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Ako ma te aromatawai EDPROFM304 Course
Being Māori, Thinking Theor EDPROFM700 Course
Critical Issues in Maori Edu EDUC306 Course
Culturally Sustaining Leadersh EDUC732 Course
Decolonising Education EDUC207 Course
Dissertation EDPROFM797Y Course
Dissertation EDPROFM797 Course
Dissertation EDPROFM797B Course
Dissertation EDPROFM797A Course
Dissertation EDPROFM797X Course
Education and Diversity EDUC716 Course
Hangarau - He Whakatakinga EDCURRM207 Course
Hangarau me te Putaiao EDCURRM205 Course
Hangarau me te Putaiao EDCURRM113 Course
Hangarau: He Whakatakinga EDCURRM107 Course
Hauora EDCURRM206 Course
He Tirohanga ki te Mātauranga EDUCM106 Course
Hāpai Ākonga EDPROFST100 Course
Intro to Māori Education EDUC114 Course
Issues in Indigenous Education EDUC710 Course
MEd Thesis EDPROFM796X Course
MEd Thesis EDPROFM796Y Course
MEd Thesis EDPROFM796B Course
MEd Thesis EDPROFM796A Course
MEd Thesis part-time EDPROFM799A Course
MEd Thesis part-time EDPROFM799 Course
MEd Thesis part-time EDPROFM799B Course
Māori Student Achievement EDPROFM310 Course
Māori-Pākehā Educ Relation EDUC777 Course
Māori/Indig Language Revital EDUC734 Course
Nga Take Aoturoa EDCURRM305 Course
Ngā Toi: He Whakatakinga EDCURRM101 Course
Ngā Toi: He Whakatakinga EDCURRM117 Course
Noho ā kura 1 EDPRACM100 Course
Noho ā kura 2 EDPRACM204 Course
Noho ā kura 3 EDPRACM304 Course
Noho ā kura: Te Taiao Ako EDPRACM201 Course
Noho ā kura: Te Whakatairanga EDPRACM302 Course
Noho ā kura: Te Whakatairanga EDPRACM302A Course
Noho ā kura: Te Whakatairanga EDPRACM302B Course
Pakirehua Ngaio EDPROFM307 Course
Pakirehua Ngaio – Te Ako EDPROFM102 Course
Pakirehua Ngaio – Te Whakaako EDPROFM208 Course
Pakirehua Ngāio: Te Ao Pouako EDPRACM101 Course
Physical Education Ngā Kākano EDCURRIC230 Course
Pāngarau: He Puāwaitanga EDCURRM201 Course
Pāngarau: He Whakatakinga EDCURRM108 Course
Pāngarau: He Whakatakinga EDCURRM104 Course
Pāngarau: Te Whakaako EDCURRM204 Course
Pūtaiao: He Whakatakinga EDCURRM105 Course
Race, Ethnicity and Education EDUC712 Course
Regional Regeneration and Wellbeing REGDEV702 Course
Researching Māori Education EDUC787A Course
Researching Māori Education EDUC787 Course
Researching Māori Education EDUC787B Course
Schooling Ethnic Diversity EDUC211 Course
Special Study EDUCM739A Course
Special Study EDUCM300 Course
Special Study EDUCM738 Course
Special Study EDUCM739 Course
Special Study EDUCM739B Course
Special Topic EDCURRM322 Course
Special Topic EDPROFM220 Course
Special Topic EDCURRM324 Course
Special Topic EDCURRM323 Course
Special Topic EDUC731 Course
Special Topic EDCURRM321 Course
Special Topic EDPROFM322 Course
Special Topic EDUC750 Course
Special Topic EDPROFM320 Course
ST: Te Reo in English Medium EDPROFM701 Course
ST: Learning Through Movement: EDCURRM320 Course
ST: Te Whakarite Mahere Ako mō EDCURRM220 Course
ST: The Origins of NZ Schools EDUC319 Course
ST: Whaia te Pae Tawhiti Kia T EDPROFM321 Course
Tchng in Bilingual/Immersion EDUC733 Course
Te Aka EDFOUNDM13F Course
Te Ako i te Rea Maori i te Kura Tuarua: He Tirohan EDPROFST354 Course
Te Anga Marautanga o Aotearoa EDFOUNDM17F Course
Te Ao Māori EDPROFM600B Course
Te Ao Māori EDUCSW101 Course
Te Ao Māori EDPROF738 Course
Te Ao Māori EDPROFM600 Course
Te Ao Māori EDPROFST601 Course
Te Ao Māori EDPROFM600A Course
Te Ao Māori - Te Kākano EDPROFM100 Course
Te Ao Māori - Te Mahuri EDPROFM200 Course
Te Ao Māori - Te Puāwaitanga EDPROFM300 Course
Te Ao Māori Early Child Educat EDCURRIC633 Course
Te Aromatawai mō te Ako EDPROFM214 Course
Te Atawhai i te Rērenga Kētang EDUCM203 Course
Te More EDFOUNDM11F Course
Te Mātauranga i Aotearoa EDUCM118 Course
Te Pae Tawhiti kia Tata EDPROFM309 Course
Te Pou Tāwharau Tikanga Māori EDPROFM109 Course
Te Pouako Ngaio EDPROFM305 Course
Te Pouako Ngaio EDPROFM313 Course
Te Pū TFCMAORI10F Course
Te Pū EDFOUNDM10F Course
Te Rangahau Kaupapa Māori EDFOUNDM16F Course
Te Rea EDFOUNDM14F Course
Te Reo Ako o te Whare Wānanga EDFOUNDM19F Course
Te reo Matatini 1 EDCURRM109 Course
Te Reo Matatini 2: Te Puanga EDCURRM203 Course
Te Reo Matatini Te Pihinga EDCURRM102 Course
Te Reo Matatini Te Puanga EDCURRM202 Course
Te Reo Māori EDUCM199 Course
Te Reo Māori 1 EDPROFM101 Course
Te Reo Māori 2 EDPROFM204 Course
Te Reo Māori 3 EDPROFM302 Course
Te Reo Māori me ngā Tikanga for Learning and Teach EDPROFM311 Course
Te Reo Tātai EDFOUNDM18F Course
Te Tōrangapū me te Mātaurana EDUCM321 Course
Te Weu EDFOUNDM12F Course
Te Whaiora EDCURRM103 Course
Te Whakahaere Tūhuratanga EDFOUNDM15F Course
Te Whakapuakitanga EDCURSEC678 Course
Te Whakapuakitanga EDCURSEC678B Course
Te Whakapuakitanga EDCURSEC678A Course
Te Whakatairanga EDCURSEC680 Course
Te Whakatairanga Paetae Ākonga EDPROFM205 Course
Te Whakawhanake Hapori Ako EDPROFM203 Course
Te Whakawhanaketanga EDCURSEC679B Course
Te Whakawhanaketanga EDCURSEC679A Course
Te Whakawhanaketanga EDCURSEC679 Course
Te Whanaketanga me te Ako EDUCM119 Course
Te Whiringa Pūmau o Te Reo EDPROFM209 Course
Teaching and Te Reo Māori EDCURRM301 Course
Teaching te reo Māori EDPROFM702 Course
Thesis EDUCM794B Course
Thesis EDUCM794A Course
Tikanga ā-iwi: He Whakatakinga EDCURRM119 Course
Tikanga-ā-iwi: He Whakatakinga EDCURRM106 Course
Toiora EDCURRM306 Course
Treaty Politics in Education EDUC360 Course
Tū Tangata EDCURRM304 Course
Whaioranga HEALTHED301 Course
Whakapuaki i Te Reo EDPROFST353 Course
Whakatinanahia SPORTHPE201 Course
Whiria Te Kahatuatinitini EDUCM324 Course

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