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Accounting for Decision Making BUSINESS114 Course
Advanced Employment Relations MGMT714 Course
Advanced Entrepreneurship INNOVENT308 Course
Advanced Entrepreneurship INTBUS705 Course
Advanced Human Resource Management Practice MGMT712 Course
Advanced International Business INTBUS701 Course
Advanced Professional Development MGMT723 Course
Advanced Qualtive Resrh Methd BUSINESS712 Course
Advanced Quantiv Resrch Mthds BUSINESS711 Course
Advanced Strategy INTBUS703 Course
Applied Research Project INTBUS773X Course
Applied Research Project INTBUS773Y Course
Applied Research Project INTBUS780 Course
BBIM Capstone Project BUSINESS390 Course
Business across Borders INTBUS151G Course
Business across Borders INTBUS151 Course
Business Analysis for Commerci COMENT708A Course
Business Analysis for Commerci COMENT708B Course
Business and Enterprise 1 BUSINESS101 Course
Business and Enterprise 2 BUSINESS102 Course
Business and Enterprise 3 BUSINESS103 Course
Business Consulting BUSINESS202 Course
Business Ethics MGMT733 Course
Business Simulation BUSINESS350 Course
Case Studies: Teaching and Research BUSINESS703 Course
Challenges of Globalisation GLMI704 Course
Commercial of Sci & Tech COMENT703 Course
Communication in a Multicultur BUSINESS151 Course
Communication in Multicult Soc BUSINESS151G Course
Communication Processes BUSINESS291 Course
Competing in Europe INTBUS728 Course
Competing in the Asia Pacific INTBUS727 Course
Competing Internationally GLMI701 Course
Contmp Thems in Glob Man, Inn GLMI750 Course
Creating Global Ventures GLMI709 Course
Critcl, Creatv and Stratg Thnk GLMI708 Course
Critical Issues in Organisatio MGMT314 Course
Dirctd Readgs in Glob Mang, In GLMI751 Course
Directed Readings INTBUS712 Course
Directed Readings MGMT743 Course
Directed Readings in Business BUSINESS706 Course
Directed Study INTBUS309 Course
Directed Study INNOVENT300 Course
Directed Study MGMT325 Course
Directed Study BUSINESS300 Course
Dissertation GLMI791 Course
Dissertation GLMI791X Course
Dissertation GLMI791B Course
Dissertation GLMI791A Course
Dissertation GLMI791V Course
Dissertation for BCom(Hons) INTBUS788 Course
Dissertation for BCom(Hons) MGMT788 Course
Dissertation for MIntBus INTBUS782 Course
Economics, Markets and Law BUSINESS115 Course
Ecosystms for Innovat and Ente INNOVENT307 Course
Elective Study COMENT707 Course
Entrepren for Sci & Tech Ventu COMENT704 Course
Entrepreneurship INNOVENT303 Course
Finance and Marketing in Entrepreneurial Ventures BUSINESS309 Course
Firms across Frontiers INTBUS300 Course
Foundation Business TFCBUS92FA Course
Foundation Business TFCBUS92F Course
Foundations of Internat Busine INTBUS201 Course
Foundations of Strategy INTBUS202 Course
Global and Regional Business INTBUS306 Course
Global Business Environment INTBUS723 Course
Global Business Operations INTBUS721 Course
Global Firm Strategic Management INTBUS724 Course
Global Strategy GLMI703 Course
Global Trade and Finance INTBUS725 Course
Globalisation INTBUS706 Course
Governance MGMT738 Course
Governing International Busine INTBUS305 Course
Industry Case BUSINESS351 Course
Innov and Knowledge Mangmnt GLMI710 Course
Innovation & Entrepreneurship INNOVENT306 Course
Innovation and Business Development MGMT721 Course
Innovation Management INNOVENT302 Course
Innovation through Design INNOVATE100G Course
Innovation through Design INNOVATE100 Course
Internat Mngmt & Strategy INTBUS307 Course
International Management INTBUS702 Course
International Management INTBUS722 Course
International Management GLMI702 Course
International Relations INTBUS726 Course
Internship INTBUS781 Course
Internship and Report BUSINESS308 Course
Internship and Report BUSINESS352 Course
Leadership MGMT724 Course
Management in Dynamic Contexts MGMT300 Course
Managing Innovative Processes COMENT706 Course
Managing People MGMT304 Course
Managing Sustainable Growth 1 BUSINESS112 Course
Managing Sustainable Growth 2 BUSINESS113 Course
Masters Thesis INTBUS796Y Course
Masters Thesis MGMT796X Course
Masters Thesis INTBUS796X Course
Masters Thesis MGMT796Y Course
MPhil Thesis Management MGMT850 Course
Māori Organisations and Management MGMT735 Course
New Zealand Competing Globally INTBUS729 Course
Organisation and Management MGMT101 Course
Organisation Communication MGMT725 Course
Organisation Dynamics MGMT731 Course
Organisatl Ethics and Sustaina MGMT309 Course
People, Performance and Well-b GLMI705 Course
PhD Int'l Business INTBUS898 Course
PhD Management MGMT898 Course
Project in Commercialisation COMENT705A Course
Project in Commercialisation COMENT705 Course
Project in Commercialisation COMENT705B Course
Project Mgmt & Report Writing BUSINESS307 Course
Qualitative Research Methods BUSINESS705 Course
Quantitative Research Methods BUSINESS704 Course
Research Design BUSINESS710 Course
Research Essay GLMI780 Course
Research Essay GLMI780X Course
Research Essay BUSINESS707 Course
Research Project BUSINESS353 Course
Responsible Bus & Sustainabili GLMI707 Course
Special Topic BUSINESS302 Course
Special Topic INTBUS308 Course
Special Topic MGMT744 Course
Special Topic INNOVENT305 Course
Special Topic BUSINESS709 Course
Special Topic BUSINESS708 Course
Special Topic BUSINESS201 Course
Special Topic BUSINESS301 Course
Special Topic BUSINESS303 Course
Special Topic BUSINESS328 Course
Special Topic MGMT736 Course
Special Topic INTBUS732 Course
Special Topic INTBUS711 Course
Special Topic: International Contracts Negotiation INTBUS731 Course
ST:Mgmt&Games:Integr Capstone MGMT320 Course
Strategic Entrpnurship and Inn GLMI711 Course
Strategic Human Resource Management MGMT711 Course
Strategic Management MGMT302 Course
Strategic Management BUSINESS304 Course
Study Abroad 2A BUSINESS210 Course
Study Abroad 2B BUSINESS211 Course
Study Abroad 3A BUSINESS310 Course
Study Abroad 3B BUSINESS311 Course
Study Abroad 3C BUSINESS312 Course
Sustainability MGMT737 Course
Technology and Innovation for Business Growth INNOVENT301 Course
Technology Management MGMT726 Course
The Entrepreneurial Mindset INNOVENT203G Course
The Entrepreneurial Mindset INNOVENT203 Course
Thesis GLMI796A Course
Thesis GLMI796Y Course
Thesis GLMI796X Course
Thesis GLMI794A Course
Thesis GLMI794B Course
Thesis GLMI796B Course
Thesis (MCom) MGMT796B Course
Thesis (MCom) INTBUS796A Course
Thesis (MCom) MGMT796A Course
Thesis (MCom) INTBUS796B Course
Thesis - part time GLMI799A Course
Thesis - part time GLMI799 Course
Thesis - part time GLMI799B Course
Thesis part-time INTBUS799B Course
Thesis part-time MGMT799B Course
Thesis part-time MGMT799A Course
Thesis part-time INTBUS799A Course
Thesis part-time INTBUS799 Course
Thesis part-time MGMT799 Course
Understanding Business BUSINESS111 Course
Understanding Business Context BUSINESS200 Course
Understanding Innovation and Entrepreneurship INNOVENT201 Course
Understanding Organisations MGMT211 Course
Understanding Work and People MGMT223 Course
Understding and Manag Creatvty GLMI712 Course
Undstnding Entrepreneurial Opp INNOVENT204 Course
Venture Creation and Growth MGMT715 Course
Working in an Age of Uncerty GLMI706 Course

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