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Addictive Consumptions &Public POPLHLTH774 Course
Adult Mental Hlth & CBT Skills POPLPRAC702 Course
Adult Rehabilitation Studies POPLPRAC756 Course
Adv Qualitative Health Researc POPLHLTH762 Course
Adv Symptom Mgmt in Palliative POPLPRAC723 Course
Alcohol, Tobacco and Other POPLHLTH737 Course
Applied Research Project POPLHLTH755B Course
Applied Research Project POPLHLTH755 Course
Applied Research Project POPLHLTH755A Course
Assessment and Intervention POPLPRAC708A Course
Assessment and Intervention POPLPRAC708B Course
Auditory Neuroscience AUDIOL701 Course
Basic Diagnostic Audiology AUDIOL702 Course
BioBehavioural Aspects of Drug POPLHLTH212 Course
Biology of Addiction POPLHLTH738 Course
Biology of Ageing POPLHLTH749 Course
Biology of Ageing POPLPRAC758 Course
Case Studies in Global Health POPLHLTH752 Course
Central Auditory Function AUDIOL704 Course
Child Health POPLHLTH731 Course
Child Palliative Care POPLPRAC724 Course
Clincl Trial Design, Anlys Mgt POPLHLTH712 Course
Clinical Otolaryngology AUDIOL713 Course
Clinical Practicum I AUDIOL716B Course
Clinical Practicum I AUDIOL716A Course
Clinical Practicum II AUDIOL718A Course
Clinical Practicum II AUDIOL718B Course
Coexisting Probs: Thry & Prncp POPLPRAC765 Course
Communities and Addictions POPLHLTH307 Course
Community and Cultural Dvlpmt POPLHLTH207 Course
Community Health Development POPLHLTH700 Course
Community Health Development P POPLPRAC710 Course
Community Nutrition POPLHLTH305 Course
Cost Effectiveness Evaluation POPLHLTH720 Course
Digital Health Design and Evaluation DIGIHLTH705 Course
Dissertation POPLHLTH780A Course
Dissertation POPLHLTH790A Course
Dissertation POPLHLTH790 Course
Dissertation POPLHLTH780B Course
Dissertation POPLHLTH780 Course
Dissertation POPLHLTH790B Course
Dissertation POPLHLTH790V Course
Dissertation HLTHMGT791B Course
Dissertation POPLHLTH790U Course
Dissertation HLTHMGT791A Course
Dissertation POPLHLTH790X Course
Dissertation POPLHLTH790Y Course
Dissertation HLTHMGT791 Course
Dynamics of Health Systems POPLHLTH215 Course
Environmental Health POPLHLTH725 Course
Epidemics POPLHLTH103 Course
Epidemics: Black Death to Bioterrorism POPLHLTH103G Course
Epidemiology POPLHLTH708 Course
Equity and Inequalities in Hea POPLHLTH210 Course
Essentials of Palliative Care POPLPRAC719 Course
Evaluation Research Methods POPLHLTH705 Course
Evidence for Best Practice POPLHLTH709 Course
Future Health POPLHLTH104G Course
Gambling and Health POPLPRAC709 Course
Global Public Health POPLHLTH715 Course
Health & Pacific People in NZ POPLHLTH312 Course
Health and Public Policy POPLHLTH718 Course
Health and Society POPLHLTH717 Course
Health and Society POPLHLTH102 Course
Health Care Ethics POPLHLTH204 Course
Health Data Analytics DIGIHLTH706 Course
Health Economics POPLHLTH719 Course
Health in Asian Communities POPLHLTH313 Course
Health Informatics POPLHLTH303 Course
Health Knowledge Management HLTHINFO723 Course
Health Knowledge Management DIGIHLTH702 Course
Health Leadership POPLHLTH754 Course
Health Leadership HLTHMGT754 Course
Health Management POPLHLTH721 Course
Health Management HLTHMGT721 Course
Health Promotion POPLHLTH203 Course
Health Promotion 2 POPLHLTH306 Course
Health Promotion in Pacific POPLPRAC711 Course
Health Promotion Strategies POPLHLTH734 Course
Health Promotion Theory POPLHLTH733 Course
Health Protection POPLHLTH726 Course
Health Sector Professional Com POPLHLTH300 Course
Health Services for Older People POPLPRAC726 Course
Health Services Integration POPLHLTH314 Course
Health Services Placement POPLHLTH302 Course
Health Services Research Metho POPLHLTH767 Course
Health Systems 1 POPLHLTH101 Course
Healthcare Decision Supprt Sys HLTHINFO730 Course
Healthcare Strategy and Planning HLTHSCI801A Course
Hearing Aids and Other Devices AUDIOL714 Course
Human Vaccinology POPLHLTH763 Course
Infant, Child & Adolescent PMH POPLPRAC754 Course
Info and Strategic Health Mgmt POPLHLTH729 Course
Interpersonal &Family Violence POPLHLTH769 Course
Intro to Environmental Health POPLHLTH211 Course
Issues in Palliative Care POPLPRAC720 Course
Life Cycle Nutrition POPLHLTH206 Course
Loss, Grief and Bereavement POPLHLTH747 Course
Lower Limb and Physiotherapy POPLPRAC744 Course
Masters Thesis AUDIOL796X Course
Masters Thesis AUDIOL796Y Course
Medical Issues in Sport POPLPRAC746 Course
Mental Health Development POPLHLTH208 Course
Mental Health Development POPLHLTH735 Course
Mental Health Promotion POPLHLTH736 Course
New Zealand Health Data Landscape DIGIHLTH703 Course
Nutrition Intervent in Publ Hl POPLHLTH765 Course
Organisation of Health Systems POPLHLTH722 Course
Pacific Health POPLHLTH739 Course
Pharmacotherapeutic Responses POPLHLTH773 Course
PhD Audiology AUDIOL898 Course
PhD Behavioural Science BEHAVSCI898 Course
PhD General Practice GENPRAC898 Course
PhD Population Health COMHLTH898 Course
PhD Population Health POPLHLTH898 Course
Physics and Acoustics AUDIOL715 Course
Population Health POPLHLTH111 Course
Population Youth Health POPLHLTH732 Course
Practical Sports Medicine POPLPRAC747B Course
Practical Sports Medicine POPLPRAC747A Course
Practical Sports Medicine POPLPRAC747 Course
Practicum in Pacific Health POPLPRAC716 Course
Practicum in Population Health POPLPRAC715B Course
Practicum in Population Health POPLPRAC715A Course
Practicum in Population Health POPLPRAC715 Course
Principles Health Informatics HLTHINFO728 Course
Principles of App Epidemiology POPLHLTH304 Course
Principles of Digital Health DIGIHLTH701 Course
Principles of Gerontology POPLPRAC725 Course
Principles of Gerontology POPLPRAC768 Course
Principles of Public Health POPLHLTH760 Course
Proj Plan for Lifestyle Change POPLPRAC712 Course
Project in Health Leadership HLTHMGT755B Course
Project in Health Leadership HLTHMGT755 Course
Project in Health Leadership HLTHMGT755A Course
Project in Health Leadership HLTHMGT755V Course
Public Health in Practice POPLHLTH776 Course
Qualitative Health Research POPLHLTH704 Course
Quality in Health Care POPLHLTH724 Course
Quantitative Methods in Health POPLHLTH216 Course
Research Methods in Health POPLHLTH701 Course
Research Methods in Health POPLHLTH202 Course
Research Portfolio POPLHLTH793X Course
Research Portfolio POPLHLTH793Y Course
Research Portfolio POPLHLTH793A Course
Research Portfolio POPLHLTH793B Course
Research Portfolio part-time POPLHLTH794 Course
Research Portfolio part-time POPLHLTH794A Course
Research Portfolio part-time POPLHLTH794B Course
Research Project in Population POPLHLTH750 Course
Shaping Health Policy POPLHLTH311 Course
Societal Approaches to Death POPLHLTH746 Course
Spec Topic in Palliative Care POPLPRAC766 Course
Special Studies POPLPRAC753 Course
Special Studies POPLHLTH751 Course
Special Study Health Inform 1 HLTHINFO722 Course
Special Study Health Inform 2 HLTHINFO724 Course
Special Study in Health Leader HLTHMGT725 Course
Special Topic POPLPRAC770 Course
Special Topic POPLHLTH775 Course
Special Topic POPLPRAC757 Course
Special Topic POPLPRAC755 Course
Special Topic POPLPRAC764 Course
Special Topic POPLHLTH772 Course
Special Topic POPLPRAC771 Course
Special Topic POPLHLTH770 Course
Special Topic POPLHLTH771 Course
Special Topic HLTHMGT724 Course
Special Topic POPLHLTH766 Course
Special Topic POPLHLTH315 Course
Special Topic POPLHLTH310 Course
Special Topic POPLHLTH213 Course
Special Topic POPLHLTH214 Course
Sports Medicine in the Community POPLPRAC745 Course
SS in Addic Ment Hlth POPLHLTH768 Course
ST: CommunityEmergencyMedicine POPLPRAC762 Course
ST: The Health and Wellbeing o POPLHLTH764 Course
ST:Women, Gender and Health POPLHLTH761 Course
Statistics in Health Science POPLHLTH706 Course
Statistics in Health Science 2 POPLHLTH707 Course
Strategic Health Management HLTHMGT729 Course
Strengthening Health Systems POPLHLTH301 Course
Symptom Mgt in Palliative Care POPLPRAC722 Course
Sys Reviews and Meta-analysis POPLHLTH711 Course
Theoretical Concepts of Health POPLHLTH758 Course
Theory & Skills in Couns Prac POPLPRAC707 Course
Therapeutic Communication POPLPRAC701 Course
Thesis POPLHLTH796B Course
Thesis POPLHLTH796Y Course
Thesis POPLHLTH796A Course
Thesis AUDIOL796B Course
Thesis AUDIOL796A Course
Thesis POPLHLTH796X Course
Thesis part-time POPLHLTH799A Course
Thesis part-time POPLHLTH799B Course
Thesis part-time POPLHLTH799 Course
Tobacco Control: Principles an POPLHLTH753 Course
Translating Health Information POPLHLTH316 Course
Upper Limb and Spine POPLPRAC743 Course
Urgent Primary Medical Care POPLPRAC739 Course
Urgent Primary Orthopaedic Sur POPLPRAC763B Course
Urgent Primary Orthopaedic Sur POPLPRAC763A Course
Urgent Primary Surgical Care POPLPRAC740 Course

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