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Advanced Property Finance PROPERTY351 Course
Advanced Property Management PROPERTY331 Course
Advanced Property Marketing PROPERTY321 Course
Advanced Valuation PROPERTY311 Course
Applied Valuation Project PROPERTY372 Course
Building Construction PROPERTY281 Course
Building Surveying PROPERTY370 Course
Directed Study PROPERTY300 Course
Dissertation PROPERTY791X Course
Dissertation PROPERTY791A Course
Dissertation PROPERTY791V Course
Dissertation PROPERTY791 Course
Dissertation PROPERTY791B Course
Financial Analysis for Propert PROPERTY754 Course
GIS and Property Analysis PROPERTY773 Course
International Property Markets PROPERTY755 Course
Internship and Report PROPERTY363 Course
Introduction to Property PROPERTY102 Course
Investment and Finance PROPPRAC705 Course
Land-use Planning and Controls PROPERTY241 Course
Law and Governance PROPPRAC703 Course
Market Analysis for Property PROPERTY784 Course
Masters Thesis PROPERTY796X Course
Masters Thesis PROPERTY796Y Course
MProp Thesis part-time PROPERTY799 Course
MProp Thesis part-time PROPERTY799A Course
MProp Thesis part-time PROPERTY799B Course
Māori Land Issues PROPERTY382 Course
PhD Property PROPERTY898 Course
Plant and Machinery Valuation PROPERTY312 Course
Professional Practice PROPPRAC708 Course
Property Analytics PROPERTY103 Course
Property Development PROPERTY342 Course
Property Economics PROPERTY261 Course
Property Finance Investment PROPERTY251 Course
Property Industry Case PROPERTY361 Course
Property Industry Project PROPERTY362 Course
Property Issues and Trends PROPERTY380 Course
Property Law PROPERTY271 Course
Property Management PROPERTY231 Course
Property Market Behaviour PROPERTY723 Course
Property Market Dynamics PROPPRAC704 Course
Property Market Dynamics PROPERTY151 Course
Property Marketing PROPERTY221 Course
Property Project PROPERTY371 Course
Property Simulation PROPERTY360 Course
Property Technology PROPPRAC707 Course
Property Technology PROPERTY384 Course
Property Trends and Issues PROPERTY724 Course
Property Valuation PROPERTY211 Course
Research Essay PROPERTY790 Course
Research Essay PROPERTY789 Course
Research Essay PROPERTY789X Course
Research Methods for Property PROPERTY701 Course
Research Project PROPERTY364 Course
Seminar in Property Developmt PROPERTY743 Course
Seminar in Property Finance PROPERTY753 Course
Seminar in Property Management PROPERTY733 Course
Seminar in Valuation PROPERTY713 Course
Special Topic PROPERTY785 Course
Special Topic PROPERTY385 Course
Specialised Valuations in Prop PROPERTY715 Course
ST: Money, Land and Housing PROPERTY786 Course
Sustainable Construction PROPPRAC701 Course
Thesis PROPERTY794A Course
Thesis PROPERTY794B Course
Thesis for MProp PROPERTY796B Course
Thesis for MProp PROPERTY796A Course
Urban Economic Analysis PROPERTY763 Course
Valuation PROPPRAC706 Course

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