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Accounting BUSADMIN764 Course
Accounting and Finance BUSADMIN701 Course
Accounting for Decision Makers BUSADMIN702 Course
Accounting Information Systems BUSACT702 Course
Advanced Investment Managemnt BUSFIN701 Course
Advanced Marketing MARKET719 Course
Advanced Marketing Strategy MARKET708 Course
Advanced Professional Developm BUSADMIN789 Course
Advanced Project Management BUSINFO710 Course
Analysing Financial Statements BUSMGT733 Course
Analysis of Business Problems BUSINFO700 Course
Applied Research Design BUSMKT701 Course
Applied Research Design BUSINT701 Course
Approaches to Growth BUSMBA705 Course
Auditing for Business BUSACT704 Course
Branding Strategy BUSMGT756 Course
Building Capabilities for Perf BUSMBA752 Course
Business Analytics BUSMGT718 Course
Business Analytics BUSDEV731 Course
Business Analytics Tools BUSINFO701 Course
Business Development Project NEWVENT716 Course
Business Economics BUSADMIN777 Course
Business Finance BUSMGT732 Course
Business in a Changing World BUSDEV711 Course
Business in Society BUSDEV701 Course
Business in Society BUSMAN771 Course
Business Law BUSADMIN705 Course
Business Law BUSADMIN760 Course
Business Research: Innovation and Enterprise MANAGEMT706 Course
Business Research: Organisational Change MANAGEMT708 Course
Business Research: Strategic Management MANAGEMT707 Course
Capstone Project BUSDEV782A Course
Capstone Project BUSDEV782B Course
Capstone Project BUSDEV782 Course
Capstone Project for MProfAcct BUSACT705 Course
Case Studies in Finance FINMGMT705 Course
Cases in Strategy BUSINT706 Course
Cases in Strategy BUSMKT706 Course
Coaching for Leadership BUSMBA700 Course
Commercial and Corporate Law BUSACT701 Course
Commercialising Technology BUSDEV732 Course
Competing Globally BUSDEV742 Course
Competing in Asia BUSMGT743 Course
Consultancy Practice BUSINFO711 Course
Consultancy Practice BUSINT710 Course
Consultancy Practice BUSHRM710 Course
Consultancy Practice BUSMKT710 Course
Consultancy Project for HRM BUSHRM711 Course
Consultancy Project for MIntBu BUSINT711 Course
Consultancy Project for MMktg BUSMKT711 Course
Contemporary Health Care Delivery Systems MANAGEMT725 Course
Contemporary Marketing BUSMGT753 Course
Contemporary Marketing BUSDEV715 Course
Contemporary Topics in Mgt BUSADMIN788 Course
Corporate and Marketing Strate BUSMGT715 Course
Creative Disruption BUSMBA710 Course
Customer and Market Insights BUSINFO706 Course
Customer Behaviour MARKET717 Course
Data Visualisation for Bus BUSINFO703 Course
Decision Analytics BUSINFO705 Course
Demographic Shifts BUSMBA712 Course
Designing for Sustainability BUSDEV724 Course
Designing, Managing, and Impro BUSMBA753 Course
Digital Marketing and Analytic BUSINFO707 Course
Dissertation MANAGEMT709 Course
Dissertation MANAGEMT709A Course
Dissertation MANAGEMT709B Course
Dissertation in Operations Management OPSMAN720 Course
Economics BUSADMIN767 Course
Economics BUSADMIN710 Course
Economics for Managers BUSMGT714 Course
Effective Decision Making BUSDEV703 Course
Employment Law and Relations HRMGMT702 Course
Engaging Innovation Ecosystems BUSMBA707 Course
Enterprise Systems INFORM711 Course
Enterprise Systems INFORM705 Course
Entrepreneurial Thought in Action NEWVENT718 Course
Entrepreneurship & Innovation BUSADMIN782 Course
Entrepreneurship and Global Ve BUSMGT725 Course
Finance BUSADMIN765 Course
Finance and Risk Management BUSFIN704 Course
Financial Management BUSADMIN775 Course
Financial Management BUSDEV712 Course
Financial Management and Contr BUSMBA751 Course
Financial Reporting and Accoun BUSMGT731 Course
Financial Reporting and Contro BUSMGT713 Course
Financial Reporting and Contro BUSADMIN774 Course
Financial Return, Risk and Val BUSMBA701 Course
FinTech and Financial Intermediation BUSINFO717 Course
Global Financial Institutions BUSFIN703 Course
Global Operations Management BUSMGT724 Course
Globalising Mindsets BUSMBA703 Course
Growth Strategies NEWVENT719 Course
HRM Research Project BUSHRM703 Course
Human Resource Analytics BUSHRM701 Course
Human Resource Policy and Prac BUSMGT762 Course
Information Management BUSINFO702 Course
Information Systems Management INFORM703 Course
Information Systems Technology INFORM713 Course
Innovating New Products and Se BUSMBA706 Course
Innovation and Value Creation BUSMGT722 Course
Innovation Mgt and Strategy BUSDEV721 Course
International Business BUSADMIN783 Course
International Business Dissert BUSINT705 Course
International Business Environ BUSMGT741 Course
International Business Researc BUSINT703 Course
International Business Strategy BUSMGT745 Course
International HR Management BUSMGT761 Course
International Trade and Financ BUSMGT742 Course
Internship Project for MIntBus BUSINT704 Course
Internship Project for MMktg BUSMKT704 Course
Investments FINMGMT704 Course
Leadership and Ethics BUSADMIN781 Course
Leadership and Governance BUSMGT723 Course
Leadership in Organisations BUSADMIN712 Course
Leading and Managing Change BUSMBA708 Course
Leading Business Growth BUSDEV744 Course
Leading Growth NEWVENT720 Course
Making Evidence-based Decision BUSMBA760 Course
Management BUSADMIN761 Course
Management Accounting BUSMGT735 Course
Managers and the Law BUSADMIN784 Course
Managing Business Growth BUSADMIN780 Course
Managing Capacity and Inventor BUSMBA702 Course
Managing Change BUSDEV743 Course
Managing Change in Organisations HRMGMT704 Course
Managing Collaborative Project BUSDEV781 Course
Managing Creativity and People BUSDEV714 Course
Managing Entrepreneurial Growt BUSMBA770 Course
Managing Organisations and Ppl BUSADMIN771 Course
Managing People BUSADMIN713 Course
Managing People and Organisati BUSMGT711 Course
Managing Talent in the 21st Ce BUSMBA704 Course
Market Making and Market Shapi BUSMBA709 Course
Marketing BUSADMIN762 Course
Marketing Analytics Project BUSINFO714 Course
Marketing Communications MARKET718 Course
Marketing Communications MARKET703 Course
Marketing Communications BUSMGT754 Course
Marketing for Growth BUSADMIN772 Course
Marketing for Managers MARKET713 Course
Marketing in the Global Enviro BUSMKT702 Course
Marketing Management BUSMGT751 Course
Marketing Research Project BUSMKT703 Course
Marketing Strategy MARKET701 Course
MBA Research Project BUSADMIN798B Course
MBA Research Project BUSADMIN798A Course
MBA Research Project BUSADMIN798 Course
Mktg Analytics Industry Proj BUSINFO712 Course
Modelling and Analysing for Mg BUSADMIN773 Course
Navigating the Business Enviro BUSMBA750 Course
New Product Development Proces BUSDEV723 Course
Operations and Supply Chain Mg BUSADMIN776 Course
Operations Management OPSMAN703 Course
Organisational Research Projec MANAGEMT705X Course
Organisational Research Projec MANAGEMT705Y Course
Organisational Research Project MANAGEMT705 Course
Organisational Research Project MANAGEMT705B Course
Organisational Research Project MANAGEMT705A Course
Organisational Research Project part-time MANAGEMT710B Course
Organisational Research Project part-time MANAGEMT710A Course
Organisational Resilience BUSMBA711 Course
Organisational Studies BUSADMIN790 Course
Organisations and Culture BUSDEV702 Course
Performance Management and Reward Systems HRMGMT708 Course
Personal and Professional Development HRMGMT706 Course
Personal and Team Leadership BUSDEV780 Course
Predictive Business Analytics BUSINFO704 Course
Principles of Business Analyti BUSMGT712 Course
Product Management BUSDEV722 Course
Professional Develop Module 1 BUSMGT701 Course
Professional Develop Module 2 BUSMGT705 Course
Professional Develop Module 2 BUSMGT702 Course
Professional Develop Module 3 BUSMGT703 Course
Professional Develop Module 4 BUSMGT706 Course
Professional Develop Module 4 BUSMGT704 Course
Professional Development BUSMGT707 Course
Project in Information Systems INFORM712 Course
Project Management OPSMAN705 Course
Project Management OPSMAN710 Course
Quantitative Analysis BUSADMIN763 Course
Risk Management BUSFIN702 Course
Service Supply Chain Operation BUSSCM701 Course
Special Topic MARKET722 Course
Special Topic FINMGMT714 Course
Special Topic INFOGOV711 Course
Special Topic BUSADMIN754 Course
Special Topic MARKET720 Course
Special Topic BUSADMIN753 Course
Special Topic BUSADMIN717 Course
Special Topic INFOGOV712 Course
Special Topic MARKET705 Course
Special Topic BUSADMIN715 Course
Special Topic BUSADMIN716 Course
Special Topic FINMGMT713 Course
Special Topic BUSADMIN769 Course
Special Topic BUSADMIN787 Course
Special Topic HRMGMT760 Course
Special Topic HRMGMT761 Course
Special Topic FINMGMT715 Course
Special Topic BUSADMIN786 Course
Special Topic BUSADMIN785 Course
Special Topic BUSMBA713 Course
Special Topic BUSADMIN779 Course
Special Topic BUSMBA714 Course
Special Topic NEWVENT717 Course
Special Topic: Project in Marketing MARKET723 Course
Staffing and Employee Development HRMGMT707 Course
Strategic Digital Marketing BUSMGT755 Course
Strategic Human Resource Management HRMGMT705 Course
Strategic Human Resource Mgmt BUSHRM702 Course
Strategic Management BUSADMIN778 Course
Strategic Management BUSMGT717 Course
Strategic Management Accountin BUSMGT734 Course
Strategic Management of Professional Organisations MANAGEMT724 Course
Strategic Sourcing BUSSCM704 Course
Strategy BUSADMIN768 Course
Strategy Capstone BUSMGT716 Course
Strategy in a Disruptive Age BUSDEV741 Course
Sup Chain Analyt Industry Proj BUSINFO713 Course
Supply Chain Analytics BUSINFO709 Course
Supply Chain Analytics Project BUSINFO715 Course
Supply Chain Consultancy Proj BUSSCM711B Course
Supply Chain Consultancy Proj BUSSCM711A Course
Supply Chain Consultancy Proje BUSSCM711 Course
Supply Chain Consulting BUSSCM710 Course
Supply Chain Integration BUSSCM706 Course
Supply Chain Management BUSADMIN766 Course
Supply Chain Management BUSSCM700 Course
Supply Chain Optimisation BUSINFO708 Course
Supply Chain Research Project BUSSCM703A Course
Supply Chain Research Project BUSSCM703 Course
Supply Chain Research Project BUSSCM703B Course
Supply Chain Strategy&Design BUSSCM707 Course
Sustainable Value Chains BUSDEV713 Course
Taxation for Business BUSACT703 Course
Te Whakamana Rōpū Māori: Gover MAORIDEV731 Course
Te Whakapakari Huanga Māori: M MAORIDEV721 Course
Technology Entrepreneurship BUSDEV734 Course
The Global Economy and NZ BUSDEV704 Course
Thesis (MMgt) MANAGEMT797A Course
Thesis (MMgt) MANAGEMT797B Course
Thesis (MMgt) part-time MANAGEMT799A Course
Thesis (MMgt) part-time MANAGEMT799B Course
Thesis part-time MANAGEMT799 Course
Tikanga Māhere i te Ao Māori MAORIDEV738 Course
Tikanga Ture mo ngā Huanga Māo MAORIDEV722 Course
Turning Technology into IP BUSDEV733 Course
Tātaritanga Huhua: Quantitativ MAORIDEV733 Course
Understanding Consumers BUSMGT752 Course
Understanding Customers and Markets MARKET702 Course
Whai Rawa: Māori Economies MAORIDEV720 Course
Whakatairanga Huanga Māori: Ma MAORIDEV732 Course
Whakatakinga Tahua Huanga Māor MAORIDEV734 Course

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