796A Course
ME Thesis Part time MECHTRON796X Course
ME Thesis part-time MECHTRON799A Course
ME Thesis part-time MECHTRON799 Course
ME Thesis part-time MECHTRON799B Course
Mechanics of Materials 1 MECHENG242 Course
Mechanics of Materials 2 MECHENG340 Course
Mechatronics Design MECHENG706 Course
Mechatronics Research Project MECHENG762B Course
Mechatronics Research Project MECHENG762A Course
Mechatronics Systems MECHENG705 Course
MEMS and Microsystems MECHENG735 Course
Multivariable Control Systems MECHENG724 Course
PhD Mechanical Eng MECHENG898 Course
PhD Mechatronics Eng MECHTRON898 Course
Polymer Materials Engineering POLYMER700 Course
Polymer Process & Prdct Dsgn POLYMER705 Course
Polymer Testing and Character POLYMER706 Course
Project X MECHENG787 Course
Project Y MECHENG788X Course
Project Y MECHENG788B Course
Project Y MECHENG788U Course
Project Y MECHENG788A Course
Project Z MECHENG789 Course
Project Z MECHENG789U Course
Project Z MECHENG789Y Course
Project Z MECHENG789X Course
Research Project MECHENG700B Course
Research Project MECHENG763B Course
Research Project MECHENG700A Course
Research Project MECHENG763A Course
Research Project (Mechanical) MECHENG795 Course
Research Project (Mechanical) MECHENG795X Course
Research Project (Mechanical) MECHENG795V Course
Research Project (Mechanical) MECHENG795B Course
Research Project (Mechanical) MECHENG795A Course
Research Project Aerospace Eng AEROSPCE791 Course
Research Project Aerospace Eng AEROSPCE791A Course
Research Project Aerospace Eng AEROSPCE791B Course
Sensors and Actuators MECHENG312 Course
Small Craft Design and Manufacturing MECHENG773 Course
Small Craft Naval Architecture MECHENG774 Course
Software Design MECHENG270 Course
Space Dynamics and Missions AEROSPCE720 Course
Special Topic MECHENG708 Course
Special Topic MECHENG707 Course
Special Topic in Engineering Management 1 MECHENG758 Course
Special Topic in Engineering Management 2 MECHENG759 Course
Special Topic in Technology Management 1 MECHENG760 Course
Special Topic in Technology Management 2 MECHENG761A Course
Special Topic in Technology Management 2 MECHENG761B Course
Special Topic in Technology Management 2 MECHENG761 Course
System Dynamics Modelling, Simulation and Animatio MECHENG224 Course
Technological Choices for the Future ENGGEN100G Course
Technology Management MECHENG752 Course
Thermal Engineering MECHENG311 Course
Thermofluids MECHENG211 Course
Thesis (Aerospace Engineering) AEROSPCE792A Course
Thesis (Aerospace Engineering) AEROSPCE792B Course
Thesis (Aerospace Engineering) AEROSPCE793A Course
Thesis (Aerospace Engineering) AEROSPCE793B Course
Thesis part-time MECHENG799B Course
Thesis part-time MECHENG799A Course
Thesis part-time MECHENG799 Course
Wind Engineering MECHENG714 Course
Yacht Engineering Project MECHENG776B Course
Yacht Engineering Project MECHENG775 Course
Yacht Engineering Project MECHENG776A Course
Yacht Engineering Project MECHENG775B Course
Yacht Engineering Project MECHENG775A Course
Yacht Engineering Research Portfolio MECHENG793A Course
Yacht Engineering Research Portfolio MECHENG793B Course

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