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Anthropology ANTHRO Department
Applied Language Studies and Linguistics ALSL Department
Art History ARTHIS Department
Arts General ARTSGEN Department
Asian Studies ASILL Department
Classics and Ancient History CLAANC Department
Cultures, Languages and Linguistics CSLANGLING Department
Development Studies DEVST Department
Digital Humanities: From Text to txt ARTSGEN100G Course
Directed Study ARTSGEN300 Course
Dissertation ARTSGEN792A Course
Dissertation ARTSGEN688A Course
Dissertation ARTSGEN792B Course
Dissertation ARTSGEN792 Course
Dissertation ARTSGEN688B Course
English for Academic Purposes ENGLACP40P Course
English for Academic Purposes ENGLACP30P Course
English for Academic Purposes ENGLACP20P Course
English, Drama & Writing Studies ENGL Department
Essay/Special Directed Study/Research Project ARTSGEN690B Course
Essay/Special Directed Study/Research Project ARTSGEN690A Course
European Languages and Literature EULALT Department
History HIST Department
Humanities HUMANITIES Department
Internship ARTSGEN301 Course
Intro to Arts & Humanities ARTSGEN92F Course
Intro to Arts and Humanities TFCARTS92F Course
Introduction to Arts and Humanities ARTSGEN92P Course
Masters Thesis ARTSGEN796Y Course
Masters Thesis ARTSGEN796X Course
Media and Communication FTVM Department
MLitt Thesis part-time ARTSGEN795B Course
MLitt Thesis part-time ARTSGEN795 Course
MLitt Thesis part-time ARTSGEN795A Course
Māori and Pacific Studies MAOPACSTD Department
Māori Studies MAOSTU Department
New Start NEWSTART Department
Pacific Studies PACSTU Department
PhD New Zealand Studies NZSTUD898 Course
Philosophy PHIL Department
Politics and International Relations POLSTU Department
Qualitative Research Methods SOCSCRES703 Course
Quantitative Research Methods SOCSCRES702 Course
Research Essay ARTSGEN780 Course
Research Essay ARTSGEN740 Course
Research Essay ARTSGEN740A Course
Research Essay ARTSGEN740B Course
Research Essay ARTSGEN780A Course
Research Essay ARTSGEN780B Course
Research Portfolio ARTSGEN797Y Course
Research Portfolio ARTSGEN797X Course
Research Portfolio ARTSGEN797A Course
Research Portfolio ARTSGEN797B Course
Research Portfolio part-time ARTSGEN798 Course
Research Portfolio part-time ARTSGEN798B Course
Research Portfolio part-time ARTSGEN798A Course
Research Process in Social Sciences SOCSCRES701 Course
Research Project SOCSCRES760 Course
Research Project SOCSCRES760A Course
Research Project SOCSCRES760B Course
Research Skills in Social Science ARTSGEN101 Course
Social Sciences SOCSCI Department
Sociology SOCIOL Department
Solving your Future ARTSGEN102 Course
Special Language Studies 1 ARTSGEN777 Course
Special Language Studies 2 ARTSGEN778 Course
Special Topic SOCSCRES711 Course
Special Topic SOCSCRES710 Course
Theology THEOL Department
Thesis ARTSGEN796A Course
Thesis ARTSGEN794X Course
Thesis ARTSGEN794Y Course
Thesis ARTSGEN794B Course
Thesis ARTSGEN796B Course
Thesis ARTSGEN794A Course
Thesis part-time ARTSGEN799 Course
Thesis part-time ARTSGEN799A Course
Thesis part-time ARTSGEN799B Course

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