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Adv Assessmt & Clinicl Reasong NURSING773 Course
Adv Emergency Nurs Practcm NURSING784 Course
Advanced Mental Health Asse NURSPRAC720 Course
Advanced Mental Health Nursing in its Social Conte NURSING777 Course
Advanced Rural Nursing NURSING739 Course
Applied Science for Nurses NURSING104 Course
Assessment in Mental Hlth Nurs NURSING776 Course
Biological Science for Practic NURSING742 Course
Cancer Specialty Nursing NURSPRAC704 Course
Cardiac Specialty Nursing NURSPRAC701A Course
Cardiac Specialty Nursing NURSPRAC701B Course
Cardiac Specialty Nursing NURSPRAC701 Course
Child and Family Hlth Nursing NURSING301 Course
Clin Reasng Pharmacotherapeutc NURSING785 Course
Clinical Education Practicum NURSING735 Course
Clinical Leadership in Residential Care POPLPRAC760 Course
Clinical Occupational Health NURSING712 Course
Clinical Practice Development NURSING770 Course
Clinical Practice Development NURSING770A Course
Clinical Practice Development NURSING770B Course
Clinical Practice in Mental NURSPRAC719 Course
Clinical Project NURSING701 Course
Cont MentHlth Addict NursPrac NURSPRAC718 Course
Contemporary Mental Health and Addictions NURSING786 Course
Critical Care Specialty Nursin NURSPRAC702 Course
Critical Care Specialty Nursin NURSPRAC702A Course
Critical Care Specialty Nursin NURSPRAC702B Course
Dementia Care POPLPRAC767 Course
Diabetes Specialty Nursing NURSPRAC712 Course
Dissertation NURSING795 Course
Dissertation NURSING795X Course
Dissertation NURSING795Y Course
Dissertation NURSING795A Course
Dissertation NURSING795B Course
Dissertation NURSING795V Course
Education for Clinical Practic NURSING741 Course
Emergency Specialty Nursing NURSPRAC708 Course
Endoscopy Specialty Nursing NURSPRAC715 Course
English Language Competency NURSING199 Course
Evidence-based Practice NURSING746 Course
Fundamentals of Nursing Care NURSING787 Course
Health Prom & Early Detection NURSING778 Course
Integrative Nursing Practice NURSPRAC721 Course
Knowledge/Science in Specialty NURSING730A Course
Knowledge/Science in Specialty NURSING730B Course
Knowledge/Science in Specialty NURSING730 Course
Leadership & Mgmt Health Care NURSING775 Course
Leadg and Mging Chges in Hth NURSING732 Course
Mental Health and Addiction Nu NURSING780 Course
Mental Health in Old Age POPLPRAC761 Course
NP Advanced Practicum NURSING743 Course
NP Prescribing Practicum NURSING740 Course
Nursing Clnts with a Path Prob NURSING201 Course
Nursing in Mental Health, Addi NURSING202 Course
Nursing in Practice NURSING105 Course
Nursing People in Acute Mental NURSING774 Course
Occupational Health Nursing NURSING711 Course
Occupational Nursing in Work NURSING764 Course
Occupational Nursing in Work NURSING764B Course
Occupational Nursing in Work NURSING764A Course
Ophthalmology Specialty Nursin NURSPRAC716 Course
Orthopaedic Specialty Nursing NURSPRAC706 Course
Paedia Cardiac Specialty Nursg NURSPRAC703 Course
Paedia Cardiac Specialty Nursg NURSPRAC703A Course
Paedia Cardiac Specialty Nursg NURSPRAC703B Course
Paediatric Intensive Care Nurs NURSPRAC713 Course
Pain Nursing Specialty Nursing NURSPRAC711 Course
Palliative Care Specialty Nurs NURSPRAC710 Course
PhD Nursing NURSING898 Course
Population Health and Primary Health Care NURSING772 Course
Practicum for RN Designate NURSPRAC717 Course
Primary Health Care Nursing NURSING748 Course
Primary Health Care of Children and Young People NURSING788 Course
Prin of Therap for Adv Nursing NURSING722 Course
Principles of Medication Mgmt NURSING745 Course
Professional Nursing Practice NURSING302 Course
Psychological Interventions in Nursing and Health NURSING781 Course
Reg Nurse 1st Surgical Assist NURSPRAC707 Course
Renal Specialty Nursing NURSPRAC714 Course
Research Methods in Nursing NURSING782 Course
Research Portfolio NURSING790X Course
Research Portfolio NURSING790Y Course
Research Portfolio NURSING790B Course
Research Portfolio NURSING797A Course
Research Portfolio NURSING790A Course
Research Portfolio NURSING797X Course
Research Portfolio NURSING797Y Course
Research Portfolio NURSING797B Course
Research Portfolio part-time NURSING791 Course
Research Portfolio part-time NURSING798A Course
Research Portfolio part-time NURSING791A Course
Research Portfolio part-time NURSING791B Course
Research Portfolio part-time NURSING791X Course
Research Portfolio part-time NURSING798B Course
Research Project NURSING789 Course
Respiratory Specialty Nursing NURSPRAC709 Course
Rural Nursing Practicum NURSING762 Course
Self-management for People Living with Long-term C NURSING771 Course
Special Studies NURSING779 Course
Special Studies in Nursing NURSING710 Course
Special Studies in Nursing NURSING733 Course
Special Topic NURSING700 Course
Special Topic NURSING749 Course
Special Topic NURSING783 Course
Special Topic in Nursing NURSING734 Course
Specialty Nursing Practicum NURSING744A Course
Specialty Nursing Practicum NURSING744 Course
Specialty Nursing Practicum NURSING744B Course
Specialty Practice in Mental H NURSING753A Course
Specialty Practice in Mental H NURSING756 Course
Specialty Practice in Mental H NURSING753 Course
Specialty Practice in Mental H NURSING753B Course
Specialty Practice in Mental Health and Addiction NURSING756B Course
Specialty Practice in Mental Health and Addiction NURSING756A Course
ST: Aged Care Practice POPLPRAC769 Course
ST: Endoscopy Nursing Practicu NURSPRAC725 Course
ST: Frailty in Aged Care Nursing NURSPRAC728 Course
ST:MentalHealthNursingPracticu NURSPRAC726 Course
ST:PaediatricCardiacIntensCare NURSPRAC723 Course
ST:RN1stSurgicalAssistPracticu NURSPRAC724 Course
Stroke Specialty Nursing NURSPRAC705 Course
The Scholarship of Practice NURSING737 Course
Thesis NURSING796X Course
Thesis NURSING796Y Course
Thesis NURSING796B Course
Thesis NURSING796A Course
Thesis part-time NURSING799B Course
Thesis part-time NURSING799 Course
Thesis part-time NURSING799A Course
Transition to Prof Nurse Prac NURSPRAC722 Course
Working with People Living with Long-term Conditio NURSING738 Course

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