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Adv Regression Methodology STATS763 Course
Advanced Data Science Practice STATS769 Course
Advanced SAS Programming STATS701 Course
Advanced Topics in Probability STATS313 Course
Analysis of Failure Time Data STATS764 Course
Applied Multivariate Analysis STATS302 Course
Applied Stochastic Modelling STATS320 Course
Applied Time Series Analysis STATS326 Course
Bayesian Inference STATS731 Course
Capstone: Creating Value Data DATASCI399 Course
Capstone: Statistics in Action STATS399 Course
Computational Introd to Stats STATS707 Course
Concepts in Statistics STATS100 Course
Data Analysis STATS201 Course
Data Analysis for Commerce STATS208 Course
Data Analytics TFCSTATS92F Course
Data Science for Everyone DATASCI100 Course
Data Science Practice STATS369 Course
Data Technologies STATS220 Course
Data Visualisation STATS787 Course
Data-centred Investigation and Analysis STATS207 Course
Design and Analysis of Clinica STATS773 Course
Design and Analysis of Surveys STATS340 Course
Design and Structured Data STATS240 Course
Design of Ecological Experiments STATS775 Course
Dissertation DATASCI792V Course
Dissertation STATS793X Course
Dissertation STATS793 Course
Dissertation DATASCI792X Course
Dissertation STATS793B Course
Dissertation DATASCI792B Course
Dissertation DATASCI792 Course
Dissertation DATASCI792A Course
Dissertation STATS793A Course
Dissertation in Medical Stat STATS788B Course
Dissertation in Medical Stat STATS788A Course
Dissertation in Medical Statis STATS788X Course
Dissertation in Medical Statis STATS788 Course
Dissertation in Statistics Edu STATS792A Course
Dissertation in Statistics Edu STATS792B Course
Dissertation in Statistics Edu STATS792 Course
Estimating Animal Abundance STATS776 Course
Experimental Design STATS750 Course
Financial Mathematics STATS370 Course
Foundations of Applied Multiva STATS767 Course
Foundations of Applied Time Se STATS727 Course
Foundations of Financial Mathe STATS722 Course
Foundations of Statistical Dat STATS785 Course
Foundations of Stochastic Proc STATS721 Course
Founds of Statistical Inferen STATS732 Course
Intro to Statistical Inference STATS310 Course
Introduction to Bayesian Stats STATS331 Course
Introduction to Medical Statis STATS770 Course
Introduction to Statistics STATS101G Course
Introduction to Statistics STATS101 Course
Lies, Damned Lies,& Statistics STATS150 Course
Lies, Damned Lies,& Statistics STATS150G Course
Longitudinal Data Analysis STATS768 Course
Masters Thesis Extension STATS796Y Course
Masters Thesis in Statistics STATS798X Course
Masters Thesis in Statistics STATS798Y Course
Masters Thesis in Statistics STATS798B Course
Masters Thesis in Statistics STATS798A Course
Masters Thesis in Stats p-t STATS797B Course
Masters Thesis in Stats p-t STATS797 Course
Masters Thesis in Stats p-t STATS797A Course
Mixed Models STATS761 Course
Modern Bayesian Methods STATS737 Course
MPhil in Statistics STATS850 Course
Multivariate Analysis STATS766 Course
Operations Research STATS724 Course
Optimistn & Data-driven Decisn STATS255 Course
PhD Statistics STATS898 Course
Probability & its Applications STATS125 Course
Probability Theory STATS710 Course
Probability: Theory and Applic STATS225 Course
Professional Skills for Stats STATS779 Course
Regression for Data Science STATS762 Course
Research Project STATS790X Course
Research Project STATS790 Course
Research Project STATS790A Course
Research Project STATS790B Course
Research Project STATS781A Course
Research Project STATS781 Course
Research Project STATS781X Course
Research Project STATS790Y Course
Research Project STATS781B Course
Sample Surveys STATS740 Course
Sample Surveys and Experimenta STATS741 Course
Sim and Monte Carlo Methods STATS783 Course
Special Topic STATS771 Course
Special Topic STATS725 Course
Special Topic in Experimental Design STATS751 Course
Special Topic in Stat Comp STATS786 Course
Special Topic in Statistics 1 STATS703 Course
Special Topic in Statistics 2 STATS702 Course
Statistical Computing STATS380 Course
Statistical Computing STATS782 Course
Statistical Consulting STATS780 Course
Statistical Data Mining STATS784 Course
Statistical Inference STATS730 Course
Statistical Learning for Data STATS765 Course
Statistical Methods in Mkting STATS747 Course
Statistical Modelling STATS330 Course
Statistical Programming STATS301 Course
Statistical Theory STATS210 Course
Statistics Ecol & Pop Genetics STATS735 Course
Statistics for Commerce STATS108 Course
Stochastic Methods in Finance STATS723 Course
Stochastic Processes STATS325 Course
Stochastic Processes STATS720 Course
Survey of Modern Applied Stats STATS760 Course
Thesis part-time STATS799B Course
Thesis part-time STATS799A Course
Thesis part-time STATS799 Course
Time Series STATS726 Course
Topics in Official Statistics STATS705 Course
Topics in Statistical Educatio STATS708 Course
Topics in Statistics STATS290 Course
Topics in Statistics STATS390 Course

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