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Acute Stroke Care HLTHSCI710 Course
Adv Studies in Clinical Edu CLINED707 Course
Advanced Reproductive Biology MEDSCI731 Course
Advanced Stroke Care HLTHSCI712 Course
Advanced Studies in Evaluation CLINED709 Course
Advanced Studies in the Assessment of Health Profe CLINED708 Course
Advanced Youth Health PAEDS720 Course
Assessing Clinical Performance CLINED716 Course
Assessment and Management of Disability MGCARE703 Course
Assmt Forml Trtmt Plan ICAMH PSYCHIAT768B Course
Assmt Forml Trtmt Plan ICAMH PSYCHIAT768A Course
Assmt Forml Trtmt Plan ICAMH PSYCHIAT768 Course
Behaviour, Health and Devlpmnt HLTHPSYC122 Course
Cardiovascular Medicine MEDICINE713 Course
CBT with Chldrn, Adlscnts&Fam1 PSYCHIAT769 Course
CBT with Chldrn, Adlscnts&Fam2 PSYCHIAT770 Course
Child and Adolescent Developmt PSYCHIAT747 Course
Child and Adolescent Psychopat PSYCHIAT740 Course
Clinical Care of Adolescents PAEDS721 Course
Clinical Care of Gender Divers PAEDS710 Course
Clinical Education in Action CLINED719 Course
Clinical Forensic Psychiatry 1 PSYCHIAT761 Course
Clinical Forensic Psychiatry 2 PSYCHIAT762 Course
Clinical Portfolio PAEDS707B Course
Clinical Portfolio PAEDS707A Course
Clinical Supervision CLINED713 Course
Contraception & Pregnancy Care OBSTGYN712 Course
Curriculum and Course Design CLINED712 Course
Designing Safer Systems MEDICINE700 Course
Diploma in Paediatrics PAEDS601A Course
Diploma in Paediatrics PAEDS600A Course
Diploma in Paediatrics PAEDS601B Course
Diploma in Paediatrics PAEDS601X Course
Diploma in Paediatrics PAEDS600B Course
Dissertation CLINED790B Course
Dissertation CLINED790 Course
Dissertation CLINED790X Course
Dissertation CLINED790A Course
E-learning and Clinical Educat CLINED711 Course
Early Childhood Mental Health PSYCHIAT730 Course
Early Childhood Mental Health PSYCHIAT730A Course
Early Childhood Mental Health PSYCHIAT730B Course
Emergency Paediatrics PAEDS714 Course
Emotions, Emot Regulation&Hlth HLTHPSYC717 Course
Evidenced Based Ophthalmology OPHTHAL702 Course
Gynaecology Residential OBSTGYN722 Course
Gynaecology Residential OBSTGYN725 Course
Health Psychology HLTHPSYC714 Course
Health Psychology Assessment HLTHPSYC719 Course
Health Psychology Intervention HLTHPSYC720 Course
Health Reporting, Evidence MEDICINE739 Course
Health Systems in New Zealand MGCARE705 Course
Health, Education and Youth PAEDS719 Course
Honours Dissertation HUMANBIO790A Course
Honours Dissertation HUMANBIO790B Course
Interprofessional Learning, Te CLINED706 Course
Investigating Human Incidents and Injury MEDICINE721 Course
Learning in Small Groups CLINED703 Course
Legal Issues in Forensic Psychiatry and Mental Hea PSYCHIAT760 Course
Legislation and Managed Care MGCARE701 Course
Masters Thesis HLTHPSYC796Y Course
Masters Thesis HLTHPSYC796X Course
MBChB Part II MBCHB221B Course
MBChB Part II MBCHB221A Course
MBChB Part IV MBCHB401A Course
MBChB Part IV MBCHB401B Course
MBChB Part IV MBCHB401Y Course
MBChB Part IV MBCHB401X Course
MBChB Part V MBCHB501Y Course
MBChB Part V MBCHB501X Course
MBChB Part V MBCHB501B Course
MBChB Part V MBCHB501A Course
MBChB Part VI MBCHB551X Course
MBChB Part VI MBCHB551B Course
MBChB Part VI MBCHB551A Course
MBChB Part VI MBCHB551Y Course
Medical Gynaecology 1 OBSTGYN715 Course
Medical Gynaecology 2 OBSTGYN716 Course
Medical Humanities MBCHB311A Course
Medical Humanities MBCHB311B Course
Medical Humanities MBCHB311 Course
Neonate and Infant Health PAEDS705 Course
Obstetrics Residential OBSTGYN721 Course
Obstetrics Residential OBSTGYN724 Course
Occupational Medicine MEDICINE738 Course
Occupational Medicine MEDICINE738A Course
Occupational Medicine MEDICINE738B Course
Ophthalmic and Vision Science OPHTHAL701 Course
Paediatric Care (Toddler-Adolescent) PAEDS706 Course
PhD Anaesthesiology ANAESTHE898 Course
PhD Health Psychology HLTHPSYC898 Course
PhD Medicine MEDICINE898 Course
PhD Paediatrics PAEDS898 Course
PhD Psychiatry PSYCHIAT898 Course
PhD Surgery SURGERY898 Course
PhD Thesis OPHTHALM898 Course
PhD Thesis Obs and Gynaecol OBSTGYN898 Course
Population Youth Health PAEDS708 Course
Pract Obstetrics and Gynaeclgy OBSTGYN717B Course
Pract Obstetrics and Gynaeclgy OBSTGYN717 Course
Pract Obstetrics and Gynaeclgy OBSTGYN717A Course
Practicum in Health Psych HLTHPSYC745B Course
Practicum in Health Psych HLTHPSYC745A Course
Pre-Internship Placement HLTHPSYC746 Course
Pre-Internship Placement HLTHPSYC746A Course
Pre-Internship Placement HLTHPSYC746B Course
Pregnancy and Postnatal Care OBSTGYN713 Course
Principles and Practice of Case Management MGCARE702B Course
Principles and Practice of Case Management MGCARE702 Course
Principles and Practice of Case Management MGCARE702A Course
Prof Practice in Hlth Psych HLTHPSYC742B Course
Prof Practice in Hlth Psych HLTHPSYC742A Course
Professionalism in Clinical Ed CLINED718 Course
Psychoneuroimmunology HLTHPSYC716 Course
Psychopathology and Clinical I HLTHPSYC743 Course
Psychophysiology and Health HLTHPSYC718 Course
Psychosomatic Processes HLTHPSYC757 Course
Rehabilitation Case Studies MGCARE706 Course
Rehabilitation Case Studies MGCARE706A Course
Rehabilitation Case Studies MGCARE706B Course
Rehabilitation Practice MGCARE704 Course
Reproductive Science MEDSCI730 Course
Research Methods in HPsyc HLTHPSYC715 Course
Research Portfolio CLINED797A Course
Research Portfolio CLINED797B Course
Research Portfolio part-time CLINED798B Course
Research Portfolio part-time CLINED794 Course
Research Portfolio part-time CLINED798A Course
Research Portfolio part-time CLINED794A Course
Research Portfolio part-time CLINED794B Course
Research Portfolio part-time CLINED798 Course
Research Project in Occupational Health MEDICINE733B Course
Research Top in Hlth Psych HLTHPSYC744 Course
Research Topic in Forensic Psychiatry and Mental H PSYCHIAT746 Course
Resrch Methods in Clinical Edu CLINED714 Course
Self-Management in Chronic Illness HLTHPSYC721 Course
Simulation and Clin Skills Tch CLINED705 Course
Special Studies OBSTGYN723 Course
Special Studies CLINED710 Course
Special Studies PSYCHIAT767 Course
Special Studies in Medicine MEDICINE703 Course
Special Studies in Paediatrics PAEDS704 Course
Special Study HLTHPSYC755 Course
Special Study in Clinical Medicine MBCHB400 Course
Special Study in Mental Health PSYCHIAT713 Course
Special Study in Ophthalmology OPHTHAL706 Course
Special Topic OBSTGYN720 Course
Special Topic PSYCHIAT772 Course
Special Topic PSYCHIAT774 Course
Special Topic MGCARE707 Course
Special Topic PAEDS700 Course
Special Topic PSYCHIAT771 Course
Special Topic CLINED717 Course
Special Topic PSYCHIAT722 Course
Special Topic PSYCHIAT774B Course
Special Topic PSYCHIAT721 Course
Special Topic PSYCHIAT774A Course
Special Topic MGCARE707A Course
Special Topic MGCARE707B Course
Special Topic MGCARE708 Course
Special Topic MEDICINE740 Course
Special Topic MEDICINE741 Course
Special Topic MEDICINE742 Course
Special Topic in Obst and Gyn OBSTGYN705 Course
Special Topic in Occupational Medicine MEDICINE732 Course
Special Topic: Teaching and Assessment of Cultural Safety CLINED720 Course
ST: Mgmt of Acute Eye Disease OPHTHAL705 Course
ST: Ophthalmic Technology OPHTHAL704 Course
ST:ResMeth & Skills Eye Reseac OPHTHAL703 Course
Technology and Health HLTHPSYC758 Course
Theory and Practice of Clinica CLINED715 Course
Therapy in Mental Hlth-Theory PSYCHIAT741 Course
Thesis CLINED796A Course
Thesis CLINED796B Course
Thesis CLINED796Y Course
Thesis CLINED796X Course
Thesis Health Psychology HLTHPSYC796B Course
Thesis Health Psychology HLTHPSYC796A Course
Thesis part-time HLTHPSYC799B Course
Thesis part-time HLTHPSYC799A Course
Thesis part-time CLINED799A Course
Thesis part-time HLTHPSYC799 Course
Thesis part-time CLINED799 Course
Thesis part-time CLINED799B Course
Understad Complx Clinicl Syste MEDICINE702 Course
Youth Addiction and Co-existin PSYCHIAT766 Course
Youth Forensic Psychiatry PSYCHIAT773A Course
Youth Forensic Psychiatry PSYCHIAT773B Course
Youth Forensic Psychiatry PSYCHIAT773 Course
Youth Health Clinical Skills PAEDS712 Course
Youth Health Practicum PAEDS722 Course

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