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Advanced Pharmacotherapy PHARMACY767 Course
Applied Pharmacotherapy PHARMACY766 Course
Applied Science for Pharmacy PHARMACY211 Course
Case Studies in Pharm Practice PHARMACY763 Course
Dissertation PHARMACY410 Course
Dissertation PHARMACY792Y Course
Dissertation PHARMACY410B Course
Dissertation PHARMACY410A Course
Dissertation PHARMACY792X Course
Dissertation PHARMACY792B Course
Dissertation PHARMACY792A Course
Dissertation PHARMACY792 Course
Drugs and Society PHARMACY111 Course
Drugs and Society PHARMACY111G Course
English Language Competency PHARMACY199 Course
Epidemiology for Pharmacy PHARMACY105 Course
Innovative Pharmacy Services PHARMACY768 Course
Integrated Pharmacy Studies 1 PHARMACY407 Course
Integrated Pharmacy Studies 2 PHARMACY408 Course
Lit Review in Pharm Practice PHARMACY762 Course
Literature Review in Pharm Scs PHARMACY760 Course
Medicine Optimisation 1 PHARMACY701 Course
Medicine Optimisation 2 PHARMACY702 Course
Medicines Info & Crit Apprais PHARMACY764 Course
Medicines Mgmtt & Pharm Care PHARMACY765 Course
Pharm Regulatory Affairs PHARMACY753 Course
Pharm Sc Research Project PHARMACY761 Course
Pharmaceutcal Qualty Assurance PHARMACY752 Course
Pharmaceutical Formulation PHARMACY750 Course
Pharmaceutical Sci Resrch Prop PHARMACY754 Course
Pharmaceutical Science&Practic PHARMACY212 Course
Pharmaceutical Techniques PHARMACY751 Course
Pharmaceutics 1 PHARMACY202 Course
Pharmaceutics 2 PHARMACY303 Course
Pharmaceutics 3 PHARMACY304 Course
Pharmacotherapy PHARMACY302 Course
Pharmacotherapy PHARMACY302A Course
Pharmacotherapy PHARMACY302B Course
Pharmacy 1 PHARMACY213 Course
Pharmacy 2 PHARMACY311 Course
Pharmacy 3 PHARMACY312 Course
Pharmacy 4 PHARMACY411 Course
Pharmacy 5 PHARMACY412 Course
Pharmacy Practice 1 PHARMACY101 Course
Pharmacy Practice 2 PHARMACY201 Course
Pharmacy Practice 3 PHARMACY301 Course
Physiology for Pharmacy PHARMACY205 Course
Prescribing Practicum PHARMACY770 Course
Principles of Prescribing PHARMACY769 Course
Professional Pharmacy Studies PHARMACY409A Course
Professional Pharmacy Studies PHARMACY409 Course
Professional Pharmacy Studies PHARMACY409B Course
Psychology of Health for Pharmacy PHARMACY106 Course
Research Inquiry in Pharmacy PHARMACY413A Course
Research Inquiry in Pharmacy PHARMACY413B Course
Research Portfolio PHARMACY797 Course
Research Project PHARMACY789B Course
Research Project PHARMACY789A Course
Special Studies PHARMACY772 Course
Special Studies PHARMACY771 Course
Special Topic PHARMACY774 Course
Special Topic PHARMACY773 Course
Special Topic PHARMACY745 Course
Special Topic PHARMACY744 Course
Special Topic PHARMACY107 Course
Thesis PHARMACY796Y Course
Thesis PHARMACY796A Course
Thesis PHARMACY796B Course
Thesis PHARMACY796X Course
Thesis PHARMACY898 Course
Thesis part-time PHARMACY799A Course
Thesis part-time PHARMACY799B Course

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