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Adv Design Methods Capstone DESIGN301 Course
Architecture and Planning ARCHPLAN Department
Business Tools for Designers DESIGN222 Course
Capstone Project DESIGN708 Course
Centre for NZ Art Research and Discovery CNZAR Department
Creative Communities DESIGN201 Course
Critical-Technical Positioning DESIGN302 Course
Dance Studies Programme DANCE Department
Design and Assistive Technolog DESIGN243 Course
Design and Autonomous Technolo DESIGN242 Course
Design and Healthy Communities DESIGN230 Course
Design and the Natural Environ DESIGN233 Course
Design Enterprise DESIGN706 Course
Design Entrepreneurship DESIGN220 Course
Design Futures DESIGN705 Course
Design Futures DESIGN102G Course
Design Futures DESIGN102 Course
Design Impacts DESIGN704 Course
Design Methods and Processes 1 DESIGN100 Course
Design Methods and Processes 2 DESIGN200 Course
Design Practices DESIGN701 Course
Design Research Methodologies DESIGN300 Course
Design Research Methodologies DESIGN700 Course
Design Technologies DESIGN702 Course
Designing Mixed Realities DESIGN241 Course
Designing with Data DESIGN240 Course
Fine Arts FINART Department
Foundation Creative Arts TFCCAI92F Course
Indigeneity and Place DESIGN210 Course
Internship DESIGN707 Course
Local Design Manufacturing DESIGN212 Course
Music MUSIC Department
New Zealand’s Narratives DESIGN211 Course
Professional Design Practice DESIGN221 Course
Project Design DESIGN703 Course
Research Portfolio DESIGN795A Course
Research Portfolio DESIGN795B Course
Smart Homes and Cities DESIGN232 Course
Special Topic DESIGN223 Course
Special Topic DESIGN213 Course
The Future of Work and Play DESIGN231 Course
Thesis DESIGN794A Course
Thesis DESIGN794B Course
Why We Design DESIGN101 Course

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