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A Sociology of Relational Life SOCIOL322 Course
Action Films MEDIA315 Course
Action Films MEDIA221 Course
Advanced Biological Anthropology ANTHRO726B Course
Advanced Biological Anthropology ANTHRO726A Course
Advanced Biological Anthropology ANTHRO726 Course
Advanced Documentary Directing SCREEN713 Course
Advanced Drama Directing SCREEN712 Course
Advanced Issues in Penology CRIM702 Course
Advanced Primatology ANTHRO749 Course
Advanced Research Skills POLITICS769 Course
Advanced Research Skills POLICY769 Course
Advanced Screenwriting: Drama SCREEN714 Course
Advanced Skills in Research SOCIOL701 Course
Advand Probs in Sociol Theory SOCIOL700 Course
Advertising and Society COMMS104 Course
Advertising and Society COMMS104G Course
American Politics and Public Policy POLITICS319 Course
AmericnPolitics ad PublicPolic POLITICS218 Course
Anthro & Intellectual Property ANTHRO756 Course
Anthro Today: Debates Culture ANTHRO247 Course
Anthro Today: Debates Culture ANTHRO331 Course
Anthropological Images ANTHRO373 Course
Anthropological Theory and the ANTHRO760 Course
Anthropologies of Race, Ethnicity and Nationalism ANTHRO336 Course
Anthropology & World Religions ANTHRO738 Course
Anthropology and History ANTHRO744 Course
Anthropology and Public Policy ANTHRO355 Course
Anthropology and Public Policy ANTHRO755 Course
Anthropology of Art and Performance ANTHRO225 Course
Anthropology of Art and Performance ANTHRO315 Course
Anthropology of Body ANTHRO241 Course
Anthropology of Europe ANTHRO740 Course
Anthropology of Europe ANTHRO364 Course
Anthropology of Human Remains ANTHRO235 Course
Anthropology of the Body ANTHRO354 Course
Applied Policy Project POLICY737 Course
Applying Anthropology ANTHRO709 Course
Archaeo: Underst the Past ANTHRO200 Course
Archaeological History of ANZ ANTHRO207 Course
Archaeological Science ANTHRO318 Course
Archaeology in Practice ANTHRO353 Course
Audiences and Users COMMS202 Course
Australian Aboriginal Archaeology ANTHRO307 Course
Becoming Modern: The Origins and Consequences of M SOCIOL102 Course
Becoming Modern: The Origins and Consequences of M SOCIOL102G Course
Big Ideas in Criminology CRIM100 Course
Bioarchaeology ANTHRO328 Course
Biosocial Medical Anthropology ANTHRO372 Course
Birth, Death and Disease: Anth ANTHRO337 Course
Capitalism and its Critics POLITICS316 Course
Capstone: Anthropological Sci ANTHRO399 Course
Changing Welfare State Policie SOCIOL317 Course
China and the World POLITICS254 Course
China and the World POLITICS354 Course
Chinese Film Genres MEDIA743 Course
Cinema of Aotearoa New Zealand MEDIA313 Course
Cinema of Aotearoa New Zealand MEDIA213 Course
Colonialism, Globalisation and the Musics of India ANTHRO333 Course
Colonisation, Globalisation an SOCIOL210 Course
Comics and Visual Narrative MEDIA222 Course
Comics and Visual Narrative MEDIA327 Course
Coming of the Māori: Archaeolo ANTHRO365 Course
Comm Excess and Avoidance COMMS702 Course
Comm, Tech and Culture COMMS100 Course
Communication and Data COMMS701 Course
Communication and Social Change COMMS102 Course
Communication Internship COMMS307 Course
Communication, Writing and Des COMMS309 Course
Comparative Media Politics POLITICS328 Course
Comparative Media Politics POLITICS228 Course
Comparative Public Policy POLITICS757 Course
Comparing Democracy and Government in World Politi POLITICS223 Course
Conflict and Terrorism POLITICS700 Course
Cont Resch in Music & Culture ANTHRO301 Course
Contact and Colonialism ANTHRO742 Course
Contemporary Chinese Media MEDIA201 Course
Contemporary Chinese Media MEDIA301 Course
Contemporary Criminology CRIM703 Course
Contemporary Global Governance POLITICS763 Course
Contemporary Issues in Gender and Development DEVELOP705 Course
Contemporary Issues in Pnshmnt CRIM202 Course
Crim Mind: Crime & Ind Diff CRIM203 Course
Crime, Media and Society CRIM205 Course
Criminological Theory CRIM701 Course
Criminology: Indgnous & Global CRIM302 Course
Crit Thery & Social Change SOCIOL748 Course
Critical Issues in International Security POLITICS754 Course
Critical Security Studies POLITICS237 Course
Critical Security Studies POLITICS357 Course
Critical Studies in Policing CRIM204 Course
Critical Theories and Methods GENDER700 Course
Critical Theories of Schooling SOCIOL316 Course
Critical Theory and Society SOCIOL301 Course
Cultural Criminology CRIM200 Course
Cultural Rsrc Mgt in Archaelgy ANTHRO708A Course
Cultural Rsrc Mgt in Archaelgy ANTHRO708 Course
Cultural Rsrc Mgt in Archaelgy ANTHRO708B Course
Cultural Studies and Society SOCIOL105 Course
Cultural Worlds in Anthro Pers ANTHRO761 Course
Culture, Science and Technology ANTHRO243 Course
Current Debates in Gender and SOCIOL735 Course
Current Debates in Health SOCSCIPH300 Course
Cybercrime CRIM710 Course
Debates in Criminology CRIM201 Course
Democracy and Dictators: South and Southeast Asian POLITICS239 Course
Democracy in Theory and Prac POLITICS314 Course
Democracy in Theory and Practice POLITICS214 Course
Democratisation POLITICS771 Course
Democrats and Dictators POLITICS202 Course
Development Praxis DEVELOP701 Course
Development, Power and Politics POLITICS355 Course
Deviance and Social Control SOCIOL742 Course
Digital Communication and Prac COMMS301 Course
Digital Communication and Practice COMMS103 Course
Digital Communication Ethics COMMS208 Course
Digital Futures COMMS700 Course
Directed Research POLITICS737 Course
Directed Research POLITICS737A Course
Directed Research POLITICS737B Course
Directed Studies in Anthropology ANTHRO240 Course
Directed Study SOCIOL739 Course
Directed Study SCREEN715 Course
Directed Study MEDIA742 Course
Directed Study CRIM708 Course
Directed Study SOCIOL738 Course
Directed Study SCREEN709 Course
Directed Study in Anthropology ANTHRO345 Course
Diss in Intrnt Relat, Hum Rig POLITICS789B Course
Diss in Intrnt Relat, Hum Rig POLITICS789A Course
Diss in Intrnt Relat, Hum Rig POLITICS789X Course
Diss in Intrnt Relat, Hum Rig POLITICS789 Course
Dissertation MEDIA793B Course
Dissertation DEVELOP792X Course
Dissertation POLITICS793 Course
Dissertation POLITICS792 Course
Dissertation POLITICS792A Course
Dissertation DEVELOP792 Course
Dissertation MEDIA793Y Course
Dissertation MEDIA793X Course
Dissertation DEVELOP792U Course
Dissertation MEDIA793A Course
Dissertation POLITICS793X Course
Dissertation POLITICS792B Course
Dissertation POLITICS793V Course
Dissertation MEDIA792A Course
Dissertation DEVELOP792V Course
Dissertation MEDIA792B Course
Dissertation ANTHRO792X Course
Dissertation POLICY792X Course
Dissertation POLICY792V Course
Dissertation POLITICS792V Course
Dissertation POLITICS792Y Course
Dissertation SOCIOL794 Course
Dissertation POLICY792Y Course
Dissertation MEDIA792 Course
Dissertation MEDIA793 Course
Dissertation POLITICS792X Course
Dissertation GENDER785A Course
Dissertation POLITICS793B Course
Dissertation POLITICS793A Course
Dissertation GENDER785 Course
Dissertation POLICY792 Course
Dissertation POLITICS793Y Course
Dissertation SOCIOL794Y Course
Dissertation MEDIA793V Course
Dissertation SOCIOL792B Course
Dissertation POLICY793 Course
Dissertation SOCIOL794U Course
Dissertation SOCIOL794X Course
Dissertation SOCIOL794V Course
Dissertation SOCIOL792A Course
Dissertation SOCIOL794B Course
Dissertation POLICY792U Course
Dissertation POLICY792B Course
Dissertation SOCIOL794A Course
Dissertation POLICY792A Course
Dissertation SOCIOL792 Course
Dissertation DEVELOP792B Course
Dissertation DEVELOP792A Course
Dissertation GENDER785B Course
Dissertation in Anthropology ANTHRO790A Course
Dissertation in Anthropology ANTHRO790V Course
Dissertation in Anthropology ANTHRO792 Course
Dissertation in Anthropology ANTHRO790X Course
Dissertation in Anthropology ANTHRO792B Course
Dissertation in Anthropology ANTHRO792A Course
Dissertation in Anthropology ANTHRO790 Course
Dissertation in Anthropology ANTHRO790B Course
Dissertation in International Relations and Human POLITICS755A Course
Documentary Making COMMS713 Course
Documentary Video Making SCREEN300 Course
Documentary: The Real Returns MEDIA704 Course
Doing Time: Incarceration and Punishment SOCIOL337 Course
Doing Time:Incarcerat and Pun CRIM307 Course
Dresden to Drnes:Ethics of War POLITICS773 Course
Dvlpmn Policies & Institutions DEVELOP710 Course
Earning and Caring: Cross-national Comparisons SOCIOL226 Course
Eco/media MEDIA332 Course
Eco/media MEDIA231 Course
Economic Statecraft: Power, P POLITICS768 Course
Economics of Policy POLICY702 Course
Economics, Budgets and Bureaucrats POLICY743 Course
Economy and Culture ANTHRO237 Course
Economy and Culture ANTHRO374 Course
Economy and Culture ANTHRO242 Course
Economy and Society SOCIOL208 Course
Emerging Bio-Anthropology ANTHRO763 Course
Environmental Sociology SOCIOL229 Course
Equality and Inequality ANTHRO321 Course
Ethics and Health Policy POLITICS741 Course
Ethics Governance Int Dev DEVELOP713 Course
Ethnic Conflict and Civil War POLITICS770 Course
Ethnic Targeting: Crime, Racialisation and the Sta CRIM300 Course
Ethnicity and Identity SOCIOL213 Course
Ethno-Political Violence: Hate POLITICS356 Course
Ethnographic Film and Photogra ANTHRO212 Course
Ethnographic Film and Photography ANTHRO320 Course
Ethnographic Practice & Design ANTHRO719B Course
Ethnographic Practice & Design ANTHRO719A Course
Ethnographic Practice & Design ANTHRO719 Course
Ethnographic Research ANTHRO753 Course
Ethnographic Research Methods ANTHRO363 Course
Ethnographies of Contemporary Māori ANTHRO210 Course
Ethnographies of Music-making ANTHRO727 Course
Ethnographies of Music-making ANTHRO727B Course
Ethnographies of Music-making ANTHRO727A Course
Ethnography of Island Polynesi ANTHRO204 Course
European Prehistory: From Cave Art to the Celts ANTHRO221 Course
Everyday Life in New Zealand SOCIOL221 Course
Evolutionary Anthropology Today ANTHRO245 Course
Exploring Ethnography ANTHRO368 Course
Exploring Ethnography ANTHRO268 Course
Extremism from Fascism to Terrorism POLITICS200 Course
Families, Labour and Love SOCIOL222 Course
Family, Gender and the State SOCIOL728 Course
Fantasies of Finance SOCIOL336 Course
Feminist Film Theory MEDIA711 Course
Feminist Political Theory POLITICS729 Course
Fiction Filmmaking SCREEN302 Course
Field Methods in Archaeology ANTHRO317 Course
Film Evil MEDIA729 Course
Film Studies MEDIA101 Course
Fndtns Western Politics & Law POLITICS109 Course
Foreign Policies of Europe and America POLITICS244 Course
Foreign Policies of Europe and America POLITICS344 Course
Foundation Sociology 1 TFCSOCIO91F Course
Foundation Sociology 2 TFCSOCIO92F Course
Foundations of Screen Producti SCREEN200 Course
Freedom and Limits of State Action POLITICS249 Course
Future Generations Anthropology ANTHRO109 Course
Gender & Colonialsm in Pacific ANTHRO358 Course
Gender and Change: Making Wave GENDER306 Course
Gender and Development DEVELOP702 Course
Gender Crime and Justice CRIM303 Course
Gender in the Pacific GENDER202 Course
Gender, Politics and the Media COMMS304 Course
Gender, Sex & Commodification GENDER301 Course
Gender, Sexuality and Pop Mus ANTHRO357 Course
Gender: Global and Local GENDER101 Course
Gender: Global and Local GENDER101G Course
Global Health and Development DEVELOP716 Course
Global Heritage Management ANTHRO252 Course
Global Orgnatns and Governance POLITICS746 Course
Global Politics POLITICS106 Course
Globalisation and Int Org POLITICS201 Course
Govermnt & Policy: NZ Compared POLICY741 Course
Governing Planet Earth POLITICS205 Course
Governing Planet Earth POLITICS313 Course
Great Power Relations POLITICS300 Course
Great Power Relations POLITICS751 Course
Hate Crime CRIM208 Course
Heritage Conserv in Aotearoa ANTHRO340 Course
Hollywood and its Others MEDIA307 Course
Hollywood and its Others MEDIA202 Course
Horror Media MEDIA336 Course
Horror Media MEDIA236 Course
How Humans Evolve ANTHRO102 Course
Human Biodiversity ANTHRO222 Course
Human Cultures ANTHRO100 Course
Human Evolution ANTHRO201 Course
Human Osteology ANTHRO748 Course
Human Palaeoecology ANTHRO701B Course
Human Palaeoecology ANTHRO701 Course
Human Palaeoecology ANTHRO701A Course
Human Sex, Gender and Sexualit ANTHRO342 Course
Human Sex, Gender and Sexualit ANTHRO211 Course
Human Sexuality ANTHRO215 Course
Humanitarian Interventions DEVELOP717 Course
Identity & the Politics of Mul POLITICS724 Course
Independent Research DEVELOP703 Course
Independent Research DEVELOP715 Course
Independent Research DEVELOP703B Course
Independent Research DEVELOP703A Course
International Organisations in Global Politics POLITICS348 Course
International Security and Conflict POLITICS327 Course
Internship in Development DEVELOP706 Course
Internship in Development DEVELOP706A Course
Internship in Development DEVELOP706B Course
Interpreting Biocultural Data ANTHRO718A Course
Interpreting Biocultural Data ANTHRO718B Course
Intl Relations and Human Right POLITICS750 Course
Intnational Relations in Asia POLITICS706 Course
Introduction to Critical Global Health HLTHSOC100 Course
Introduction to Directing SCREEN701 Course
Iss and History in Pop Music ANTHRO106G Course
Iss and History in Pop Music ANTHRO106 Course
Issues and Themes in Sociology SOCIOL100 Course
Issues and Themes in Visual Culture SOCIOL331 Course
Issues in Criminal Justice CRIM301 Course
Journalism in Practice MEDIA318 Course
Journalism in Practice MEDIA228 Course
Journalism Studies COMMS201 Course
Key Issues in Restorative Just CRIM304 Course
Landscape Archaeology ANTHRO703A Course
Landscape Archaeology ANTHRO703B Course
Landscape Archaeology ANTHRO703 Course
Last Call: The Sociology of Death and Dying SOCIOL220G Course
Last Call: The Sociology of Death and Dying SOCIOL220 Course
Law and Identity SOCIOL308 Course
Law, Inequality and the State SOCIOL315 Course
Law, Inequality and the State SOCIOL215 Course
Love in/Loving the Cinema MEDIA716 Course
Mana Māori Motuhake / Māori Po POLITICS229 Course
Masters Thesis POLITICS796Y Course
Masters Thesis DEVELOP792Y Course
Masters Thesis ANTHRO796Y Course
Masters Thesis ANTHRO796X Course
Masters Thesis POLITICS796X Course
Masters Thesis DEVELOP796X Course
Masters Thesis SOCIOL796X Course
Masters Thesis DEVELOP796Y Course
Masters Thesis SOCIOL796Y Course
Material Culture ANTHRO704A Course
Material Culture ANTHRO704B Course
Material Culture ANTHRO704 Course
Media & Pols Age of Globlstn POLITICS776 Course
Media and Conflict POLITICS212 Course
Media and Culture MEDIA102 Course
Media, Sound and Music MEDIA713 Course
Medical Anthropology ANTHRO208 Course
Medical Anthropology ANTHRO324 Course
Medicine, Power and Politics HLTHSOC201 Course
Medicine, Power and Politics ANTHRO366 Course
Memory and Media MEDIA326 Course
Memory and Media MEDIA219 Course
Mixing and Matching Methods SOCSCRES200 Course
MLitt Anthropology ANTHRO798B Course
MLitt Anthropology ANTHRO798A Course
MLitt Development Studies DEVELOP798B Course
MLitt Development Studies DEVELOP798A Course
MLitt Political Studies POLITICS798A Course
MLitt Political Studies POLITICS798B Course
MLitt Sociology SOCIOL798A Course
MLitt Sociology SOCIOL798X Course
MLitt Sociology SOCIOL798B Course
MLitt Thesis Screen Production SCREEN798B Course
MLitt Thesis Screen Production SCREEN795A Course
MLitt Thesis Screen Production SCREEN798A Course
MLitt Thesis Screen Production SCREEN795 Course
MLitt Thesis Screen Production SCREEN795B Course
Mockumentary and Docu-Genres MEDIA220 Course
Mockumentary and Docu-Genres MEDIA316 Course
Modern Political Thought POLITICS209 Course
Modern Times, Modern Crimes SOCIOL740 Course
Modernity and Consciousness SOCIOL729 Course
MPhil in Development St DEVELOP850 Course
MPhil Thesis(Political Studies POLITICS850B Course
MPhil Thesis(Political Studies POLITICS850A Course
MPhil Thesis(Political Studies POLITICS850 Course
Mthd and Theory in Archaeology ANTHRO700B Course
Mthd and Theory in Archaeology ANTHRO700A Course
Mthd and Theory in Archaeology ANTHRO700 Course
Music and Culture in Bollywood ANTHRO327 Course
Music and Identity in World Mu ANTHRO202 Course
Music E.Asia: Trad, Mod, Globl ANTHRO329 Course
Musics of the World in Everyda ANTHRO103 Course
Narratives of Social Change COMMS212 Course
Nationalism and Internationalism in Political Thou POLITICS343 Course
New Media and the Future of Co COMMS300 Course
New Zealand Archaeology ANTHRO311 Course
New Zealand Diplomacy: Interests, Issues and Soft POLITICS340 Course
New Zealand Diplomacy: Interests, Issues and Soft POLITICS240 Course
New Zealand Ethnography ANTHRO314 Course
New Zealand Film since the Mid-1980s MEDIA208 Course
New Zealand Film since the Mid-1980s MEDIA300 Course
New Zealand Government POLITICS756 Course
New Zealand Politics POLITICS107 Course
New Zealand Politics POLITICS107G Course
News and Journalism in the Digital Age COMMS321 Course
NZ Parties, Leaders, Elections POLITICS232 Course
NZ Parties, Leaders, Elections POLITICS352 Course
NZ Social Policy and Justice SOCIOL103 Course
Online Media and Democracy MEDIA230 Course
Online Media and Democracy MEDIA330 Course
Origins of Civilisation ANTHRO206 Course
Origins of Civilisation ANTHRO322 Course
Outsiders – Youth and Adult Subcultures SOCIOL225 Course
Pacific Archaeology ANTHRO306 Course
Peoples and Culture of Pacific ANTHRO104 Course
Peoples and Culture of Pacific ANTHRO104G Course
Perspectives on Human Growth ANTHRO348 Course
PhD Anthropology ANTHRO898 Course
PhD Criminology CRIM898 Course
PhD Development Studies DEVELOP898 Course
PhD Gender Studies GENDER898 Course
PhD Media, Film and Television FTVMS898 Course
PhD Politics & Intrl Relations POLITICS898 Course
PhD Sociology SOCIOL898 Course
PhD Women's Studies WOMEN898 Course
Policy Analysis and Evaluation POLICY701 Course
Policy Desig, Analys & Implmnt POLICY740 Course
Policy in Practice POLICY744 Course
Political Ecology of Youth Cr SOCIOL747 Course
Political Extremism POLITICS709 Course
Political Marketing POLITICS345 Course
Political Mgmnt in Government POLITICS704 Course
PoliticGlobal Protest: Dissent POLITICS707 Course
Politics and the Media POLITICS113 Course
Politics of China POLITICS211 Course
Politics of Culture ANTHRO330 Course
Politics of Culture ANTHRO244 Course
Politics, Media and Public Sph POLITICS233 Course
Politics-Policy Internship POLITICS774 Course
Pop Communication and Politics COMMS703 Course
Popular Culture and Politics MEDIA718 Course
Popular Music on Screens MEDIA218 Course
Popular Music on Screens MEDIA323 Course
Popular Musics of the Pacific ANTHRO234 Course
Practicing Communication in Māori and Pacific Worlds COMMS210 Course
Preparing Research Proposals ANTHRO754 Course
Primate Behav, Ecol, Consv ANTHRO349 Course
Primate Behav, Ecology & Conse ANTHRO205 Course
Problems and Issues in Contemporary Communication COMMS311 Course
Production Management SCREEN702 Course
Production Project SCREEN799A Course
Production Project SCREEN799B Course
Production Project SCREEN797A Course
Production Project SCREEN797X Course
Production Project SCREEN797Y Course
Production Project SCREEN797B Course
Production Project SCREEN799 Course
Propaganda MEDIA339 Course
Propaganda MEDIA239 Course
Public Policy: Actors, Process POLITICS222 Course
Public Sociology and Social Justice SOCIOL230 Course
Public Sociology and Social Justice SOCIOL302 Course
Qualitative Sociological Research SOCIOL320 Course
Quantitative Methods in Anthro ANTHRO309 Course
Quantitative Sociological Research SOCIOL321 Course
Question of Race and Racism ANTHRO105G Course
Question of Race and Racism ANTHRO105 Course
Questioning Race and Racism ANTHRO213 Course
Race, Gender and Class in Australia and New Zealan SOCIOL212 Course
Reading Ethnography ANTHRO310 Course
Reading Med Ethno ANTHRO732 Course
Reality TV MEDIA708 Course
Recorded Music & Media Formats MEDIA331 Course
Recorded Music & Media Formats MEDIA229 Course
Renegotiating Citizenship SOCIOL736 Course
Research Essay ANTHRO782 Course
Research in Criminology CRIM700 Course
Research in Popular Music Cult ANTHRO733A Course
Research in Popular Music Cult ANTHRO733B Course
Research in Popular Music Cult ANTHRO733 Course
Research Portfolio SOCIOL797A Course
Research Portfolio ANTHRO797B Course
Research Portfolio GENDER797B Course
Research Portfolio ANTHRO797Y Course
Research Portfolio MEDIA797B Course
Research Portfolio SOCIOL797B Course
Research Portfolio DEVELOP793B Course
Research Portfolio DEVELOP793A Course
Research Portfolio MEDIA797A Course
Research Portfolio GENDER797A Course
Research Portfolio DEVELOP793 Course
Research Portfolio CRIM797B Course
Research Portfolio ANTHRO797X Course
Research Portfolio CRIM797A Course
Research Portfolio ANTHRO797A Course
Research Portfolio part time CRIM795B Course
Research Portfolio part time CRIM795A Course
Research Portfolio part time CRIM795 Course
Research Proj: Design and Prac SOCIOL718 Course
Research Project POLICY790X Course
Research Project DEVELOP780X Course
Research Project GENDER780B Course
Research Project GENDER780A Course
Research Project DEVELOP780 Course
Research Project POLICY790A Course
Research Project POLICY790B Course
Research Project DEVELOP780A Course
Research Project SOCIOL790B Course
Research Project ANTHRO780X Course
Research Project CRIM780U Course
Research Project CRIM780 Course
Research Project MEDIA781 Course
Research Project ANTHRO780U Course
Research Project POLITICS780X Course
Research Project CRIM780B Course
Research Project CRIM780A Course
Research Project POLITICS780B Course
Research Project POLITICS780A Course
Research Project POLITICS780 Course
Research Project DEVELOP780B Course
Research Project SOCIOL790A Course
Research Project POLITICS780U Course
Research Project POLICY790 Course
Research Project GENDER780 Course
Research Project POLICY790Y Course
Research Project ANTHRO780A Course
Research Project SOCIOL790X Course
Research Project SOCIOL790U Course
Research Project ANTHRO780B Course
Research Project ANTHRO780 Course
Research Project SOCIOL790 Course
Research Project MEDIA781U Course
Research Project DEVELOP780U Course
Research Projects MEDIA726 Course
Researching Social Problems SOCIOL310 Course
Revolutions, Ideas and Media POLITICS740 Course
Rhythm, Blues and Rock ANTHRO217 Course
Rsrch Des in Empirical Pol Inq POLITICS701 Course
Science Fiction Media MEDIA319 Course
Science Fiction Media MEDIA224 Course
Screen Tools MEDIA317 Course
Screening Hong Kong MEDIA308 Course
Screening Hong Kong MEDIA205 Course
Screenplay Writing SCREEN301 Course
Screenwriting SCREEN705 Course
Screenwriting Project SCREEN700 Course
Settlement, Indigeneity & Medi MEDIA210 Course
Settlement, Indigeneity & Medi MEDIA325 Course
SettlerSocieties&IndigenousPeo SOCIOL746 Course
Sexuality and Media MEDIA709 Course
Skills in Qualitative Research SOCSCRES301 Course
Social Futures SOCIOL338 Course
Social Justice POLITICS320 Course
Social Media COMMS204 Course
Social Reality and Ideology SOCIOL203 Course
Social Research: An Introduction SOCIOL201 Course
Social Science for Health SOCSCIPH200 Course
Sociol of Hlth, Illness, Medi SOCIOL333 Course
Sociological Theory SOCIOL200 Course
Sociology and Crime: An Introduction SOCIOL216 Course
Sociology for Auckland SOCIOL106 Course
Sociology for Auckland SOCIOL206 Course
Sociology of Consumption SOCIOL323 Course
Sociology of Emotions SOCIOL325 Course
Sociology of Gender SOCIOL214 Course
Sociology of Gender and Fam SOCIOL207 Course
Sociology of Law: Human Rights SOCIOL713 Course
Sociology of Mental Health SOCIOL703 Course
Sociology of Migration SOCIOL306 Course
Sociology of Popular Culture SOCIOL211 Course
Sociology of Religion SOCIOL303 Course
Sociology of Science & Technlg SOCIOL745 Course
Sociology of Science and Techn SOCIOL300 Course
Sociology of the Media SOCIOL318 Course
Sociology of Violence and Deat SOCIOL326 Course
Sociology of Work and Organisa SOCIOL335 Course
Spec Topic in Biological Anth ANTHRO713 Course
Special Issues in Gender SOCIOL324 Course
Special Studies in Anthro ANTHRO736B Course
Special Studies in Anthro ANTHRO739A Course
Special Studies in Anthro ANTHRO739B Course
Special Studies in Anthro ANTHRO736A Course
Special Studies in Anthro ANTHRO739 Course
Special Studies in Anthro ANTHRO736 Course
Special Studies in Anthro ANTHRO729 Course
Special Study GENDER701 Course
Special Study GENDER701B Course
Special Study GENDER701A Course
Special Topic MEDIA748 Course
Special Topic COMMS310 Course
Special Topic CRIM206 Course
Special Topic POLITICS256 Course
Special Topic SCREEN202 Course
Special Topic COMMS748 Course
Special Topic COMMS710 Course
Special Topic SOCIOL707 Course
Special Topic SCREEN304 Course
Special Topic COMMS209 Course
Special Topic COMMS308 Course
Special Topic CRIM706 Course
Special Topic SOCIOL339 Course
Special Topic SOCIOL340 Course
Special Topic SOCIOL709 Course
Special Topic SOCIOL330 Course
Special Topic SOCIOL205 Course
Special Topic SCREEN710 Course
Special Topic SCREEN711 Course
Special Topic SOCIOL204 Course
Special Topic MEDIA334 Course
Special Topic MEDIA333 Course
Special Topic CRIM306 Course
Special Topic CRIM705 Course
Special Topic GENDER300 Course
Special Topic SOCIOL305 Course
Special Topic CRIM709 Course
Special Topic SOCIOL737 Course
Special Topic MEDIA233 Course
Special Topic GENDER706 Course
Special Topic GENDER705 Course
Special Topic POLITICS210 Course
Special Topic POLITICS203 Course
Special Topic DEVELOP708 Course
Special Topic POLITICS216 Course
Special Topic POLITICS775 Course
Special Topic POLITICS236 Course
Special Topic POLITICS358 Course
Special Topic CRIM308 Course
Special Topic ANTHRO236 Course
Special Topic ANTHRO370 Course
Special Topic ANTHRO371 Course
Special Topic ANTHRO759 Course
Special Topic ANTHRO360 Course
Special Topic ANTHRO351 Course
Special Topic ANTHRO248 Course
Special Topic ANTHRO251 Course
Special Topic CRIM707 Course
Special Topic SOCIOL743 Course
Special Topic ANTHRO747 Course
Special Topic GENDER307 Course
Special Topic GENDER206 Course
Special Topic GENDER207 Course
Special Topic SOCIOL228 Course
Special Topic in Anthropology ANTHRO735 Course
Special Topic in Anthropology ANTHRO347 Course
Special Topic in Anthropology ANTHRO369 Course
Special Topic in Archaeology ANTHRO758 Course
Special Topic in Biological Anthropology ANTHRO253 Course
Special Topic in Ethnomusicology ANTHRO323 Course
Special Topic in Social Anthro ANTHRO724 Course
Special Topic in Social Anthropology ANTHRO361 Course
Specl Studies in Anthropology ANTHRO729A Course
Specl Studies in Anthropology ANTHRO729B Course
Sports Media COMMS303 Course
ST Archaeology of Anthropocene ANTHRO746 Course
ST: Anthro and the Humanities ANTHRO745 Course
ST: Applied Anthropology ANTHRO352 Course
ST: Comm Research Methods COMMS207 Course
ST: Comm Research Methods MEDIA227 Course
ST: Communication and Culture MEDIA745 Course
ST: Communication and Culture COMMS704 Course
ST: Documentary & Social Chang COMMS306 Course
ST: Ethnographies oftheContemp ANTHRO362 Course
ST: Persuasion and Power COMMS206 Course
ST: Politics of Terrorism POLITICS777 Course
ST: Race,Indigeneity&theMedia MEDIA226 Course
ST: Race,Indigeneity&theMedia MEDIA329 Course
ST: Statistics & Data Analysis POLICY700 Course
ST: The Engendering of Global Conflict POLITICS731 Course
ST: The Sociology of Disasters SOCIOL706 Course
ST: Žižek Through Hitchcock MEDIA746 Course
ST:Americn Politics&Public Pol POLITICS347 Course
ST:Peace & Conflict in Colombi POLITICS733 Course
State Crime CRIM704 Course
Statistics and Data Analysis f POLICY742 Course
Storytelling for Screens SCREEN201 Course
Television Journalism COMMS203 Course
Terrorism POLITICS346 Course
The Anthro of Human Remains ANTHRO367 Course
The Digital SportScape MEDIA720 Course
The European Union POLITICS220 Course
The European Union POLITICS302 Course
The International Politics of the Middle East POLITICS258 Course
The Pacific in the World SOCIOL307 Course
The Politics of Digital Media MEDIA744 Course
The Practice of Politics POLITICS206 Course
The Practice of Politics POLITICS315 Course
The Security-Development Nexus POLITICS710 Course
The Sociology of Youth Policy SOCIOL231 Course
Theories of Intl Develpmnt DEVELOP709 Course
Theorising Human Evolution ANTHRO762 Course
Thesis POLITICS791X Course
Thesis POLITICS794X Course
Thesis CRIM796Y Course
Thesis CRIM796X Course
Thesis POLITICS799A Course
Thesis POLICY799A Course
Thesis POLICY791B Course
Thesis DEVELOP796A Course
Thesis POLITICS791 Course
Thesis POLICY799B Course
Thesis MEDIA796A Course
Thesis MEDIA796B Course
Thesis SOCIOL799 Course
Thesis SOCIOL799B Course
Thesis POLITICS799B Course
Thesis SOCIOL796A Course
Thesis POLICY799 Course
Thesis POLITICS791A Course
Thesis POLITICS791B Course
Thesis SOCIOL799A Course
Thesis POLITICS791Y Course
Thesis POLICY791 Course
Thesis MEDIA796Y Course
Thesis POLITICS799 Course
Thesis POLICY794B Course
Thesis POLICY791A Course
Thesis MEDIA799A Course
Thesis GENDER796B Course
Thesis DEVELOP794X Course
Thesis POLICY794A Course
Thesis CRIM796B Course
Thesis DEVELOP796B Course
Thesis DEVELOP794B Course
Thesis DEVELOP794A Course
Thesis SOCIOL796B Course
Thesis DEVELOP794Y Course
Thesis GENDER796X Course
Thesis POLICY794Y Course
Thesis MEDIA799B Course
Thesis MEDIA796X Course
Thesis POLITICS794Y Course
Thesis CRIM796A Course
Thesis POLITICS794A Course
Thesis POLITICS794B Course
Thesis POLICY794X Course
Thesis POLITICS796B Course
Thesis GENDER796A Course
Thesis POLITICS796A Course
Thesis in Anthropology ANTHRO796B Course
Thesis in Anthropology ANTHRO796A Course
Thesis in Media and Communicat MEDIA798B Course
Thesis in Media and Communicat MEDIA798A Course
Thesis Part-time DEVELOP795B Course
Thesis part-time ANTHRO799A Course
Thesis part-time ANTHRO799B Course
Thesis part-time ANTHRO799 Course
Thesis Part-time DEVELOP795 Course
Thesis Part-time DEVELOP795A Course
Thesis part-time DEVELOP799 Course
Thesis part-time CRIM799B Course
Thesis part-time DEVELOP799B Course
Thesis part-time CRIM799 Course
Thesis part-time DEVELOP799A Course
Thesis-part time CRIM799A Course
Thinking Gender GENDER308 Course
Thinking Gender GENDER208 Course
Thinking Like a Researcher SOCSCRES100 Course
Thinking like a Social Anthrop ANTHRO203 Course
Thinking Revolution: Early-Modern Politics POLITICS324 Course
Thinking Revolution: Early-Modern Politics POLITICS219 Course
Time and the Moving Image MEDIA741 Course
Toleration and Censorship POLITICS301 Course
Toleration and Censorship POLITICS238 Course
Topic in Biological Anthro ANTHRO712 Course
Topic in Ethnomusicology ANTHRO728B Course
Topic in Ethnomusicology ANTHRO728A Course
Topic in Ethnomusicology ANTHRO728 Course
Tourism and Heritage SOCIOL732 Course
Trad & Hist in NZ Archaeology ANTHRO346 Course
Tradition/History NZ Archaeol ANTHRO246 Course
Transitional Justice: POLITICS702 Course
Ubiquitous Media MEDIA717 Course
Understanding Aotearoa NZ SOCIOL101G Course
Understanding Aotearoa NZ SOCIOL101 Course
Undertaking Develop Research DEVELOP712 Course
Victims and Victimology CRIM305 Course
Video Games: Theory & Culture MEDIA212 Course
Video Games: Theory & Culture MEDIA328 Course
Violence and Pain ANTHRO743 Course
Visual Communication COMMS302 Course
Visualising Difference MEDIA715 Course
Visualising Screen Stories MEDIA237 Course
Visualising Screen Stories MEDIA337 Course
War and Peace:Theorising IntR POLITICS708 Course
War and Political Violence POLITICS303 Course
War, Anarchy and the State: Theorising Internation POLITICS318 Course
Watching Television MEDIA211 Course
Watching Television MEDIA309 Course
Working with Numerical Data SOCSCRES300 Course
Working with Performers Screen SCREEN303 Course
World Archaeology ANTHRO101 Course
World-view and Religion ANTHRO319 Course
World-view and Religion ANTHRO250 Course
Writing in the Workplace COMMS200 Course
Writing Technology and Digital Culture COMMS305 Course
Writing: Concept and Craft COMMS205 Course
Youth Sociology SOCIOL334 Course

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