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Acute Chest Image Interpretati MEDIMAGE718 Course
Advanced Biomedical Imaging MEDSCI703 Course
Advanced Cancer Biology MEDSCI714 Course
Advanced Drug Disposition and MEDSCI716 Course
Advanced Immunology MEDSCI708 Course
Advanced Integrative Physiolog MEDSCI734 Course
Advanced Methods in Cell Physi MEDSCI733 Course
Advanced Neuroscience MEDSCI727 Course
Advanced Neuroscience MEDSCI717 Course
Advanced Radiographic Imaging MEDIMAGE304 Course
Advanced Sensory Neuroscience MEDSCI739 Course
Advanced Toxicology MEDSCI721 Course
Analytical Anatomy & Visualist MEDSCI300 Course
Anatomy for Medical Imaging MEDSCI742 Course
Antimicrobials and Resistance MEDSCI707 Course
Biological Clocks MEDSCI738 Course
Biology for Biomedical Science MEDSCI142 Course
Biomedical MRI MEDSCI737 Course
Biomedical Research Techniques MEDSCI720 Course
Biophysics of Nerve and Muscle MEDSCI309 Course
BSc(Hons) Dissertation PHARMCOL788B Course
BSc(Hons) Dissertation PHYSIOL788 Course
BSc(Hons) Dissertation PHYSIOL788B Course
BSc(Hons) Dissertation PHYSIOL788A Course
BSc(Hons) Dissertation PHARMCOL788A Course
BSc(Hons) Dissertation PHARMCOL788X Course
BSc(Hons) Dissertation PHYSIOL788X Course
BSc(Hons) Dissertation PHARMCOL788 Course
Cancer Biology MEDSCI302 Course
Cancer Pharmacology MEDSCI723 Course
Capstone: Integrated Pharmacol PHARMCOL399 Course
Capstone: Physiology PHYSIOL399 Course
Cardiovascular Biology MEDSCI311 Course
Clinical Nutrition DIETETIC703 Course
Clinical Nutrition MEDSCI711 Course
Clinical Pharmacology MEDSCI722 Course
Concepts in Pharmacology MEDSCI735 Course
CT Clinical Applications CLINIMAG717 Course
CT Clinical Practice CLINIMAG707 Course
CT Imaging Technology MEDIMAGE710 Course
Design Analysis Biomed Rsrch MEDSCI743 Course
Dissertation PHARMCOL787X Course
Dissertation PHYSIOL787X Course
Dissertation PHYSIOL787A Course
Dissertation PHYSIOL787B Course
Dissertation MEDSCI790B Course
Dissertation MEDSCI790V Course
Dissertation MEDSCI790X Course
Dissertation MEDSCI790Y Course
Dissertation MEDSCI790 Course
Dissertation PHARMCOL787 Course
Dissertation MEDSCI790A Course
Dissertation PHARMCOL787A Course
Dissertation PHYSIOL787 Course
Dissertation PHARMCOL787B Course
Doctor of Medicine Thesis MEDSCI896 Course
Drug Development MEDSCI745 Course
Drug Discovery Biology MEDSCI700 Course
Drug Disposition and Kinetics MEDSCI303 Course
English Language Competency MEDIMAGE199 Course
Environmental Threats to Human Health MEDSCI101G Course
Envrnmtl Threats to Human Hlth MEDSCI101 Course
Eval of Nutritional Therapies MEDSCI712 Course
Experimental Design MEDSCI725 Course
Extended Mammographic Practice CLINIMAG722 Course
Fundamentals of Clinical MRI MEDIMAGE714 Course
Fundamentals of Medical Imagin MEDIMAGE201 Course
Fundmnt of Clinical Ultrasound MEDIMAGE716 Course
Fundmtls of Clinical Nuc Med MEDIMAGE720 Course
Genomic Medicine MEDSCI706 Course
Human Mind and Body Relationships MEDSCI100G Course
Human Mind and Body Relatnshps MEDSCI100 Course
Human Structure and Function MEDSCI201 Course
Imaging Anatomy and Pathology MEDIMAGE701 Course
Immunology MEDSCI314 Course
Infection, Immunity, Disease MEDSCI705 Course
Integrative Neuroscience: MEDSCI317 Course
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technology I MEDIMAGE703 Course
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technology II MEDIMAGE704 Course
Mammographic Clinical Practice CLINIMAG708 Course
Mammographic Practice CLINIMAG721 Course
Mammographic Technology MEDIMAGE707 Course
Masters Thesis PHYSIOL796X Course
Masters Thesis PHARMCOL796Y Course
Masters Thesis MEDSCI796Y Course
Masters Thesis PHYSIOL796Y Course
Masters Thesis MEDSCI796X Course
Masters Thesis PHARMCOL796X Course
Mechanisms of Disease MEDSCI203 Course
Medical Imaging Biomedical Sc MEDIMAGE300 Course
Medical Imaging Science MEDIMAGE202 Course
Medical Imaging Technology MEDSCI741 Course
Microbiology and Immunology MEDSCI202 Course
Molecular Aspects MEDSCI732 Course
Molecular Basis of Disease MEDSCI301 Course
Molecular Pharmacology MEDSCI304 Course
Molecular Pharmacology MEDSCI319 Course
Molecular Toxicology MEDSCI715 Course
MPhil in Pharmacology PHARMCOL850 Course
MPhil Thesis (Pathology) PATHOL850 Course
MPhil Thesis (Pathology) PATHOL850B Course
MPhil Thesis (Pathology) PATHOL850A Course
MRI Clinical Applications CLINIMAG710 Course
MRI Clinical Practice CLINIMAG712 Course
MRI Clinical Practice I CLINIMAG701 Course
MRI Clinical Practice II CLINIMAG702 Course
MRI Safety MEDIMAGE721 Course
MRI Specialised Clinical Appl CLINIMAG711 Course
MRI Technology MEDIMAGE715 Course
MSc Thesis Biomed part time BIOMED799B Course
MSc Thesis Biomed part time BIOMED799A Course
MSc Thesis in Pharmacology PHARMCOL796A Course
MSc Thesis in Pharmacology PHARMCOL796B Course
MSc Thesis in Physiology PHYSIOL796A Course
MSc Thesis in Physiology PHYSIOL796B Course
Musculoskeletal Pathology Imag MEDIMAGE712 Course
Musculoskeletal Trauma Image E MEDIMAGE711 Course
Neuroendocrinology of Growth MEDSCI312 Course
Neuropharmacology MEDSCI307 Course
Nuclear Med Clinical Apps CLINIMAG705 Course
Nuclear Med Special Clin Apps CLINIMAG706 Course
Nuclear Medicine Clinical Prac CLINIMAG716 Course
Nuclear Medicine Technology MEDIMAGE708 Course
Nuclear Medicine Technology II MEDIMAGE709 Course
Nutrition in Health & Disease MEDSCI709 Course
Nutrition Mechanisms MEDSCI710 Course
Nutrtn, Diet & Gene Interacns MEDSCI315 Course
Paediatric Image Evaluation MEDIMAGE719 Course
Perinatal Physiology MEDSCI729 Course
Pharmacokinetics & Drug Toxict MEDSCI318 Course
Pharmacology and Toxicology MEDSCI204 Course
Pharmacology of Anaesthetics MEDSCI718 Course
Pharmacology of Brain & Body MEDSCI320 Course
Pharmacometrics MEDSCI719 Course
PhD Anatomy ANATOMY898 Course
PhD Biomedical Science BIOMED898 Course
PhD Medical Imaging MEDIMAGE898 Course
PhD Molecular Medicine MOLMED898 Course
PhD Pathology PATHOL898 Course
PhD Pharmacology PHARMCOL898 Course
PhD Physiology PHYSIOL898 Course
Physiology and Pharmacology fo MEDIMAGE303 Course
Principles of Cancer Therapy MEDSCI713 Course
Principles of Clinc Ultrasound CLINIMAG709 Course
Principles of Neuroscience MEDSCI206 Course
Principles of Toxicology MEDSCI306 Course
Prof Prac in Medical Imaging MEDIMAGE305 Course
Professional Issues in MedImag MEDIMAGE702 Course
Professional Skills 1 DIETETIC701A Course
Professional Skills 1 DIETETIC701B Course
Professional Skills 1 DIETETIC707 Course
Professional Skills 1 DIETETIC704 Course
Professional Skills 2 DIETETIC702A Course
Professional Skills 2 DIETETIC705 Course
Professional Skills 2 DIETETIC708 Course
Professional Skills 2 DIETETIC702B Course
Professional Skills 3 DIETETIC706B Course
Professional Skills 3 DIETETIC706A Course
Professional Skills 3 DIETETIC709B Course
Professional Skills 3 DIETETIC709A Course
Project Design Biomed Science MEDSCI744 Course
Radiographic Clinical Prac I CLINIMAG201 Course
Radiographic Clinical Prac II CLINIMAG301 Course
Radiographic Clinical Prac III CLINIMAG302 Course
Radiographic Clinical Prac IV CLINIMAG402A Course
Radiographic Clinical Prac IV CLINIMAG402B Course
Radiographic Clinical Prac IV CLINIMAG402 Course
Radiographic Clinical Practice IV CLINIMAG401 Course
Radiographic Clinical Practice IV CLINIMAG401A Course
Radiographic Clinical Practice IV CLINIMAG401B Course
Radiographic Imaging I MEDIMAGE203 Course
Radiographic Imaging II MEDIMAGE301 Course
Reproductive Biology MEDSCI313 Course
Research Methods MEDIMAGE723 Course
Research Methods MEDIMAGE307 Course
Research Portfolio MEDSCI793X Course
Research Portfolio MEDSCI797A Course
Research Portfolio MEDSCI797B Course
Research Portfolio MEDSCI793B Course
Research Portfolio MEDSCI797Y Course
Research Portfolio MEDSCI797X Course
Research Portfolio MEDSCI793A Course
Research Portfolio MEDSCI793Y Course
Research Portfolio Part-time MEDSCI791B Course
Research Portfolio Part-time MEDSCI791 Course
Research Portfolio Part-time MEDSCI791A Course
Research Portfolio Part-time MEDSCI798A Course
Research Portfolio Part-time MEDSCI798B Course
Research Portfolio Part-time MEDSCI798 Course
Research Project MEDIMAGE740B Course
Research Project MEDIMAGE740 Course
Research Project MEDIMAGE740A Course
Sectional Imaging Anatomy and MEDIMAGE302 Course
Sensory Neuroscience: MEDSCI316 Course
Special Studies MEDIMAGE713 Course
Special Topic MEDSCI747 Course
Special Topic MEDSCI746 Course
Special Topic CLINIMAG718 Course
Special Topic MEDSCI748 Course
Special Topic MEDIMAGE722 Course
Specialised Medical Imaging MEDIMAGE306 Course
SS in Medical Science MEDSCI701 Course
ST: Concepts in Pharmacology MEDSCI321 Course
ST:Digital Skills&Scholarship MEDSCI736 Course
Stem Cell Biol & Transgenesis MEDSCI740 Course
Stem Cells and Development MEDSCI704 Course
Systems Pharmacology MEDSCI305 Course
The Physiology of Human Organ MEDSCI205 Course
Thesis MEDSCI784B Course
Thesis MEDSCI784A Course
Thesis MEDSCI785X Course
Thesis DIETETIC793Y Course
Thesis DIETETIC793X Course
Thesis MEDSCI785B Course
Thesis MEDSCI787B Course
Thesis MEDSCI796B Course
Thesis MEDSCI794B Course
Thesis DIETETIC793A Course
Thesis DIETETIC793B Course
Thesis MEDSCI786A Course
Thesis MEDSCI786B Course
Thesis MEDSCI785A Course
Thesis MEDSCI794A Course
Thesis MEDSCI896B Course
Thesis MEDSCI787A Course
Thesis MEDSCI794X Course
Thesis MEDSCI896A Course
Thesis MEDSCI796A Course
Thesis part-time PHYSIOL799B Course
Thesis part-time MEDSCI799B Course
Thesis part-time PHYSIOL799A Course
Thesis part-time PHARMCOL799B Course
Thesis part-time PHARMCOL799 Course
Thesis part-time MEDSCI799 Course
Thesis part-time MEDSCI799A Course
Thesis part-time PHYSIOL799 Course
Thesis part-time PHARMCOL799A Course
Ultrasound Abdominal Clin Apps CLINIMAG719 Course
Ultrasound Clinical Applicatns CLINIMAG714 Course
Ultrasound Clinical Practice CLINIMAG715 Course
Ultrasound Clinical Practice I CLINIMAG703 Course
Ultrasound Clinical Practice II CLINIMAG704 Course
Ultrasound Imaging Technology MEDIMAGE717 Course
Ultrasound Imaging Technology I MEDIMAGE705 Course
Ultrasound Imaging Technology II MEDIMAGE706 Course
Ultrasound in Women’s Health CLINIMAG713 Course
Ultrasound Special Clin Apps CLINIMAG720 Course

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