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Adv Advertising & Digital Comm MKTG710 Course
Advanced Consumer Research MKTG705 Course
Advanced Marketing Research MKTG302 Course
Advanced Marketing Strategy MKTG301 Course
Advertising and Branding MKTG306 Course
Consumer Behaviour MKTG303 Course
Contemporary Issues in Marketi MKTG702 Course
Contemporary Marketing MKTG201 Course
Cust Insigts&Markig Intelligen MKTG313 Course
Customer Insights MKTG308 Course
Customer Value Management MKTG314 Course
Developing Research Ideas in M MKTG700 Course
Digital Marketing MKTG304 Course
Directed Study MKTG300 Course
Dissertation MKTG791A Course
Dissertation MKTG791B Course
Dissertation MKTG791 Course
Dissertation MKTG791X Course
Essential Marketing MKTG151G Course
Essential Marketing MKTG151 Course
Marketing Research MKTG202 Course
Marketing Theory and Practice MKTG701 Course
Masters Thesis MKTG796X Course
Masters Thesis MKTG796Y Course
PhD Marketing MKTG898 Course
Research Essay MKTG788 Course
Research Meth in Mktg 1 MKTG703 Course
Research Meth in Mktg 2 MKTG704 Course
Services Marketing and Mgmt MKTG305 Course
Social & Sustainable Mktg MKTG309 Course
Special Topic MKTG717 Course
Special Topic MKTG312 Course
Special Topic MKTG718 Course
Special Topic MKTG719 Course
Strategic Marketing MKTG203 Course
Thesis MKTG794A Course
Thesis MKTG794B Course
Thesis (MCom) MKTG796A Course
Thesis (MCom) MKTG796B Course
Thesis part-time MKTG799 Course
Thesis part-time MKTG799A Course
Thesis part-time MKTG799B Course

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